File Title
1 Impact of climate change on tropical fisheries would create ripples across the world
2 Delay in breast cancer operations appears non-life-threatening for early-stage disease
3 Penn's 'Enhanced Recovery' program significantly reduces post-op opioid use
4 A new tool for modeling the human gut microbiome
5 Cancer vs. COVID: When a pandemic upended cancer care
6 New insight into the evolution of complex life on Earth
7 'Avoid surgery' for most cases of common wrist fracture in young people, urge researchers
8 Long neck helped reptile hunt underwater
9 Study gauges specific site stomach cancer risks among ethnic groups
10 Genes related to down syndrome abnormalities may protect against solid tumors
11 First food-grade intermediate wheatgrass released
12 DNA from an ancient, unidentified ancestor was passed down to humans living today
13 Children's pester power a future target for interventions
14 New tool compares rates of severe pregnancy complications across US hospitals
15 Large proportion of NHS workers may have already had COVID-19
16 The bouncer in the brain
17 Sports settings may help engage Australian men in weight loss
18 Completing the set: 'Coupon-collection behavior' reduces sex-ratio variation among families
19 New fossil discovery shows how ancient 'hell ants' hunted with headgear
20 Why shaving dulls even the sharpest of razors
21 Study finds dedicated clinics can reduce impact of flu pandemic
22 Childhood connection to nature has many benefits but is not universally positive, finds review
23 Fossil mystery solved: Super-long-necked reptiles lived in the ocean, not on land
24 Non-invasive nerve stimulation boosts learning of foreign language sounds
25 Mix of contaminants in Fukushima wastewater, risks of ocean dumping
26 Faster rates of evolution are linked to tiny genomes, study finds
27 Make the best of bad reviews by leveraging consumer empathy
28 Researchers hope to save seabirds by calculating the value of their poop
29 Why the 'wimpy' Y chromosome hasn't evolved out of existence
30 This fruit attracts birds with an unusual way of making itself metallic blue
31 Metallic blue fruits use fat to produce color and signal a treat for birds
32 Chemists create the brightest-ever fluorescent materials
33 Citizen scientists help geologists to identify earthquakes and tectonic tremors
34 Predicting drought in the American West just got more difficult
35 Scientists discover curious clues in the war between cf bacteria
36 Deep-sea misconceptions cause underestimation of seabed-mining impacts
37 SFU chemist's new process fast-tracks drug treatments for viral infections and cancer
38 Decline in plant breeding programs could impact food security
39 COVID-19 may have a longer incubation period, suggests probability analysis of Wuhan cases
40 Simple approach tested in small group visually evaluates mask effectiveness against viral droplets
41 Advance in programmable synthetic materials
42 Materials science researchers develop first electrically injected laser
43 Layer of nanoparticles could improve LED performance and lifetime
44 Modifying BACTRAC protocol provides first chance to study local leukocyte populations during stroke
45 Skoltech supercomputer helps scientists reveal most influential parameters for crop
46 Highly sensitive dopamine detector uses 2D materials
47 Treatment option improves chances of survival for babies with rare cerebrovascular disorder
48 NASA sounding rocket finds helium structures in sun's atmosphere
49 Newly discovered mutation could point to heart disease therapeutic target
50 Researchers find link between Atlantic hurricanes and weather system in East Asia
51 Florida current is weaker now than at any point in the past century
52 Integration of gene regulatory networks in understanding animal behavior
53 Russian developers created a platform for self-testing of AI medical services
54 Sugar-based signature identifies T cells where HIV hides despite antiretroviral therapy
55 Strong link found between abnormal liver tests and poor COVID-19 outcomes
56 Novel approach reduces SCA1 symptoms in animal model
57 Oldest enzyme in cellular respiration isolated
58 New-generation CO2 gas separation system using gate-type adsorbents
59 Genetic cause of congenital malformation discovered
60 COVID-19 crisis exposes imbalance in EU state aid for aviation sector
61 Subpolar marginal seas play a key role in making the subarctic Pacific nutrient-rich
62 A titanate nanowire mask that can eliminate pathogens
63 Researchers discover how plants distinguish beneficial from harmful microbes
64 Machine learning research may help find new tungsten deposits in SW England
65 Lead poisoning could reduce gene expression in humans
66 Measuring electron emission from irradiated biomolecules
67 Updating Turing's model of pattern formation
68 Hubble makes the first observation of a total lunar eclipse by a space telescope
69 Making N-C bond directly from N2: summary and perspective
70 New test better predicts which babies will develop type 1 diabetes
71 Renewables in Europe: Land requirements can be reduced at low cost
72 COVID-19--The virus and the vasculature
73 Origins of life: Chemical evolution in a tiny Gulf Stream
74 Stellar egg hunt with ALMA
75 Scientists introduce FlowRACS for high-throughput discovery of enzymes
76 Alport syndrome: Research highlights link between genotype and treatment effectiveness
77 Success in promoting plant growth for biodiesel
78 Adding another dimension to a cell culture model for pulmonary arterial hypertension
79 NSD2 enzyme appears to prevent cellular senescence
80 Heavier smoking linked to skyrocketing health risks
81 Huge ring-like structure on Ganymede's surface may have been caused by violent impact
82 Epirubicin-loaded nanomedicines beat immune checkpoint blockade resistance in glioblastoma
83 Smartwatch tracks medication levels to personalize treatments
84 Study finds parents can help kids eat healthier by knowing their own sense of self-control
85 New reporter mouse strain offers powerful genetic tool to identify P2X2-expressing cells
86 Potentially predictive humoral immune response markers in COVID-19 patients
87 The Last unknown
88 Chemotherapy for rare cancer fine-tuned with organoids
89 Intranasal vaccine platform has potential for more effective vaccines, fewer side effects
90 Authors' 'invisible' words reveal blueprint for storytelling
91 Pinpointing the cells that keep the body's master circadian clock ticking
92 New Zealand's Southern Alps glacier melt has doubled
93 Experts urge evaluation of diet at routine check-ups
94 Transgender and gender-diverse individuals more likely to be autistic
95 COVID recovery choices shape future climate
96 Scientists develop principles for the creation of an "acoustic diode"
97 Test accurately IDs people whose gonorrhea can be cured with simple oral antibiotic
98 Why do so many refugees move after arrival? Opportunity and community
99 Scientists use CRISPR to knock down gene messages early in development
100 Inexpensive, accessible device provides visual proof that masks block droplets
101 The costs and benefits of addressing customer complaints
102 Addition of sintilimab to pemetrexed and platinum improved progression-free survival
103 Phase 3 eXalt3 study shows significantly longer progression-free survival
104 Checkmate 743 shows that dual immunotherapy, nivolumab + ipilimumab
105 Change isn't a good thing for Japanese rheumatoid arthritis patients
106 Nanocatalysts that remotely control chemical reactions inside living cells
107 Biodiversity may limit invasions: Lessons from lizards on Panama Canal islands
108 Most close relatives of birds neared the potential for powered flight but few crossed its thresholds
109 Pasteurization inactivates COVID-19 virus in human milk: new research
110 A new way to fabricate MXene films that block electromagnetic interference