File Title
1 The behavior of coral reefs is simulated in order to optimize space in industrial plants
2 Using games to study law of motions in mind
3 Reducing corticosteroid use in rheumatoid arthritis
4 Quantum machines learn "quantum data"
5 Tinkering with roundworm proteins offers hope for anti-aging drugs
6 Tiny plants crucial for sustaining dwindling water supplies: Global analysis
7 A new synthesis method for three-dimensional nanocarbons
8 Policies to mitigate wildfire impacts have public health implications, amplified amid COVID
9 Surprising number of exoplanets could host life
10 Reduced coral reef fish biodiversity under temperatures that mirror climate predictions
11 ESMO experts: Do not discontinue or delay cancer treatment impacting on overall survival
12 Nano-sponges of solid acid transform carbon dioxide to fuel and plastic waste to chemicals
13 Machine learning finds a surprising early galaxy
14 Unusual electron sharing found in cool crystal
15 High COVID-19 risk among health care workers, especially those from minority backgrounds
16 New guidelines say breastfeeding is safe after anaesthesia
17 Frontline healthcare workers more likely to test positive for COVID despite PPE
18 ETRI develops eco-friendly color thin-film solar cells
19 Texas cave sediment upends meteorite explanation for global cooling
20 DNA metabarcoding detects ecological stress within freshwater species
21 How to improve climate modeling and prediction
22 How human sperm really swim: New research challenges centuries-old assumption
23 RSV vaccination of pregnant women could prevent pneumonia in babies
24 How creating an "empathy lens" makes P2P marketing communications more effective
25 New studies show how to save parasites and why it's important
26 Young women with polycystic ovary syndrome have raised risk of heart disease
27 Scientists reveal roles of wind stress and subsurface cold water in the second-year cooling of the 2017/18 La Nina event
28 Eye-tracking tech helps aged care assessment
29 Improving the accuracy of typhoon forecasts with radar data assimilation
30 COVID-19 study confirms low transmission in educational settings
31 35-second scan could pick the next sporting champion
32 UArizona Health Sciences researcher seeks safer, more effective leukemia treatment
33 Plant size and habitat traits influence cycad susceptibility to invasive species
34 Allelic imbalance of chromatin openness is linked to neuropsychiatric disorders
35 Are we "Waiting for Godot"--a metaphor for Covid-19
36 Humans and flies employ very similar mechanisms for brain development and function
37 Tackling the bioethics challenges raised by COVID-19
38 How COVID-19 changed the way patients responded to a heart attack
39 Monkeying around: Study finds older primates father far fewer babies
40 Machine learning makes drug repurposing for psychiatric disorders more effective
41 Half of low-income communities have no ICU beds
42 Social networks can support academic success
43 Identifying the blind spots of soil biodiversity
44 A blood test could predict who benefits from immunotherapy
45 Large international study pinpoints impact of TP53 gene mutations on blood cancer severity
46 COPD underdiagnosed in older adults, but can be managed
47 Unequal neutron-star mergers create unique "bang" in simulations
48 New published study from K-State virologists identifies potential COVID-19 treatment
49 For solar boom, scrap silicon for this promising mineral
50 A framework for the future
51 Study reveals less connectivity between hey brain regions in people with FXTAS premutation
52 Study shows demolishing vacant houses can have positive effect on neighbor maintenance
53 Chlamydia: Greedy for glutamine
54 AI & single-cell genomics
55 ALMA captures stirred-up planet factory
56 Racial discrimination linked to suicide
57 Child sleep problems associated with impaired academic and psychosocial functioning
58 Researchers uncovered the Zika virus mutation responsible for quick spread, birth defects
59 Bargaining and the three-way transaction defines the daily deal market
60 Women skip medications more in the US than other countries
61 Why is stroke so deadly for people of African descent?
62 Analyzing pros and cons of two composite manufacturing methods
63 New method to defend against smart home cyber attacks developed by Ben-Gurion University researchers
64 Study: Oriole hybridization is a dead end
65 The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health: Effective testing and contact tracing is essential for schools to safely open during COVID-19 pandemic, two studies show
66 Penn researchers identify new genetic cause of a form of inherited neuropathy
67 Cannabinoids may affect activity of other pharmaceuticals
68 Drug discovery: First rational strategy to find molecular glue degraders
69 Language may undermine women in science and tech
70 How rehabilitation impacts research and care of patients with cerebral palsy
71 The outlook is encouraging: Researchers evaluate a pipeline of clinical trials
72 LSU Health study suggests snap diagnoses may be more accurate
73 Evaluating the effectiveness of travel bans
74 Diverse amyloid structures and dynamics revealed by high-speed atomic force microscopy
75 Darolutamide in prostate cancer: Indication of considerable added benefit
76 'Deepfakes' ranked as most serious AI crime threat
77 Transferrin identified as potential contributor to COVID-19 severity
78 Surrey's simplified circuit design could revolutionise how wearables are manufactured
79 Study calls for urgent plan to manage invasive weed which threatens livelihoods in Africa
80 Germany-wide rainfall measurements by utilizing the mobile network
81 Light shines on chemical production method
82 Novel magnetic stirrer speaks to lab equipment
83 Most GP trainees willing to use mindfulness to tackle burnout: new study
84 The six strains of SARS-CoV-2
85 Promises found to reduce cheating in large study of adolescents
86 New species of fungus sticking out of beetles named after the COVID-19 quarantine
87 Autism spectrum disorder can be predicted from health checkups at 18 months
88 Alteration of calcium channel signaling may explain mechanism of autism spectrum disorder
89 Immunotherapy biomarker discovery could benefit thousands with Type 1 diabetes
90 Mathematical modeling revealed how chitinase, a molecular monorail, obeys a one-way sign
91 Cold-sensitive staphylococci reveal a weakness
92 Dingoes have gotten bigger over the last 80 years--and pesticides might be to blame
93 Hydrogel paves way for biomedical breakthrough
94 Raising the bar on disability care
95 Food menu fit for pandemic times
96 Anti-bullying PEACE program packs a punch
97 Exploring the sustainability of the Indian sugar industry
98 Dome A in Antarctica is the best site for optical astronomical observation on Earth
99 Can a quantum strategy help bring down the house?
100 How a gooey slime helps bacteria survive
101 Scientists led by NTU Singapore identify new catalysts for more efficient water splitting
102 Novel approach improves graphene-based supercapacitors
103 Stretches of repeating DNA predispose to systemic sclerosis
104 Fatty liver disease despite a normal weight
105 New study on development of Parkinson's disease is 'on the nose'
106 The effects of COVID-19 on emergency visits, hospitalizations
107 Roadmap to reducing colorectal cancer deaths
108 Challenges in diagnosing hypersensitivity pneumonitis addressed in latest guidelines
109 A simpler, high-accuracy method to detect rare circulating tumor cells in blood samples
110 Emergency Department visits plunged as COVID-19 cases climbed, Yale study finds