File Title
1 Astronauts to tackle another spacewalk on extended SpaceX mission
2 Air, water benefits of COVID-19 lockdowns may not last, experts say
3 Study reveals differences between nobles, commoners in Middle Ages
4 Emirates Mars Mission delayed a second time by weather
5 Researchers confirm age of universe at 13.8 billion years
6 Astronauts conclude third spacewalk on historic SpaceX mission
7 Scientists map radioactive soil in Western Europe
8 North Sea sediment analysis helps scientists reconstruct ancient tsunami
9 Closest ever pictures of the sun reveal 'campfires' near surface
10 NASA pushes back James Webb telescope launch date by seven months
11 South Korea set to launch 1st military communications satellite
12 Pigs turn to face humans like dogs do, unless there's a problem to solve
13 UAE's historic first Mars mission launches from Japan
14 Earthwork construction could release cancer-causing fibers into the air
15 Fallout from COVID-19 pandemic making weather forecasts less accurate
16 Improved method for propagating sound waves may lead to better devices
17 Google honors astrophysicist Dilhan Eryurt with new Doodle
18 Scientists find smallpox strains used to vaccinate Civil War soldiers
19 SpaceX launches South Korean communications satellite
20 Wealthier in U.S. have larger carbon footprints, energy use survey shows
21 NASA spacewalkers complete upgrade at Int'l Space Station
22 Astronomers track down 'lost' worlds spotted but unconfirmed by TESS survey
23 Earth, moon were bombarded by asteroid shower 800 million years ago
24 Scientists find 'ring of fire' on surface of Venus
25 Scientists attempt to model spread of social unrest, riots
26 Spider monkey groups use collective computation to forage for food
27 Telescope snaps first photo of sun-like star, two giant exoplanets
28 China launches orbiter, lander, rover to Mars
29 Foreign misinformation campaigns can be tracked in real time, research shows
30 NASA's Mars 2020 rover will seek signs of ancient life
31 Wall curvature dictates logic of termite nest construction
32 Notre Dame fire released more lead dust into air than first estimated
33 Neanderthals may have had a weak pain threshold
34 American crocodiles likely left Africa more than 5 million years ago
35 Earth's vibrations quieted during COVID-19 lockdowns
36 Skeletons suggest Vikings played role in spread of smallpox
37 After intense testing, Mars helicopter Ingenuity ready to fly
38 Texas firm develops adaptable satellites with fast software upgrades
39 Scientists identify enzyme responsible for body odor
40 Trees don't live forever, but finding one dying of old age is rare
41 Excitement grows at NASA as Mars launch approaches
42 Rare glassy metal discovered by scientists studying lithium batteries
43 Astronomers spot dense cloud feeding pair of young stars
44 Mars rover to pave way for rock sample return, human travel
45 Historically stable volcanoes can host potentially explosive magmas
46 Rover mission follows centuries of fascination with Mars
47 NASA overcame pandemic obstacles for Mars rover launch Thursday
48 Sudden drop in global sunlight may have triggered Snowball Earth
49 NASA's most advanced rover heads to Mars
50 Mars orbiter spots return of long, thin cloud on Red Planet
51 Land exposed to extreme coastal flooding to double due to climate change
52 China's Hengduan Mountains host some of the oldest flower lineages
53 COVID-19 pandemic threatens global food security, researchers say
54 Tiny dryland plants help protect dwindling water supplies
55 Even as air pollution declines, disparities in exposure remain
56 Cave sediments suggest global cooling 13K years ago not caused by asteroid
57 NASA astronauts splash down safely in SpaceX capsule
58 Perseid meteor shower highlights list of events in August skies
59 Dogs process speech hierarchically, just like humans
60 Astronomers find young galaxy with record-low oxygen levels
61 Vaping-related lung injury still happening, may look like COVID-19
62 COVID-19 outbreak will 'get worse before it gets better,' experts say
63 Most with coronavirus unsure how they caught it, CDC says
64 2 in 3 parents would send kids to school in the fall, survey finds
65 Study: Deep brain stimulation may slow Parkinson's disease
66 Study finds differences in heart failure between former East, West Germany
67 Discrimination increases hypertension risk by 49 percent in black Americans
68 Official COVID-19 count may underestimate deaths by 28 percent
69 COVID-19 blood test may predict patient ventilator need
70 Doctors prescribing more muscle relaxants for back pain
71 Potential new drug could be taken twice a year to treat HIV
72 63% of Americans locked down early in COVID-19 outbreak, reducing disease spread
73 Study: Seizures after vaccination don't affect child development
74 Most MS patients use alternative treatments such as marijuana
75 90% of COVID-19 patients recover sense of smell, taste within 4 weeks, study finds
76 20% of smoking-related cancer survivors continue to smoke, study finds
77 West Virginia sees boom in fireworks injuries after loosening laws
78 HIV may not worsen COVID-19 outlook
79 Following exercise guidelines decreases risk of early death, study says
80 Fathers 15% more likely to get diet, exercise counseling than childless men
81 Medicaid expansion increased earlier cancer detection by 15%, study finds
82 Prescriptions for two malaria drugs more than doubled early in COVID-19 outbreak
83 Regeneron to launch Phase 3 trials of antibody 'cocktail' for COVID-19
84 Common blood pressure meds may lower colon cancer risk
85 Major medical groups urge Americans to wear face masks
86 'Memory immune' responses as child could help fight flu later
87 Concerns high for mental health crisis caused by COVID-19
88 Black patients fare worse after angioplasty
89 Statins cut heart attack, stroke risk even in older adults, study says
90 Study: As REM sleep declines, life span suffers
91 25% of racial minorities report COVID-19 discrimination, survey finds
92 COVID-19 outbreaks at meat processing plants are hitting minorities hard
93 Exposure to iodine in the NICU may affect infant thyroid function
94 Healthier school meal programs helped poorer kids avoid obesity
95 Dementia risk 90% higher in older adults with dual sensory impairment
96 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria may lurk in U.S. water, soil
97 Zika may have damaged more infants' brains than expected
98 Older people with COVID-19 who call 911 don't have 'classic' symptoms
99 Study: News media, influencers can double efficacy of COVID-19 prevention messages
100 Probiotics may help ease depression, study shows
101 Many COVID-19 hot spots affect areas around state borders, experts say
102 Elementary, middle school absenteeism carries later life consequences
103 Study: Street lights may harm teen sleep habits, mental health
104 Banning menthol cigarettes could lower smoking rates, survey says
105 Sugary drinks increase metabolic syndrome risk, study says
106 New flu tracking system limited by lack of data from poorer communities
107 'Broken heart syndrome' rising under stress of pandemic
108 Serious COVID-19 might cause brain damage, study finds
109 'Safe injection site' sees no overdose deaths in 5 years
110 Blood test may accurately reveal concussion severity
111 WHO chief pleads for solidarity after Trump pulls U.S. from health body
112 Eating more fruits, vegetables can cut diabetes risk by 25%
113 Remdesivir cuts COVID-19 death risk by 62%, drugmaker says