File Title
1 Bright areas on Ceres come from salty water below
2 Dwarf planet Ceres is an ocean world: study
3 NASA's Lucy mission passes critical mission milestone
4 A population of asteroids of interstellar origin inhabits the Solar System
5 Designing better asteroid explorers
6 Building NASA's Psyche: Design Done, Now Full Speed Ahead on Hardware
7 One galaxy, two asteroids
8 Hera and its asteroid target
9 Name Approved for Target of Asteroid Deflection Missions
10 NASA's OSIRIS-REx produces Nightingale mosaic
11 First Citizen Science Successes for Backyard Astronomy
12 Ancient micrometeoroids carried specks of stardust, water to asteroid 4 Vesta
13 Ancient asteroids helped synthesize life's molecular building blocks, study finds
14 SIA urges FCC to ensure spectrum continues to provide satellite broadband connectivity
15 SES selects ULA to launch two C-Band satellites to accelerate C-Band clearing
16 Hisdesat and XTAR Complete Transaction for XTAR-EUR Satellite
17 Myanmar joins band of Asian nations launching satellites
18 British defense ministry, Airbus finalize $628.5 million contract for Skynet upgrade
19 China launches new commercial telecommunication satellite
20 Airbus signs contract with Optus for OneSat
21 SES selects 2 US companies to build 4 satellites as part of Accelerated C-Band Clearing Plan
22 Broadband players lobby for uninterrupted foreign funds in India's satellite missions
23 Airbus supplies EU with satellite communications
24 Infostellar has raised a total of $3.5 million in convertible bonds
25 Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group prepares to launch their first satellite "Golden Bauhinia"
26 China to launch communication satellite for Indonesia
27 Venezuelan communications satellite out of service
28 Blast off: space minnow Indonesia eyes celestial success
29 PredaSAR chooses SpaceX to launch its first synthetic aperture radar satellite
30 Return of the LIDAR
31 First new AN/SPY-6(V)1 radar delivered for installation on USS Jack H. Lucas
32 Northrop Grumman completes PDR for Overhead Persistent Infrared Subsystem
33 Northrop Grumman Continues Support for US Air Force Infrared Countermeasures Systems
34 Northrop Grumman Expands Next Generation Jammer Low Band Team
35 First Q-53 radar equipped with gallium nitride delivered to US Army
36 Raytheon completes first tests of radar for anti-hypersonic sensor
37 Northrop Grumman demonstrates "On-The-Move" Ground Radar Capability
38 ESA and GomSpace sign contract for Juventas CubeSat in support of Hera mission
39 Momentus to Launch Dodona Nanosat for Lockheed USC La Jument Program
40 Pandemic won't stop smallsat market takeoff to average 1,000 smallsats to be launched per year over 2020s
41 All systems are go for AstroGrams
42 Pocket-sized German satellite maker shoots for stars
43 In-Space sets sights on next phase of Faraday programme after devastating loss of Faraday-1 satellite
44 Laser beams reflected between Earth and Moon boost science
45 NASA's Next Laser Communications Demo Installed, Integrated on Spacecraft
46 Portable system boosts laser precision, at room temperature
47 Quantum rings in the hold of laser light
48 Freshly printed magnets using Metal 3D laser printing
49 Using sound and light to generate ultra-fast data transfer
50 Randomness opens the gates to the land of attophotography
51 Virgin Orbit wraps up first demo launch
52 New footage of US hypersonic glide body impacting target unveiled by the Army
53 Key Connection for Artemis I Arrives at Kennedy
54 South Korea given green light for solid-propellant rockets
55 BE-4 engine will support US Space Force space launch program
56 Aerojet Rocketdyne to provide ULA's Vulcan Centaur Key Propulsion for future Air Force Launch Services
57 Space Force defines 'spacepower' as essential to U.S. security, prosperity
58 Multidisciplinary teams selected to advance innovative capability ideas for future force
59 UK claims Russia has 'reignited' Space Arms Race, but ignores US spending spree
60 US Space Force unveils official logo, sets motto as 'Semper Supra'
61 France steps up space spending to gird for 'unfriendly' moves
62 US, Britain say Russia tested space-based anti-satellite weapon
63 Lava oceans may not explain the brightness of some hot super-Earths
64 Surprisingly dense exoplanet challenges planet formation theories
65 Exoplanet rediscovery is step toward finding habitable planets
66 Astronomers track down 'lost' worlds spotted but unconfirmed by TESS survey
67 Supercomputer reveals atmospheric impact of gigantic planetary collisions
68 The cosmic commute towards star and planet formation
69 The cosmic commute toward star and planet formation
70 TESS mission discovers massive ice giant
71 First measurement of spin-orbit alignment on planet Beta Pictoris b
72 Discovering an exoplanet the size of Neptune
73 Are Planets with Oceans Common in the Galaxy? It's Likely, NASA Scientists Find
74 Astronomers discover most-distant Milky Way-like galaxy ever observed
75 Stars rich in phosphorus: Seeds of life in the universe
76 Astronomers find young galaxy with record-low oxygen levels
77 Astrophysicists Observe Long-Theorized Quantum Phenomena
78 Beyond the Brim, Sombrero galaxy's halo suggests turbulent past
79 Citizen scientists discover rare cosmic pairing via Backyard Worlds project
80 Astronomers discover unusual monster galaxy in the very early universe
81 ALMA catches beautiful outcome of stellar fight
82 Scientists complete ELM Survey, discover 98 double white dwarfs
83 Stellar explosions and jets showcased in new three-dimensional visualizations
84 U.S. Army readies 'Capability Set '23' for communications modernization
85 Northrop Grumman to provide key electronic warfare capabilities for AC MC-130J aircraft
86 South Korea's first military satellite launched
87 UK Govt. to acquire OneWeb satellite constellation
88 AFRL breaks ground on new directed energy facility
89 US Army plans to mount anti-aircraft lasers on Stryker armored vehicles
90 Northrop Grumman taps Epirus for Electromagnetic Pulse C-UAS Weapon System
91 USS Portland's high-powered laser disables drone in weapon's first at-sea test
92 Navy breaks ground on laser weapons test lab in California
93 The power of short range air defense
94 Lockheed nabs $22.4 million for work on LCS-based laser system
95 Rocket sees curling waves above Alaskan sky
96 New Space satellite pinpoints industrial methane emissions
97 Decadal predictability of North Atlantic blocking and the NAO
98 Methane emissions rise nine percent in decade
99 Silver linings as Strange times meet strange clouds
100 China launches new optical remote-sensing satellite
101 Satellite survey shows California's sinking coastal hotspots
102 China's newly-launched satellite to boost surveying, mapping capabilities
103 Earth's vibrations quieted during COVID-19 lockdowns
104 Syncing a NASA laser with an ESA radar for a new look at sea ice
105 Researchers take the ultimate Earth selfie
106 Cluster's 20 years of studying Earth's magnetosphere
107 New study shows retreat of East Antarctic ice sheet during previous warm periods
108 Antarctica more widely impacted by humans than previously thought
109 Artemis I rocket moves closer to hot fire test
110 Surrey academics develop a new method to determine the origin of stardust in meteorites
111 VLBA finds planet orbiting small, cool star
112 First laser detection of space debris in daylight
113 Scientists find way to track space junk in daylight
114 Huge ring-like structure on Ganymede's surface may have been caused by violent impact
115 Marine heatwaves may force fish to flee huge distances: study
116 Massive seagrass die-off leads to widespread erosion in a California estuary
117 Air Force navigation technology satellite passes critical design review
118 Russian Cosmonauts Could Be Going to the Moon Without a Super-Heavy Launch Vehicle
119 Fragments of asteroids may have jumped the "Jupiter Gap"