File Title
1 Ice sheets, not rivers, carved valleys on Mars, new study says
2 World's 'smallest dinosaur' actually a lizard, study retraction says
3 Malignant bone cancer found in ancient dinosaur fossil
4 Iron-rich meteorites on Earth reveal geochemistry of solar system's youth
5 To read, humans 'recycled' a brain region meant for recognizing objects
6 Grooming behavior reveals social networks among dairy cows
7 Astronauts praise 'flawless' SpaceX capsule landing
8 Pollution disparities can be seen from space
9 Land use changes could increase risk of disease outbreaks
10 Jupiter's storm-happy atmosphere may host ammonia-rich 'mushballs'
11 Native American stone tool technology unearthed in Yemen, Oman
12 SpaceX plans new attempt at 10th Starlink launch
13 Herbivores at greater risk of extinction than carnivores
14 Tuatara's genome features the DNA of reptiles and mammals
15 Amber fossil reveals hunting prowess of ancient 'hell ant'
16 NASA completes crucial test of moon rocket's propulsion system
17 Microbe reveals link between primordial organisms, complex life
18 SpaceX launches 57 Starlink, 2 BlackSky satellites from Florida
19 Glaciers in New Zealand's Southern Alps more than half-gone
20 Scientists say COVID-19 recovery plans should include climate change
21 'Invisible' words reveal common structure among stories
22 Florida Current study confirms decline in strength of Gulf Stream
23 SpaceX, ULA win large government launch contracts
24 Protein in 'good cholesterol' might reduce dementia risk, study finds
25 Survey: Michigan Medicaid expansion reduced number of residents in 'poor' health
26 Cold war antiseptic may fight common infections
27 COVID-19 symptoms persist for weeks after hospital discharge for most survivors
28 CDC data highlight racial disparities in spread, scope of COVID-19 pandemic
29 'Aerosol boxes' meant to protect COVID health teams may be dangerous
30 Changes in IVF may have caused drop in cerebral palsy
31 Doctors cautious on use of medical pot in kids with cancer
32 Diet heavy on plant-based protein reduces heart disease death risk, study says
33 TB vaccine may protect against COVID-19 infection, studies say
34 Beta blockers may increase heart failure risk in women, study finds
35 COVID-19 may trigger high blood sugar, raising death risk, study shows
36 HPV might cause 1 in 5 cases of prostate cancer, analysis says
37 British people healthier than those in United States, study says
38 Rheumatoid arthritis treatment doesn't damage lungs, study shows
39 Universal COVID-19 testing in nursing homes may limit transmission
40 COVID-19 lockdown led to less sex, lower use of HIV prevention meds
41 Stress complicates blood sugar control for people with diabetes
42 Sleep problems in early childhood associated with mental health issues in teens
43 Data on COVID-19 in children lacking as states debate school reopenings, experts say
44 CDC: Three of four Americans wear masks to prevent COVID-19 spread
45 No COVID infections at hair salon shows masks work, study says
46 CDC director: U.S. could control COVID-19 if all wore masks
47 Obesity in childhood quickly harms heart health, researchers say
48 Drug helps preserve cognitive function in study of Alzheimer's disease patients
49 WHO-led vaccine initiatives garner support from 75 countries, but not the U.S.
50 Young adults may face higher risk for severe COVID than thought
51 People talk about memories less as they age, study shows
52 Skin inflammation cream effective against psoriasis, study shows
53 Study shows vegetarian diet won't lower testosterone
54 More COVID-19 patients in ICUs are surviving, study shows
55 Pre-diabetes increases risk for heart disease, death, study finds
56 U.S. infant mortality rate hits all-time low, CDC reports
57 CDC: Most COVID-19 cases in New York City in March traced to Europe
58 Stroke rate in Mexican Americans down steeply since 2000
59 Global lockdown measures helped reduce COVID-19 cases
60 Survey: More porn consumption creates greater erectile dysfunction in European men
61 Rapid testing, contact tracing might reduce COVID-19 transmission by 80%
62 Governors urge Trump to delay change to COVID-19 data reporting
63 Study: Advice on Americans with dementia, access to guns hard to come by
64 Heart attack patients under 50 can extend life by quitting smoking
65 Study: 55% in U.S. with health savings accounts don't contribute to them
66 Placenta may help shield fetus from COVID-19, studies suggest
67 Masks safe for most people with lung diseases, experts say
68 Vaporized cannabis may reduce sickle cell disease pain, study finds
69 Lupus drug prevents low heartbeat in high-risk newborns, study shows
70 CPR is less effective than most people think, study suggests
71 Black kids have higher risk for post-op complications than White kids
72 Mailed at-home colon cancer tests may boost screening rates, study finds
73 CanSino COVID-19 vaccine generates immune response in 90% of patients
74 Hormone replacement therapy may stop recurrent UTIs
75 Less stringent fasting diets may still be effective, study shows
76 Living will use in U.S. up sharply since start of pandemic, study shows
77 Synthetic marijuana linked to lung damage, comas in study of ICU patients
78 Inhaled form of interferon beta shows promise in COVID-19 treatment, maker says
79 Study: Working out cuts high blood pressure risk, even in dirty air
80 Viagra doesn't fix all sexual issues, study shows
81 Focus on 10 risk factors may help prevent Alzheimer's disease
82 Skepticism of male bisexuality unfounded, researchers say
83 Face coverings, social distancing can reduce COVID-19 spread by up to 65%
84 Immunotherapy safe for cancer patients with COVID-19, study says
85 CDC: U.S. COVID-19 case count 6 to 24 times higher than reported
86 ER docs face anxiety, stress amid coronavirus pandemic
87 Thyroid drug may not help after heart attack, study finds
88 Bacteria that causes tooth decay might also help colon cancer spread
89 Women, parents of young kids have more mental distress in COVID-19 lockdown
90 Nearly half of LGBTQ youth want mental health help, can't get it
91 Gene explains why some women don't need pain meds during labor
92 COVID-19 immunity might fade after 90 days, study finds
93 At-home COVID-19 test kits accurate, might bolster screening effort, study says
94 Study: Steroids cut death risk by 75% for COVID-19 patients with severe inflammation
95 Early dialysis doesn't improve outcomes in acute kidney failure
96 Drink coffee for pleasure, not disease prevention, researchers say
97 Non-essential activity cut by half may reduce COVID-19 spread by nearly half
98 COVID-19 increases death risk for cancer patients 16-fold, study says
99 Two-thirds in U.S. have underlying conditions, at risk for severe COVID-19
100 Drop in ER visits since pandemic started has doctors concerned
101 CDC: Indiana's COVID-19 infections may be underreported by 170K
102 Drugs for inflammation might help with severe depression, study says
103 Tighter handgun laws may reduce suicide rate in young people
104 Stalking, harassment common in teen relationships
105 CDC releases guidelines for schools to reopen
106 Mothers with COVID-19 unlikely to pass it to newborns, study shows
107 Researchers identify enzyme that helps COVID-19 evade immune system
108 More layers are better with homemade face masks