File Title
1 Study sheds new light on vein formation in plants
2 Absorbed plant MIR2911 in honeysuckle decoction inhibits SARS-CoV-2 replication
3 COVID-19 a perfect storm for conspiracy theories
4 Herbicide harming marsupial health and development, research finds
5 Projecting early molecular signatures of AD through the convergence study of Omics and AI
6 Promising new research identifies novel approach for controlling defects in 3D printing
7 Waning attention to climate change amid pandemic could have lasting effects
8 How cells keep growing even when under attack
9 Joint ASU-Hawaii state study reveals long-term human impacts on reef fish
10 Organoids help bridge gap between laboratory study and animal modeling of disease
11 New study may refine predicted survival outcomes and treatment in younger adults with acute leukemia
12 Turning carbon dioxide into liquid fuel
13 Herbivores, not predators, most at risk of extinction
14 Career-readiness through cross-disciplinary project-based learning
15 Warming climate may trigger more West Nile outbreaks in Southern California
16 How climate change affects allergies, immune response and autism
17 Ammonia sparks unexpected, exotic lightning on Jupiter
18 Drivers respond to pre-crash warnings with levels of attentive 'gaze'
19 Rice researchers use InSight for deep Mars measurements
20 Implanted neural stem cell grafts show functionality in spinal cord injuries
21 Local food
22 New acid mine drainage treatment turns waste into valuable critical minerals
23 Epigenetic changes in ADNP syndrome, a cause of autism, do not indicate profound presentation of the disorder
24 Quality suffers for audit offices with clients from different industries, study shows
25 Online 'booster' improves attitudes toward hearing health among farm youths
26 Will automated vehicles cut parking revenue?
27 HDAC6 can control tumor growth and halt metastasis in triple-negative breast cancer
28 Influenza A virus directly modulates eosinophil responses
29 Interpreting the human genome's instruction manual
30 IKBFU researchers study the Curonian Spit plants adaptation mechanism
31 Journalists' Twitter use shows them talking within smaller bubbles
32 Algal symbiosis could shed light on dark ocean
33 Optical seismometer survives "hellish" summit of Caribbean volcano
34 Save black lives
35 May the force be with you: Detecting ultrafast light by its force
36 Bone drug may be beneficial for knee osteoarthritis
37 Alcoholism treatment is potentially effective against COVID-19
38 The curious genome of the tuatara, an ancient reptile in peril
39 Medicare Part D favors generic prescription drugs over branded counterparts, study finds
40 Massey scientist suggests COVID-19 should be treated as an acute inflammatory disease
41 NASA data helps uncover our solar system's shape
42 Locking down shape-shifting spike protein aids development of COVID-19 vaccine
43 High-sensitivity atomic force microscopy opens up for photosensitive materials
44 Researchers capture X-ray images with unprecedented speed and resolution
45 Sustainable chemistry at the quantum level
46 Incorporating solar harvesting into the side of buildings could enhance energy sustainability
47 Computational modeling enables heart valve visualizations
48 Study suggests drug overdose linked to PTSD
49 Tiniest secrets of integrated circuits revealed with new imaging technique
50 Gut microbes shape our antibodies before we are infected by pathogens
51 Three-quarters of migrants traveling to US through Mexico experience food insecurity
52 CUNY ISPH study sheds new light on how ovarian cancer grows and evolves
53 Can community members deliver naloxone to reverse opioid overdoses?
54 An inventory providing information on more than 200 viruses that infect plants in Brazil
55 How microbes in 'starter cultures' make fermented sausage tasty
56 Astronomers sink their teeth into special supernova
57 Body weight has surprising, alarming impact on brain function
58 Climate change may melt the "freezers" of pygmy owls and reduce their overwinter survival
59 Taste bud cells might not be a target of SARS-CoV-2
60 Researchers discover predictor of laser treatment success in patients with glaucoma
61 New findings on enzymes with important role in SARS-CoV-2 infection
62 Inappropriate prescriptions sending hospitalized seniors back to the ER
63 Surgery during pregnancy for gallbladder infections may be safer than postponing
64 To bond with nature, kids need solitary activities outdoors
65 Discovery could lead to more potent garlic, boosting flavor and bad breath
66 Discovery shows promise for treating Huntington's Disease
67 Initiative to promote a culture of mobility in hospitals yields encouraging results
68 Lava tubes on Mars and the Moon are so wide they can host planetary bases
69 Rock debris protects glaciers from climate change more than previously known
70 Study clarifies kinship of important plant group
71 Scientists discover the switch that makes human brown fat burn energy
72 How tumor cells evade the immune defense
73 NIH-Moderna investigational COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in mouse studies
74 Heart regeneration using stem cells: Why irregular heartbeats occur after transplantation
75 The role of Chinese cultural values in illegal wildlife trade interventions
76 Silk scaffolds and magnetism to generate bone tissue and be able to use it in implants
77 Osteopontin, a protein not always as bad as it is made out to be
78 TLK protein inhibition activates the innate immune system
79 New strategy against osteoporosis
80 Molecular forces: The surprising stretching behavior of DNA
81 Drivers from poor cities can be exposed to 80% more air pollution
82 Move over Akita: Introducing 'Kuma mutant' mice for islet transplantation research
83 No air, no problem: How parasites switch to life without oxygen inside host
84 Fabrication advance: Spray-on clear coatings for cheaper smart windows
85 Culling cancer before it stems: A novel, rapid carcinogen detection method
86 Calcium-rich supernova examined with X-rays for first time
87 Scientists find how clock gene wakes up green algae
88 New method to help spot gastric cancer cells
89 Manifestation of quantum distance in flat band materials
90 NAU biologist part of international team to sequence genome of rare 'living fossil'
91 Lottery for ventilators
92 Though concerned about COVID-19, cigar smokers are smoking more, survey finds
93 COVID-19 rates higher among minority, socioeconomically disadvantaged children
94 A 'Devonian' aquarium: Modern mutant fishes replicate creatures of ancient oceans
95 Real-time imaging can help prevent deadly dust explosions
96 Scientists discover novel drug target for pancreatic cancer
97 Elliott Fisher proposes "single system solution" for US healthcare system
98 Consumption of a blueberry enriched diet by women for six weeks alters determinants of human muscle progenitor cell function
99 Open clinics aren't enough to ensure abortion access in Ohio
100 Increase in immigration has little impact on the wages of US citizens
101 Ocean heatwaves dramatically shift habitats
102 Building dementia friendly churches
103 Study suggests pregnancy and ovarian function are risk factors for coronary artery disease
104 Understanding why some children enjoy TV more than others
105 Long-term maternal Viagra treatment worsens growth-restriction in baby sheep
106 Whiteness of AI erases people of color from our 'imagined futures,' researchers argue
107 Life at its limits
108 Plate tectonics goes global
109 Rethink needed for treatment of Severe and Enduring Anorexia Nervosa
110 Trifluoroacetic acid acts as trifluoromethylating agent in arene C-H functionalization