File Title
1 Sea-level rise could make rivers more likely to jump course
2 Singapore researchers discover genetic link to predict positive response to immunotherapy in patient
3 Researchers make green chemistry advance with new catalyst for reduction of carbon dioxide
4 Dignity and respect go a long way in county jail, new research shows
5 Maternal obesity and the risk of early-onset hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
6 New super-resolution method reveals fine details without constantly needing to zoom in
7 Preliminary study of 300+ COVID-19 patients suggests convalescent plasma therapy effective
8 New study suggests ADHD-like behavior helps spur entrepreneurial activity
9 Coastal flooding study finds trust-building, power-sharing key for environmental justice
10 Public health consequences of policing homelessness
11 Improving treatment of spinal cord injuries
12 Researchers identify a protein that may help SARS-CoV-2 spread rapidly through cells
13 New generation of drugs show early efficacy against drug-resistant TB
14 Lack of females in drug dose trials leads to overmedicated women
15 Zeroing out their own zap
16 Searching the ancient depths of a reptilian genome yields insight into all vertebrates
17 Study provides insights into how Zika virus suppresses the host immune system
18 'Reelin' in a new treatment for multiple sclerosis
19 Combination therapy improves survival outcomes for patients with acute myeloid leukemia
20 Programmed bacteria have something extra
21 Mutations may have saved brown howlers from yellow fever virus
22 Human milk based fortifiers improve health outcomes for the smallest premature babies
23 No increased skin cancer risk with topical immunosuppressant ointments
24 Short-term use of HIV-prevention medication protects at-risk men on vacation
25 Young children would rather explore than get rewards
26 Stay-at-home orders significantly associated with reduced spread of COVID-19, study finds
27 Unlocking how cellular proteins control cancer spread
28 Swallowing this colonoscopy-like bacteria grabber could reveal secrets about your health
29 Impact of family income on learning in children shaped by hippocampus in brain
30 Some dinosaurs could fly before they were birds
31 Emerging infectious disease and challenges of social distancing in human and non-human animals
32 Demographics data helps predict NY flood insurance claims
33 Early spread of COVID-19 appears far greater than initially reported
34 Group produces materials via self-organization in chemical systems
35 Soldiers could teach future robots how to outperform humans
36 Some physicians are ordering thyroid tests for unsupported reasons
37 Research Finds Women Often Overprescribed Opioids After Childbirth
38 After Stillbirth, New Genetic Analyses May Give Parents Answers
39 New Analysis Reveals Worsening Shortage of Emergency Physicians in Rural Areas
40 Paper: Industry concentration contributes to job quality erosion, wage stagnation
41 Engaging undergrads remotely with an escape room game
42 Face mask insert could help diagnose conditions
43 Significantly improved COVID-19 outcomes in countries with higher TB vaccination coverage
44 Yale quantum researchers create an error-correcting cat
45 New nitrogen products are in the air
46 Stress and anger may exacerbate heart failure
47 Selective conversion of reactive lithium compounds made possible
48 Adaptation in single neurons provides memory for language processing
49 Spider silk inspires new class of functional synthetic polymers
50 New advance in superconductors with 'twist' in rhombohedral graphite
51 TV-watching snackers beware: you won't notice you're full if your attention is elsewhere
52 Porous liquids allow for efficient gas separation
53 Exercise induces secretion of biomarkers into sweat
54 Nutrition labelling is improving nation's diet--new study
55 New way to check the quality of nanomaterials like graphene
56 Warming threat to tropical forests risks release of carbon from soil
57 A phylogenetic analysis reveals the evolution of the mitochondrial calcium transporter
58 Seafood study finds plastic in all samples
59 How stars form in the smallest galaxies
60 Trustful collaboration critical for outcome of therapy
61 The (neuro)science of getting and staying motivated
62 A quick, cost-effective method to track the spread of COVID-19
63 Robot technology for everyone or only for the average person?
64 Internal differences: A new method for seeing into cells
65 Children think robots can help the elderly--but not their own grandparents
66 OECD countries' politicians follow each other
67 Efficient valves for electron spins
68 Simpler and faster microscopy system enabling broader biomedical applications
69 A cancer mystery of more than 40 years ago is solved thanks to epigenetics
70 Glass blowing inspires new class of quantum sensors
71 Security gap allows eavesdropping on mobile phone calls
72 SMART researchers find new way to make bacteria more sensitive to antibiotics
73 Japanese biologists discover new species of sea worm in the southern ocean
74 Scientists identify hundreds of drug candidates to treat COVID-19
75 Flipping a metabolic switch to slow tumor growth
76 Novateur Ventures explores new strategy to reduce hyperinflammatory response caused by COVID-19
77 Scientists propose method for eliminating damaging heat bursts in fusion device
78 Secretion of sugar polymers modulates multicellularity in the bacterium Myxococcus xanthus
79 Examining Congress members' popularity on Instagram
80 Why walking to work may be better for you than a casual stroll
81 Oxygen therapy harms lung microbiome in mice
82 Molecular additives enhance mechanical properties of organic solar cell material
83 New microrobot with in situ, in vivo bioprinting offers promise for gastric wounds
84 Countries transitioning to zero carbon should look at more than technology cost
85 Despite large numbers tested, kids in England made up just 1% of COVID-19+ cases during first wave
86 Age, education, and surgical history affect hormone use after oophorectomy
87 KERI creates a super-high-resolution nano display based on the 3D printing close to virtual reality
88 Breast screening women in their forties saves lives
89 Scientists unveil nature of active site in nitrogen-doped carbon for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction
90 Research suggests bias against natural hair limits job opportunities for black women
91 Yoga shown to improve anxiety, study shows
92 Researchers unlock secrets of the past with new international carbon dating standard
93 ALMA sees most distant Milky Way look-alike
94 Meditation-relaxation therapy may offer escape from the terror of sleep paralysis
95 PAD patients with depression had worse recovery, women twice as likely to be depressed
96 Quieting the storm
97 Analysis: Health sector, big pharma spent big on lobbying for COVID-19 funding
98 Researchers identify human influence as key agent of ocean warming patterns in the future
99 Lipoic acid supplements help some obese but otherwise healthy people lose weight
100 Quantum materials quest could benefit from graphene that buckles
101 Nanotubes in the eye that help us see
102 New treatments spur sharp reduction in lung cancer mortality rate
103 The oldest known cremation in the near east dates to 7000 BC
104 Why black rhinos may get sick in captivity
105 A novel strategy for quickly identifying twitter trolls
106 Technology can help speed soil recovery after oil spills
107 Evidence in mice that electroacupuncture reduces inflammation via specific neural pathways
108 Survey finds most parents nervous to take their kids for vaccinations due to COVID-19
109 PLOS special collection launch
110 Perovskite and organic solar cells rocketed into space
111 Coffee stains inspire optimal printing technique for electronics
112 KIST finds a strong correlation between ultrasonic stroke rehabilitation treatment and brain waves
113 How anxiety--and hope--can drive new product adoption