File Title
1 NASA Launches First-Ever Interplanetary Helicopter to Help Explore the Red Planet
2 Heart Disease Cure Finally Found? Single Shot Heals Monkeys in Medical Experiment
3 NASA Will Pay $35,000 to Design Toilet that Works on the Moon
4 COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir Would Cost the Government $3,120 for Every Patient
5 Scientists Solve the Mystery of How Flying Snakes Glide in the Air
6 Gas Giant Jupiter May Provide Vital Clues in Finding Black Holes
7 Shocking Images Show Tentacles Growing Out of Cells Infected by Coronavirus
8 Massive Star Has Vanished Without a Trace in a Distant Galaxy
9 Old Patient Suffers from Agonizing 4-Hour Erection After Contracting Coronavirus
10 NASA's Steam-Powered Robots Will Explore Icy Moons to Look for Extraterrestrial Life
11 COVID-19 Cure: Oxford Vaccine Might Give People Protection for Unspecified Period
12 Asteroid as Big as Taj Mahal Flew by Earth Undetected
13 South Pole Wall a Gigantic Structure that Stretches 1.4 Billion Light-Years Across Discovered by Astronomers
14 Fact Check: Does the Nasal Swab for COVID-19 Test Reach the Blood-Brain Barrier?
15 Can Vitamin C Cure Colon Cancer?
16 Believe It or Not! A Fish with Eerie Human-Like Teeth Was Caught in Malaysia
17 Chinese Medical Firm Boasted of Coronavirus Vaccine 'Pre-Testing' of Unapproved Treatments
18 Coronaviruses that Scared the World Before COVID-19
19 Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Hitting Earth: Will It Erase Mankind like the Dinosaurs?
20 Could Future Pandemics Come from Space?
21 Americas 'Oldest Hotel' Is a Mexican Cave Inhabited 30,000 Years Ago
22 China Launches Unmanned Mission to Mars
23 Study Suggest Humans Weakening COVID-19 Virus by Mutation, but Virus is Fighting Back
24 Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Enters 'Late-Stage Trials' in Hopes of Releasing Before End of Year
25 Study Claims Life Could Thrive and Exist Beneath Mars' Surface
26 Dogs Can Accurately Sniff Coronavirus in Saliva and Secretions
27 Exploitative Chinese Fishing Vessels Occupy Galapagos Islands, Threatening Darwin's Refuge
28 Russia Eyes August Registry of First Coronavirus Vaccine
29 Fact Check: Farts Can Spread Coronavirus, Negate Effectiveness of Face Masks
30 Scientists Solve Mysterious Origin of Stonehenge Megaliths
31 NASA Sends Perseverance Rover to Space, Expected to Arrive on Mars on February 2021
32 Coronavirus Vaccines: Countries Enter Heated Debates on Who Gets It First After Development
33 Mysterious Long Cloud Spotted for the Second Time on Mars' Surface
34 Ammonium Nitrate: What is this Chemical Culprit Behind the Deadly Beirut Blast
35 Signs of Alien Life? Scientists Detect More Fast Radio Bursts Traced to Nearby Similar Galaxy
36 Various Face Masks to Be Tested for Effectiveness Against COVID-19
37 State of Environmental Emergency Declared as Mauritius Struggles to Contain Oil Spill
38 New York Hospitals Forced to Repair Ventilators with Garden Hoses
39 Fact Check: Will Mars Appear as Large as the Moon in Close Approach with Earth?
40 Russia Becomes First in the World to Register Coronavirus Vaccine
41 Miracle Baby with Inside Out Organs Defies Odds of 5% Survival Rate by Leaving Hospital 4 Years Later
42 Fact Check: Does 5G Technology Produce Coronavirus Infection in Human Cells?
43 United States to Acquire 100 Million Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine from Moderna
44 New COVID-19 Cases Emerge in New Zealand Breaking its 102-day COVID-free Streak
45 COVID-19 Might Be Linked to Brain Complications, but Study Needs Verification
46 How Hot Are You? Track Your Temperature with These Thermometers at Home
47 Fauci Says Herd Immunity Against COVID-19 May Not be Achieved Even with Vaccine Due to Anti-Vaxxers
48 Top Anti-Aging Creams and Serums to Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines
49 COVID-19 Patients Experience Paranoid Hallucinations While in the ICU
50 Salad Mixes in Walmart Caused Illness Outbreak Affecting More than 200 People
51 DeAndre Jordan Will Not Return with Brooklyn Nets in Orlando After Getting COVID-19
52 Fauci Warns US Coronavirus Daily Cases Could Reach 100,000 with Current Tally at 46,000
53 Dr. Anthony Fauci Says New Virus in China Has Traits of 2009 Swine Flu and 1918 Pandemic Flu
54 Living with Anxiety: 5 Well-being Tips to Help Manage Your Symptoms
55 Florida Governor Says State Will Still Re-open Despite Surge in COVID-19 Cases
56 Declining Eyesight Can Be Improved by Looking at Red Light
57 Mongolia Quarantines Area Next to China After Discovering Cases of Black Plague
58 WHO Received First Reports of Coronavirus Not from China, but from Another Whistleblower
59 Another Pandemic Brewing? Bubonic Plague Cases Reported in China
60 Coronavirus Facts Not Acceptable if It Fails to Match Anyone's Worldview, Dr. Fauci Says
61 Super-Earths Might Share More Similarities to Our Earth
62 Florida Teen Dies After Mother Sent Her to Group Event, Gave Her Hydroxychloroquine to Treat COVID-19
63 Fact Check: Does Wearing Face Mask Causes Oxygen Deficiency?
64 Supreme Court Favors Trump's Call for Expansion of Employer Exemption on Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate
65 Excessive Drinking May Increase Coronavirus Threat
66 Cloth Face Masks Offer Zero Protection from Virus, Study Shows
67 Two Lysol Products Proven Effective in Warding-Off COVID-19 from Surfaces
68 Press Group Sues Brazilian President Bolsonaro for Taking Off His Mask as He Announces his Positive COVID-19 Test Results
69 Fact Check: Is it Illegal to Wear a Mask While Carrying a Gun?
70 Coronavirus Detected in China Shrimp Imports from Ecuador
71 Does Bubonic Plague Still Exist? China's Mongolia, Colorado Squirrel Confirm Case
72 Top 5 Best Bamboo and Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes
73 How to Feel Less Anxious: Hardcore Tips to Overcome Anxiety Instantaneously
74 Does Wearing an Oxygen Mask at Night Help with Oxygen Levels?
75 Why Do People Find It Hard to Breathe with a Mask On and Why It Is Uncomfortable
76 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Help You Cope with Mental Health Disorder
77 Relationship Advice for Couples in Quarantine to Avoid Separation
78 Tuberculosis Facts: What You Need to Know About this Deadly Respiratory Disease
79 3 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Vaccine Debunked
80 5 Simple Tips to Achieve Radiant Skin Without Expensive Skin Care
81 Bubonic Plague Kills Mongolian Teen Who Ate Infected Marmot
82 Moderna Leads the COVID-19 Vaccine Race, Set to Begin Final Phase of Trials by End of July
83 Two Hairdressers Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Did Not Pass Virus to 139 Clients
84 A Walk to Knighthood: How a War Veteran Gets Queen Elizabeth's Approval
85 Fauci Urges Young People to Take COVID-19 Seriously, Pleads Not to Propagate Pandemic
86 Secondhand Smoke Risks, Effects and What You Need to Know About It
87 Best Air Purifiers for a Healthier Home this 2020
88 Stuff Your Heart Out with the Best French Cuisine Restaurants in the US
89 How and When to Use Face Masks in the Bay Area
90 Dr. Fauci Praises New York COVID-19 Response, Says It Should Serve as Role Model
91 Ending the Stigma, Knowing the Science: 5 Myths About HIV Debunked
92 ICU Rooms Running Out of Bed as Florida Becomes US Epicenter for Coronavirus
93 COVID-19 Symptoms: Mouth Rash Observed in 29% of COVID-19 Patients from Spain
94 Bar or Liquid Soap: Which is More Effective to Kill COVID-19 Virus?
95 8 Ways How a Fitness Tracker Can Make Your Life Easier During this Pandemic
96 Trump, Optimistic that "Good Things" Are Coming with Second Stimulus Package
97 How to Save a Life: Basic First Aid Skills Everyone Should Posses
98 North Korea Joins Race to Vaccine Despite Claiming to be 'Totally Free' of COVID-19
99 Best Healthy Diet Foods that Boost Your Immune System
100 Want to Live Longer? Scientists Closer to Delaying the Aging Process
101 Health Benefits of Push-Ups: How this Classic Exercise Can Help the Body
102 Natural Remedies to Relieve Cough that You Can Find at Home
103 Over 500 Inmates in Medical Prison Positive for COVID-19, Including NSA Leaker Reality Winner
104 How to Detect Cancer Signs Through Blood Test
105 10 Best Fitness Tips for Beginner Athletes to Help You Achieve Your Goals
106 COVID-19 Immunity: T-Cells Take Over after Studies Show COVID-19 Antibodies Wane Fast
107 Fact Check: Do Homemade Face Masks Work Against COVID-19?
108 Long-Lasting COVID-19 Symptoms in 'Long Haulers' Patients are Puzzling Doctors
109 Weight Loss Diet: Add These Delicious Food to Your Morning Meal
110 Dementia: What Are the Lifestyle-Related Risk Factors?
111 Beauty and Health Benefits of Castor Oil
112 Race to the COVID-19 Cure: Why is Hydroxychloroquine Trending Again?