File Title
1 Juno Sees North Pole of Ganymede in Infrared Light
2 Diverse Strains of Smallpox Virus Were Widespread in Viking Age, New Study Shows
3 Researchers Use Pencil to Draw Bioelectronic Devices on Human Skin
4 Hubble Space Telescope Views NGC 2203
5 Stingless Tetragonula Bees Build Their Combs like a Crystal
6 Miocene Fossil from Africa Provides New Evidence for Origin of American Crocodiles
7 Neanderthals May Have Had Heightened Sensitivity to Pain
8 Study: Universe Might Be 1.2 Billion Years Younger
9 Chocolate Helps Keep Heart's Blood Vessels Healthy, Review Suggests
10 New Predatory Dinosaur Identified in Portugal
11 Key Enzyme behind Human Underarm Malodor Identified
12 RAVE Survey Maps Nearly 452,000 Milky Way Stars
13 Biologists Revive 101.5-Million-Year-Old Microbes
14 Researchers Create New Bathymetric Map of Arctic Ocean
15 Scientists Discover New Species of Mouse Lemur
16 ESA's Trace Gas Orbiter Detects Ozone and Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere of Mars
17 Study: Floral Vibrations by Buzz-Pollinating Bumblebees More Powerful than Their Flight or Defensive Buzzes
18 Astronomers Detect Short Bursts of Radio Waves from Distant Magnetar
19 Ancient Globular Cluster Was Tidally Disrupted by Milky Way Two Billion Years Ago
20 Researchers Observe Formation of Four-Stranded DNA in Living Human Cells
21 Perseverance Launches to Hunt for Signs of Ancient Martian Life
22 VLT Looks at Incredibly Beautiful Planetary Nebula: NGC 2899
23 ALMA May Have Found Neutron Star in Supernova Remnant SN 1987A
24 Giant Cloud Reappears above Martian Volcano
25 55-Million-Year-Old Fossil of Large-Sized Owl Found in Wyoming
26 Archaeologists Pinpoint Source of Stonehenge's Sarsen Megaliths
27 Extrasolar Planetary Systems Could Have Up to Seven Earth-Like Planets in Their Habitable Zones
28 Hubble Snaps Beautiful Image of NGC 4907
29 Chemists Find Biologically Active Sugar in Honey of Stingless Bees
30 VLT Measures Main-Belt Asteroid Euphrosyne and Its Moon
31 Scientists Create Transparent Squid Using CRISPR-Cas9 Technology
32 Ice Sheets Covered Southern Highlands of Early Mars
33 Tiny Polynesian Atoll was Holiday Getaway for Tahitian Royalty
34 Giant Sunfish Develop from Tiny Larvae, Marine Biologists Say
35 99-Million-Year-Old Bird Wings and Feet Found Encased in Amber
36 ALMA Spots Gaseous Spiral Arms around Young Variable Star
37 New Species of Truffle Discovered: Tuber luomae
38 Archaeologists Find Shell Llama and Gold Foil in Inca Offering Box from Lake Titicaca
39 Radio Astronomers Discover Saturn-Sized Exoplanet around Ultracool Dwarf
40 Astronomers Catch X-Rays from Calcium-Rich Supernova
41 NASA's Curiosity Rover Marks Eight Years of Mars Exploration
42 Scientists Sequence Genome of Tuatara
43 Solar System's Heliosphere May Be Smaller and Rounder than Previously Thought
44 Higgs Boson Seen Decaying to Two Muons
45 Juno Discovers 'Shallow Lightning' on Jupiter
46 Hubble Probes Earth's Atmosphere during Total Lunar Eclipse
47 Jupiter's Violent Storms May Form Ammonia-Water Hailstones
48 99-Million-Year-Old 'Hell Ant' Attack Captured in Amber
49 Vast Areas of Mars' Night Sky Pulse in Ultraviolet
50 Denisovans Interbred with Mysterious Archaic Hominin: Study
51 Large US COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Will Exclude Pregnant Women for Now
52 Itolizumab Lowers Risk of Death in Elderly COVID-19 Patients--Cuban Study
53 Seasonal Flu Reports Hit Record Lows Amid Global Social Distancing
54 Telemedicine Helps but also Highlights Health Disparities During Pandemic
55 Antivenom-anticholinesterase Combination Reverses Cobra Snakebite Mimicking Brain Death
56 Sevoflurane Shows Promise as Topical Analgesic for Intractable Pain
57 No Increase in Congenital Heart Disease After Fukushima Nuclear Accident
58 NIH Investing $248.7 Mln in Seven Companies to Scale Up COVID-19 Testing
59 Under Pressure, Spanish Family Doctors Battle the Coronavirus
60 Trump Administration Can Cut Drug Subsidies to Hospitals--U.S. Court
61 U.S. Chemical Safety Watchdog to Proceed, with Only One Board Member
62 Canada Launches COVID-19 Contact Tracing App as Restrictions Loosen
63 Google Says 20 US States, Territories 'Exploring' Contact Tracing Apps
64 France Readies COVID Tests for Travellers from at-Risk Countries
65 Florida Sets New Coronavirus Record as US Lawmakers Bicker at Hearing
66 Computer Model Suggests Safe Path to Bringing College Kids Back to Campus
67 Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab or Pembrolizumab Most Cost-Effective for Newly Diagnosed Advanced Melanoma
68 Coronavirus Spread Among Children in Georgia Youth Camp, CDC Says
69 Who Is Tracking Health Care Workers Lost to COVID-19?
70 Fauci Suggests Wearing Goggles for Full Protection
71 HPV Test Is Preferred Method for Cervical Cancer Screening: ACS
72 No to Chemo at Home, with Exceptions, Says ASCO Safety Concerns
73 Cardiorespiratory Fitness May Alter AF Ablation Outcomes
74 UK Urges Medicine Suppliers to Stockpile Before Brexit Transition Ends
75 Most Brits, French, Germans Would Skip Holiday if Tests, Masks Involved: Survey
76 Adjuvant Systemic Chemotherapy Tied to Better Survival After Resection of Colorectal Peritoneal Metastases
77 Surgery Ups Survival, So Why Are CRLM Not Referred for Resection?
78 When Green Means Stop: How Safety Messages Got So Muddled
79 PANS May Be More Prevalent than Thought
80 Next Big COVID-19 Treatment May Be Manufactured Antibodies
81 Long-Term Complications of COVID-19 Signals Billions in Healthcare Costs Ahead
82 Anxious WHO Implores World to 'Do It All' in Long War on COVID-19
83 Spain to Roll Out COVID-19 App Twice as Effective as Human Tracers in Pilot
84 Rival Drugmakers Launch Joint Trial of Medicines for COVID-19
85 Thousands March in Berlin Against Coronavirus Curbs
86 Italy Survey Suggests Coronavirus Six Times More Prevalent than Official Data
87 Eli Lilly Tests Antibody Drug to Halt COVID-19 Spread in US Nursing Homes
88 Screen COPD Patients with Sleep Problems for Mood Disorders
89 So, You've Been Sued. What Now?
90 CDC Anticipates 2020 Outbreak of Acute Flaccid Myelitis
91 When a Contagion Comes, Women Bear a Heavy Burden
92 Medicare Sticks with E/M Pay Plan Over Some Groups' Objections
93 Repositioning Evolut Valves During TAVR Appears Safe
94 'Apollo 11 Moment': Two Monoclonal Antibody Trials for COVID Launched
95 Pooled COVID-19 Testing Feasible, Greatly Reduces Supply Use
96 COVID-19 Update: Monoclonal Antibodies, Pooled Hospital Testing
97 Hepatitis Screening Now for All Patients with Cancer on Therapy
98 Educating Providers on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
99 Reduce Likelihood of Infection After Hysterectomy
100 Most Younger MI Patients Wouldn't Get Statins Under Guidelines
101 Unexpected Rosuvastatin-Canagliflozin Adverse Effect Reported
102 Interleukin-1-Beta Blockade May Slow Progression of Osteoarthritis
103 Germany Already Dealing with Second Coronavirus Wave: Doctors' Union
104 Military Helps Worn-Out Nurses, Sicker Patients in California COVID-19 Effort
105 Taiwan Provisionally Approves Dexamethasone as Coronavirus Treatment
106 Local Governments 'Overwhelmed' in Race to Trace US COVID Contacts
107 Second COVID Wave 'Highly Likely' to Hit France this Year, Scientists Say
108 Could Labs that Test Livestock Run Tests on Humans?
109 WHO: There's No 'Silver Bullet' for COVID-19
110 Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Holds Promise in Periocular Cancer
111 Radiotherapy Improves Overall Survival in Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
112 Better Continence Rate Gives Robotic Prostatectomy the Edge
113 PCOS Associated with a Two-fold Risk of Developing Psoriasis
114 Cutaneous Clues Linked to COVID-19 Coagulation Risk
115 New ACC Guidance on CVD Risk Reduction in Diabetes