File Title
1 Telehealth Changes by Trump Administration a First Step
2 ARB Slows Cognitive Decline in Trial...But How?
3 COVID Antigen Tests: Coming to Case Counts Near You?
4 Here's What We Know About COVID-19 Vaccines
5 Low-Dose Aspirin Prophylaxis in Elderly Ups Risk of Serious GI Bleeds
6 'Marginal' Livers Maybe Not So for Transplant Outcomes
7 Finding the Will to Live; More Evidence for HPV Vax; Relearning How to Talk
8 Asymptomatic COVID-19 Patients May Shed Virus Even Longer
9 No Increased Chances of Pregnancy with Frozen Embryos in IVF
10 Op-Ed: The Awkward Truth About Schools and COVID-19
11 FDA OKs Anti-BCMA Drug for Multiple Myeloma
12 Mayo Clinic Again Tops U.S. News Best Hospitals List
13 No Evidence that Doctor Group in Viral Video Got Near COVID 'Front Lines'
14 Nope, Kids Not 'Almost Immune' to COVID-19 at Georgia Camp
15 Did Actress Take 'Healthy' Eating Too Far?
16 The Skill Doctors Need but Haven't Been Taught
17 Ease Up on Cannabis Research Restrictions, Heart Group Urges
18 Anti-Affirmative Action Paper Blows Up on Twitter
19 Efforts Needed to Get Minorities into Clinical Trials, Experts Say
20 Health Groups Criticize Proposed Medicare Fee Schedule Changes for 2021
21 Telehealth Boom Misses Older Adults
22 'Numbers Don't Lie'; NYC's Quarantine Checkpoints; What's Your Risk?
23 New Insights into Radiation-Induced Hair Loss
24 Skin Rashes a Clue to COVID-19 Vascular Disease
25 Some Antidepressants Tied to Very Specific Birth Defects
26 Three Diets Cut Seizures in Kids with Intractable Epilepsy
27 Troponin Could Help Determine Lipid Tx in Stable Patients
28 DIY COVID Vaccine; Small Company, Big Results; Health Worker Death to Be Probed
29 Texas Board Warns Docs; Governors Join Forces; New Vax Trial Data
30 No Increased Risk of Diabetes Seen with RA
31 Anti-Affirmative Action Paper Blows Up on Twitter
32 CDC: Don't Overlook Kids' AFM Symptoms in the Middle of COVID
33 Recent Cancer Diagnoses Far Short of Expectation
34 How Did Sweden Flatten Its Curve Without a Lockdown?
35 Yale Doc Backing HCQ CITES Questionable Data
36 'All in' for HCQ; 25,000 COVID Deaths in July; Intersex Surgery Apology
37 'New Phase' for COVID; New Type of Antibody Test OK'd; 'A War Against Stupidity'
38 Diabetes Drug Linked to Severe Statin Toxicity Case
39 Birx Under Fire; Masks at All Times for N.J. Students; 'Pig-Like Snouts'
40 What We Know Now About Children's COVID-19 Risks in Schools
41 Surges Go Global; Pointing Fingers at Russia; EUA for Convalescent Plasma?
42 Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Moves into Late-Stage Trial
43 Physician Recruitment Drops by 30% Because of Pandemic
44 Probiotics Alone or with Prebiotics Tied to Reduced Depression Symptoms
45 Indoor Particulates, Humidity Associated with Dry Eye
46 High-Dose Vitamin D Does Not Affect Peripheral Arterial Calcification in People Without Deficiency
47 QOL Takes Huge Hit After Prostate Cancer Treatment: Patient Survey
48 Will Vaccine Trials Reflect America's Diversity?
49 Do Your Patients Know You've Left Their Network?
50 Infection Ups Mortality Risk in Patients with Dementia
51 Preserving Ejaculation May Come at a Cost for LUTS Patients
52 Real-World Data Show SGLT2 Inhibitors for Diabetes Triple DKA Risk
53 NFL's Only Physician Player Opts Out of 2020 Season Over COVID
54 COVID-19 Update: Vaccine in Phase 3, Doc Recruiting Drops
55 Cleaner Data Confirm COVID-19 Link to Diabetes, Hypertension
56 US News Releases Latest Top Hospitals List, Adds COVID Heroes
57 Outraged Doc Attacks Teenagers Who Won't 'Socially Distance'
58 Ultrasound, Cardiac CT Valuable in COVID-19 Assessment
59 Brazil 'Facing Many Epidemics Right Now': Former Health Minister
60 New Travel Curbs as World Comes to Grips with Second COVID-19 Wave
61 Record Numbers of Coronavirus Cases in Every Global Region: Reuters Tally
62 WHO Says Travel Bans Cannot Be Indefinite; Countries Must Fight Virus
63 Spain's COVID-19 Death Toll Could Be 60% Higher than Official Count, Says El Pais
64 The US Has More COVID-19 Testing than Most. So Why Is It Falling So Short?
65 Health Workers Should Be Top Priority for Vaccines: Nurses' Group
66 How a US Navy Base in the Gulf Tackles Coronavirus
67 Blood Test Identifies People with ALS
68 UK Lockdown Life: Binge Eating, More Alcohol, Less Exercise
69 AstraZeneca Bets Up to $6 Billion on New Daiichi Cancer Drug
70 By Boat and on Foot, Indian State Hunts for Plasma for COVID Patients
71 Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready for Use by End of Year, US Says
72 Miami Medical Teams Feel Helpless as COVID-19 Devastates South Florida
73 Vaccine Alliance Eyes Range of Prices for COVID Shots, Says $40 Would Be Maximum
74 EU Talks with Pfizer, Sanofi, J&J on COVID Vaccines Hit Snags: Sources
75 In a First, Proton Therapy Bests Radiotherapy in an RCT Less Toxicity in Esophageal Cancer
76 A Better Tau Blood Test for Diagnosing Alzheimer's?
77 The COVID-19 Downturn Triggers Jump in Medicaid Enrollment
78 Flu, Pneumonia Vaccination Tied to Lower Dementia Risk
79 More US Cardiologists Opting for Larger Practices
80 Almost 20 Anesthesiology Residents Catch COVID After Attending Party
81 COVID-19 Update: Testing Falling Short, Residents Catch Virus at Party
82 EMA Backs Dapivirine Vaginal Ring for HIV Prevention Outside of EU
83 EMA Panel Backs Filgotinib (Jyseleca) for Rheumatoid Arthritis
84 Coronavirus Social: Unfriend Hospital's Name, Staff Says
85 Urine Screen as Part of Triple Test Improves ID of Adrenal Cancer
86 Experimental Blood Test Detects Cancer Years Before Symptoms
87 COVID-19 Fears Keep Many Hispanic Adults with Stroke, MI Home
88 Kidney Transplants Between HIV-Positive Individuals Yield Excellent Outcomes
89 AstraZeneca Diabetes Drug Shows Promise in Severe Kidney Condition
90 Most Patients Free of AF 1 Year After Visually-Guided RF Ablation
91 Vaccine Safety Affirmed in Review of FDA Approvals
92 After Early Hype, Japan's Homegrown COVID-19 Drug Hope Avigan Faces Rocky Future
93 'Negligence' Blamed for Germany's Virus Case Rise
94 In California Breadbasket, Hospitals Overwhelmed as COVID-19 Infections Soar
95 Pfizer-BioNTech Begin Late-Stage Study of Lead COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate
96 US's Fauci Defends Himself, Urges Masks After Trump Deletes Video
97 WHO Says COVID-19 Pandemic Is 'One Big Wave,' Not Seasonal
98 COVID-19 Outbreak in Hard-Hit US States May Be Peaking, Fauci Says
99 Aerobic Exercise May Up Brain-Training Benefits in Schizophrenia
100 Heart Damage Even After COVID-19 'Recovery' Evokes Specter of Later Heart Failure
101 COVID-19 'Superspreaders' Can Exhale Large Volumes of Viral Particles, New Model Shows
102 Cooling Device Limits Esophageal Lesions from AF Ablations
103 Health Issues Caused by Pandemic-Related Stress
104 Hair Loss an Unexpected COVID Misery for Many
105 EXCEL Trial Controversy Continues as 'Imaginary' Universal Definition of MI Data Published
106 COVID-19 Could Make Lasting Changes in Primary Care
107 Tissue-Engineered Uterus Supports Normal Pregnancy, Live Birth in Rabbits
108 Two-Layer DIY Masks Minimize Droplet Spray from Speaking, Coughing, Sneezing
109 Lessons from Taiwan for in-Person Higher Education During COVID-19 Pandemic
110 Corrected BMJ Study Now Shows No Recent Change in Teen Smoking in US, Canada
111 New System Classifies Male Anterior Urethral Stricture
112 Liver Injury Linked with Worse COVID-19 Outcomes
113 Interlaminar Stabilization May Have Edge in Elderly with Lumbar Stenosis
114 Sleep Apnea Risk May Be Elevated in Men with HIV
115 Tofacitinib Triggers Celiac Disease Remission in a Gluten-Eating Patient
116 Pediatricians Can Play Role in Preventing Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting
117 California Latinos Contracting COVID-19 at Three Times Rate of Whites
118 P-tau217 Differentiates AD vs. Other Neurodegenerative Conditions
119 Low Vitamin D Linked to Increased COVID-19 Risk