File Title
1 Anatomy of an acne treatment
2 Baby boomers show concerning decline in cognitive functioning
3 Pandemic drives telehealth boom, but older adults can't connect
4 Ancient part of immune system may underpin severe COVID
5 Strong relationships in adulthood won't 'fix' effects of early childhood adversity
6 Energy demands limit our brains' information processing capacity
7 An averted glance gives a glimpse of the mind behind the eyes
8 Dana-Farber study advances understanding of rare sarcoma
9 Iron-mediated cancer cell activity: A new regulation mechanism
10 The art of making tiny holes
11 Disposed PPE could be turned into biofuel, shows new COVID-19 study
12 Four-stranded DNA structures found to play role in breast cancer
13 Boycotts or buycotts? The role of corporate activism
14 Is less more? How consumers view sustainability claims
15 Greater financial integration generally not associated with better healthcare quality
16 'Worst-case' CO2 emissions scenario is best for assessing climate risk and impacts to 2050
17 Immunization programs yield high 'return on investment,' saving hundreds of billions of dollars
18 Iron-rich meteorites show record of core crystallization in system's oldest planetesimals
19 Asthma drug ([beta]2-agonists) can boost sprint and strength performance in athletes
20 Doubt cast on wisdom of targeting 'bad' cholesterol to curb heart disease risk
21 Social bonds in adulthood don't mediate early life trauma
22 Malignant cancer diagnosed in a dinosaur for the first time
23 PLOS Special Collection: Successful approaches to HIV care
24 Properly-equipped laypersons can potentially reverse opioid overdose mortality
25 Cells relax their membrane to control protein sorting
26 Study: Experiencing childhood trauma makes body and brain age faster
27 Your hair knows what you eat and how much your haircut costs
28 Scientists discover secret behind Earth's biodiversity hotspots
29 An insect species can actively escape from the vents of predators via the digestive system
30 Early Mars was covered in ice sheets, not flowing rivers
31 Ancient shell llama offering found in lake Titicaca
32 Children's National Hospital case report sounds the alarm for antibiotic resistance
33 Canakinumab shows promise for treatment of large joint osteoarthritis [plus additional topics]
34 Arrhythmia-free survival is indeed survival of the fittest
35 Green apple flavor in vapes enhances nicotine reward
36 Survey finds Americans social media habits changing as national tensions rise
37 Speech processing hierarchy in the dog brain
38 Superior TNOx/HRGO hybrid anode for lithium-ion batteries
39 How to predict a typhoon
40 Maldives records highest level of micro plastics on the planet
41 Changes in land evaporation shape the climate
42 Ancient mountains recorded in Antarctic sandstones reveal potential links to global events
43 Improved modelling of nuclear structure in francium aids searches for new physics
44 How thoughts could one day control electronic prostheses, wirelessly
45 Break it down: A new way to address common computing problem
46 Epidemic model shows how COVID-19 could spread through firefighting camps
47 Better outcomes in severe COVID-19 patients administered interleukin-6 inhibitors early
48 Tool could improve success in translating drugs from animal studies to humans
49 FSU geologists publish new findings on carbonate melts in Earth's mantle
50 Ultrafast lasers probe elusive chemistry at the liquid-liquid interface
51 Scientists propose a novel method for controlling fusion reactions
52 Photodynamic therapy can combat secondary infections in COVID-19 patients
53 Study: Enzyme could prove effective in treating tumors and inflammatory diseases in lung
54 Experts issue back-to-school guidelines for pediatric solid organ transplant recipients
55 New molecule reverses Alzheimer's-like memory decline
56 HIIT programs show benefits for those with Down syndrome
57 What influences adolescents to share marijuana-related content on social media?
58 UCI researchers publish new guide for viral tracers in neural circuit mapping
59 Key brain region was 'recycled' as humans developed the ability to read
60 New research: Treatment advancements help reduce mortality from unruptured brain aneurysms
61 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
62 Story tips: Pandemic impact, root studies, neutrons confirm, lab on a crystal & modeling fusion
63 Study validates Rapid Arterial Occlusion Evaluation (RACE) scale for stroke triage
64 Scientists accelerate progress in preventing drug resistance in lung and pancreas cancers
65 Researchers say where you live could add years to your life
66 Study suggests embryos could be susceptible to coronavirus
67 In a warming world, New England's trees are storing more carbon
68 Can sleep protect us from forgetting old memories?
69 Grown-ups don't always get it right, you know
70 Reducing the adverse impact of water loss in cells
71 AI may offer a better way to ID drug-resistant superbugs
72 Researchers create artificial organelles to control cellular behavior
73 Altered lipid metabolism following childbirth predicts later diabetes risk
74 Tradeoff between the eyes and nose helps flies find their niche
75 Researchers develop new mouse model for SARS-CoV-2
76 VLBA finds planet orbiting small, cool star
77 Recovering data: NIST's neural network model finds small objects in dense images
78 Easy to overdose on paracetamol if you're selenium deficient, says research
79 Studies shed new light on how biodiversity influences plant decay
80 Radboudumc research leads to simplified dosage of HIV medicine for children
81 Identification of a new mechanism in the immune system provides knowledge about diseases
82 Surprisingly dense exoplanet challenges planet formation theories
83 Study reveals greater excitability in social brain regions of autistic men compared to women
84 Dozens of pesticides linked with mammary gland tumors in animal studies
85 Study suggests optimal social networks of no more than 150 people
86 'Price of life' lowest in UK during COVID-19 pandemic, study finds
87 Mount Sinai researchers discover treatment option for rare genetic disorder
88 BU study: A quarter of arthritis cases linked to excess weight
89 More carbon in the ocean can lead to smaller fish
90 The wrong track: How papillomaviruses trick the immune system
91 Between shark and ray: The evolutionary advantage of the sea angels
92 Scientists suggest device to make breast MRI more effective
93 Study reveals impact of powerful CEOs and money laundering on bank performance
94 Fitness watches generate useful information, but increase patient anxiety
95 Cell diversity in the embryo
96 How the seafloor of the Antarctic Ocean is changing--and the climate is following suit
97 Assembly within the tumor center
98 Dear our email style reveals much about our personalities
99 Consumers don't fully trust smart home technologies
100 Severe vitamin D deficiencies in UK South Asian population puts their health at risk
101 Methanol synthesis: Insights into the structure of an enigmatic catalyst
102 Increased global mortality linked to arsenic exposure in rice-based diets
103 Deep learning on cell signaling networks establishes AI for single-cell biology
104 Green energy and better crops: Tinted solar panels could boost farm incomes
105 New study: The quiet Sun is much more active than we thought
106 Malaria: Parasite resistance to artemisinin derivatives now affecting Africa
107 Developing new smart soft materials
108 New study shows how infrared lasers destroy harmful protein aggregates in Alzheimer's
109 NTU and A*STAR scientists develop new way to deliver more drugs through the skin
110 A normal DNA repair process can become a major source of mutations in cancer