File Title
1 Australian Indigenous banana cultivation found to go back over 2,000 years
2 Collaboration is key to rebuilding coral reefs
3 Upcycling plastic waste toward sustainable energy storage
4 Experimental COVID-19 vaccine prevents severe disease in mice
5 SDSU professor finds after-hours cannabis use has no impact on workplace performance
6 What violin synchronization can teach us about better networking in complex times
7 UCF researchers utilize Human-on-a-Chip approach to model ALS pathology
8 Bouncing, sticking, exploding viruses: Understanding the surface chemistry of SARS-CoV-2
9 Harvard research identifies business travel as driver of economic growth
10 Scientists found genes that help cancer cells to penetrate the brain
11 Nanocrystals from recycled wood waste make carbon-fiber composites tougher
12 Study points to health disparities among former NFL players
13 Oscillatory optics: Nonlinear, multi-mode waveguide for flip-flopping (yet stable) azimuthons
14 For bacteria, a small genome means some serious decluttering--even in the ribosome
15 Researchers explore pollen fertilization mechanisms
16 Teens' social media use does not raise risk for depression: study
17 Does high blood sugar worsen COVID-19 outcomes?
18 Evolutionary theory of economic decisions
19 Climate change projected to increase seasonal East African rainfall
20 Stack and twist: physicists accelerate the hunt for revolutionary new materials
21 New approach for calculating radiation dosimetry allows for individualized therapy
22 Study predicts millions of unsellable homes could upend market
23 Jealous feelings can act as a tool to strengthen friendships
24 New prediction model can forecast personalized risk for COVID-19-related hospitalization
25 COVID-19 clinical trials lack diversity
26 Study: Machine learning can predict market behavior
27 Aging memories may not be 'worse, 'just 'different'
28 COMBAT study preliminary results show response of 32% in treatment of pancreatic tumors
29 Physicists cast doubt on neutrino theory
30 Texas A&M researchers developing first oral anthrax vaccine for livestock, wildlife
31 Study ties gun purchases to fear of firearm regulations, kicks off major research
32 'Insect apocalypse' may not be happening in US
33 New guidelines for managing mucositis now available
34 Research exposes new vulnerability for SARS-CoV-2
35 How airplanes counteract St. Elmo's Fire during thunderstorms
36 Research finds TSA may have missed thousands of firearms at checkpoints in 2014-2016
37 Ultraviolet communication to transform Army networks
38 Atrial fibrillation less deadly than it used to be, but still cause for concern: BU study
39 Racial, socioeconomic disparities fuel increased infant mortality rates in California
40 CNIO and CNIC find clues to clarify why cohesine has a role in cancer and cardiac development
41 Causes of higher risk of stress fractures in female runners
42 NASA's planet Hunter completes its primary mission
43 Clemson doctoral candidate uses rockets to surf the Alaskan sky
44 Analysis pinpoints most important forests for biodiversity and conservation in Central Africa
45 SUTD researchers create heart cells from stem cells using 3D printing
46 Lab-created molecule achieves positive results in the treatment of arthritis
47 Long-term risks of joint implants
48 Car passengers can reduce pollution risk by closing windows and changing route
49 Investigating a thermal challenge for MOFs
50 Researchers find clues to SARS-CoV-2 infection, why it impacts patients differently
51 Molecules in urine allow doctors to monitor skin cancer
52 Study shows inbreeding reduces cooperation in banded mongooses
53 Modelling parasitic worm metabolism suggests strategy for developing new drugs against infection
54 Combining genetic information with EMRs to pinpoint childhood epilepsies
55 Protein uses two antiviral strategies to ward off infections
56 RCSI research finds air pollution in Ireland associated with strokes
57 Recipe for success--interaction proteomics become a household item
58 Brain-NET, a deep learning methodology, accurately predicts surgeon certification scores based on neuroimaging data
59 Untapped potential for TikTok to convey COVID-19 guidance
60 Building the batteries of cells
61 Project Raphael brings improved health to disadvantaged populations
62 Oil-soluble transition metal-based catalysts tested for in-situ oil upgrading
63 Surrey academics develop a new method to determine the origin of stardust in meteorites
64 Gluten in wheat: What has changed during 120 years of breeding?
65 X-rays indicate that water can behave like a liquid crystal
66 Increased breast cancer risk in obesity linked to fat cell chemicals
67 Giant photothermoelectric effect in silicon nanoribbon photodetectors
68 New species of dinosaur discovered on Isle of Wight
69 1 in 6 maternity workers have had COVID-19, of whom 1 in 3 were completely asymptomatic
70 Right under your nose: A more convenient way to diagnose Alzheimer's disease
71 Cricket umpires fumble on T20 calls
72 Scientists replace malfunctioning 'vacuum cleaner' cells linked to neurological disorders
73 Organocatalyst that controls radical reactions for complex and bulky compound synthesis
74 Classifying galaxies with artificial intelligence
75 Stanford study reveals immune-system paralysis in severe COVID-19 cases
76 Clot permeability linked to first-attempt success of aspiration thrombectomy
77 Rates of dog bites in children up during COVID-19 pandemic
78 COVID-19: Herd immunity in Sweden fails to materialize
79 Researchers create mask filtration effectiveness hierarchy
80 MSG promotes significant sodium reduction and enjoyment of better-for-you foods, according to new study
81 Network of sounds: New research reveals the magic secret of human networks
82 Stanford experts recommend strict, costly approaches for reopening schools
83 Mass General study shows physical distancing slowed growth of COVID-19 in US
84 Immunotherapy-resistant cancers eliminated in mouse study
85 Citizens prefer teachers and administrators to take the hit during economic crisis
86 First generation university students need more guidance navigating education system
87 Using physics to improve root canal efficiency
88 Enzyme discovered in the gut could lead to new disease biomarker
89 AI with 'imagination' could help doctors with diagnosis, particularly for complex case
90 Malaria discovery could expedite antiviral treatment for COVID-19
91 Study points out opioid risks for patients transitioning to skilled nursing facilities
92 Plant-based meats improve some cardiovascular risk factors compared with red meat
93 Early neural activity associated with autism
94 UBCO researchers link advertising to uptick in youth vaping
95 Primate voice boxes are evolving at rapid pace
96 Mathematical patterns developed by Alan Turing help researchers understand bird behavior
97 Excess weight among pregnant women may interfere with child's developing brain
98 Home monitoring program improves survival between surgeries for babies with certain heart defects
99 Why does COVID-19 impact only some organs, not others?
100 Vaping linked to COVID-19 risk in teens and young adults, Stanford-led study finds
101 Storing energy in red bricks
102 Multifocal contact lenses slow myopia progression in children
103 Young nearsighted kids benefit from bifocal contact lenses, study shows
104 Fear of stricter regulations spurs gun sales after mass shootings, new analysis suggests
105 Digital content on track to equal half Earth's mass by 2245
106 Researchers show mathematically how to best reopen your business after lockdown
107 Masks, PPE materials should be hydrophilic
108 The structural basis of Focal Adhesion Kinase activation on lipid membranes unravelled
109 Rare glassy metal discovered during quest to improve battery performance
110 EULAR: Timely detection of axial spondyloarthritis