File Title
1 Genetics of Bat Superpowers Revealed: How They Fly, Survive Deadly Viruses, Resist Aging and Cancer
2 Rediscovery of a Lost Planet Paves Way for Detection of a Habitable "Goldilocks Zone" World
3 Princeton Has Developed a Technique for Tracking Online Foreign Misinformation Campaigns in Real Time
4 Planetary Researchers Surprised to Find a "Ring of Fire" on Venus
5 Bioengineered Membrane to Capture Airborne COVID-19 Droplets--Inspired by Plant that Traps Insects
6 Breaking News: How Earth's Outer Shell First Broke into Tectonic Plates
7 Chocolate Is Good for the Heart--"Chocolate Helps Keep the Heart's Blood Vessels Healthy"
8 Scientists Discover a Topological Magnet that Exhibits Exotic Quantum Effects
9 Mapping the Powerful Oaxaca Earthquake from Space
10 The Latest in the Scientific Race to Develop an Effective COVID-19 Vaccine
11 Elusive Continuous Gravitational Waves--Long-Lasting Ripples in Space-Time--In X-ray Star Systems
12 COVID 2025: How the Pandemic Is Changing Our World
13 Scientists Iron Out the Physics of Wrinkling
14 Insight into Dark Energy from Spectacular Ultraviolet Flash--May Finally Explain How White Dwarfs Explode and the Creation of Iron
15 Magnetic Field of a Spiral Galaxy: Field Lines Extend Far Beyond Galaxy's Disk
16 Using 23andMe African Ancestry Data to Reexamine the History of Slavery
17 Extinct Genetic Strains of Smallpox--World's Deadliest Virus--Discovered in the Teeth of Viking Skeletons
18 NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Passes Flight Readiness Review--Launch Window Opens on July 30
19 Air Cleared So Much During COVID-19 Shutdown, It Actually Increased Solar Power Output
20 Homemade COVID-19 Face Masks Likely Need at Least 2 Layers to Be Effective--3 Layers Is Better
21 Converting Carbon Dioxide to Methanol Efficiently Using a Bioinspired Tandem Catalytic System
22 Scientists Discover "Love Hormone" Oxytocin Could Be Used to Treat Cognitive Disorders like Alzheimer's
23 MIT Computational Model Helps Drug-Delivering Microparticles Squeeze Through a Syringe
24 SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Has a "Camouflage" that Causes Cells Not to Recognize It--"Fundamental Advance in Our Understanding of the Virus"
25 ExoMars Robotic Explorer: Mars Exploration Revival
26 Single-Use Masks Could Be a Coronavirus Hazard--Here's What You Need to Know
27 Summertime on Saturn Captured in Stunning New Hubble Image
28 First Active Methane Seep in Antarctica Discovered Thanks to "Microbial Waterfall" and "Dumb Luck"
29 LEGO-Inspired 3D-Printed Bricks Help Broken Bones Heal Faster
30 Meet Cosmo, a Bull Calf Genetically Designed to Produce 75% Male Offspring
31 The Days the Earth Stood Still: COVID-19 Lockdowns Caused Earth Vibrations from Human Activity to Drop 50%
32 Incredible View of the Falkland Islands Captured from Space [Video]
33 Miracle of How the Warsaw Ghetto Beat the Infectious Disease Typhus Finally Revealed
34 Malaria Drug Chloroquine Does Not Inhibit COVID-19 Infection in Human Lung Cells
35 A World-First in Light Conversion: Oxygen Breathes New Life into Solar Cell Research
36 Neanderthals Had a Lower Threshold for Pain--And You May Have Inherited It
37 COVID-19 Replicating RNA Vaccine Has Robust Response in Both Young and Old Animal Models
38 Breakthrough Technique Enables Design at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology
39 Quadruple Helix DNA Formation Tracked in Live Human Cells for the First Time
40 Scientists Strengthen Spin-Orbit Qubits in Milestone Critical for Scale-Up of Quantum Computers
41 Washing Away Stubborn Biofilms Using Fungal Cleaning Products
42 NASA ASTHROS: Stratospheric Balloon the Size of a Football Stadium Will Carry a Cutting-Edge Telescope
43 Strategic Networking: Young Dolphins Pick Their Friends Wisely
44 Major Milestone for NASA's Roman Space Telescope Mission
45 MIT Develops Integrated Lightwave Electronic Circuits
46 Scientists Uncover Evidence that a Level of Pre-Existing COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 Immunity Is Present in the General Population
47 Alien Microorganism Research Shows Humans and Other Mammals Could Struggle to Fight Space Germs
48 Excessive Rainfall in China: Three Gorges Dam and Other Yangtze River Dams Spill Water
49 The World's Lightest Mirror: Physicists Engineer Optical Mirror Made of Only a Few Hundred Atoms
50 Stranded in the Arctic on a Research Adventure--"It Was Totally Surreal"
51 Family of Oddball Meteorites Stumped Researchers for Decades--Now an Answer to the Puzzling Chimera
52 Princeton Chemists Resolve Origin of Perovskite Instability in Drive for More Efficient Solar Cells
53 More Powerful, Versatile Ultrafast Laser Pulse Created for Engineering and Biomedicine Applications
54 Astrophysicists Construct Most Complete 3D Map of the Universe, Fill Gaps in Cosmological History
55 Dive Deep into Hidden World of Quantum States to Find Silicon's Successor in Race Against Moore's Law
56 Communicating the "Beauty and Complexity" of Science
57 Excessive Monsoon Rains Deluge Asia Spurring Deadly Flooding
58 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Takes First Images of Jupiter Moon Ganymede's North Pole
59 MIT Scientists Work with 3M to Develop Rapid COVID-19 Test--Highly Accurate Results Within 10 Minutes
60 An Ancient African Skull May Have Solved the Mystery of American Crocodile Origins
61 From Earth to Mars: Rosalind Franklin's Century of Science
62 DNA from Skeletons in Mass Grave Provides Evidence of Smallpox in the Viking Age
63 MIT Chemists Make Tough Thermoset Plastics Recyclable
64 Wealthier Men More Likely to Develop High Blood Pressure--Twice as Likely Compared to Lowest Income Men
65 Do Face Coverings Lead to False Sense of Security from COVID-19? Here's the Latest Research
66 Genetic Comparison of 24 Coronaviruses--Including SARS-CoV-2 Viruses from the U.S. and China--Yields Clues to COVID-19 Treatments
67 New Material Can Generate Hydrogen from Fresh, Salt, or Polluted Water by Exposure to Sunlight
68 Life in the Pits: Scientists Identify the Key Enzyme Behind Body Odor
69 MIT Dream Research Interacts Directly with an Individual's Dreaming Brain and Manipulates the Content
70 Unknown Explanation? Perplexing Discovery Could Rewrite Earth's History
71 Your Eyes Can Reveal if You've Suffered a Traumatic Experience in the Past
72 Is SARS-CoV-2, the Virus that Causes COVID-19, Transmitted by Mosquitoes? Here's What Scientists Found
73 Hubble Spots a Glorious Stellar Sweet Shop
74 Puzzling and Surprising New Gas Signatures Discovered by ExoMars Orbiter in the Martian Atmosphere
75 Offshore Wind Power Now So Cheap It Could Pay Money Back to Consumers--Pivotal to Reach Net-Zero Carbon Emissions
76 Researchers Identify 21 Existing Drugs that Could Treat COVID-19
77 Could COVID-19 Have Seasons? NASA Searches for Signals in Earth Data
78 Scientists Uncover Brain Mechanism that May Explain Why Sleep Helps You Learn
79 Flu Vaccine Could Protect Against Serious Heart and Stroke Complications--73% Reduced Risk of Death in High-Risk Patients
80 U.S. Begins Phase 3 Clinical Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine
81 Grape Seeds Reveal Collapse of Ancient Economy in the Grip of Plague and Climate Change
82 Comprehensive Study of Vaccine Safety Completed--Here's What They Found
83 Artificial Intelligence Identifies Prostate Cancer with Near-Perfect Accuracy
84 Seaweed Extract Outperforms Remdesivir in Blocking COVID-19 Virus in Cell Studies
85 New Calculation of Hubble's Constant and Age of Universe Using 50 Galaxies
86 Fusion Energy Era: ITER Assembly Begins--World's Largest Science Project to Replicate the Fusion Power of the Sun
87 Astrophysicist Investigates: Possibility of Life Below the Surface of Mars
88 Bad Exosomes--Cell Communication Mechanism that Drives Cancer Adaptation Discovered
89 Return of the Zombie Cicadas: Manipulative Qualities of Fungal-Infected Flyers Unearthed
90 Take an Unprecedented Look into "Central Engine" Powering a Massive Solar Flare
91 Obese Black and Minority Ethnic Communities Much Higher-Risk of Contracting COVID-19
92 Diabetic Wound Healing Aided by Adult Stem Cells/Glaucoma Drug Combo in Mice
93 Out of this World: USGS Astrogeology Maps to Guide Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission
94 Yale to Lead Trial of Drug for Treating COVID-19--Found Most Effective in Combatting SARS-CoV-2 Out of 13,000 Existing Drugs
95 Scientists Revive 100-Million-Year-Old Microbes Found Deep Below the Bottom of the Ocean
96 Cosmic Mystery: Integral High-Energy Space Observatory Detected a Unique Fast Radio Burst from a Dead Star in Our Galaxy
97 Advances in Simple Blood Tests for Alzheimer's
98 Psychological Distress: Acute Depression, Stress & Anxiety Higher During Peak of COVID-19 Pandemic
99 Using a Network of Gravimeters to Search for Dark Matter Hidden Inside the Earth
100 Medieval Medicine Remedy--Found in 9th Century Bald's Leechbook--Could Provide New Treatment for Modern Day Infections
101 Mountain Gorillas that Live in Large Groups Have Less Diverse Social Relationships
102 Music Training May Not Make Children Smarter After All--No Positive Impact on Cognitive Skills or Academic Achievement
103 Gamma Factory: New 'Super Light Source' at CERN for Fascinating Insights into Atoms
104 MIT Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Put an End to the COVID-19 Pandemic
105 Ultra-Precise Measurements Powered by Quantum Negativity--"Highly Counterintuitive and Truly Amazing!"
106 Occupants Check into NASA's "Robot Hotel" Aboard the Space Station
107 Smoothing Out the "Duck Curve"--Influx of Electric Vehicles Accelerates Need for Grid Planning
108 Doctor's Warn: COVID-19 May Cause Deadly Blood Clots--Higher Risk for Some Women
109 Snowball Earths May Have Been Triggered by a Plunge in Incoming Sunlight--"Be Wary of Speed"
110 COVID-19: A Rare Opportunity for Science?
111 The Last of Its Kind--Ancient Globular Cluster Torn Apart by the Milky Way's Gravity 2 Billion Years Ago
112 Night-Time Exposure to Blue Light--Including Many Tablet and Phone Screens--Associated with Increased Risk of Cancer
113 Flight Over Jezero Crater on Mars--The NASA 2020 Perseverance Rover Landing Site
114 Origins of the Sarsen Megaliths: Chemical Composition Reveals Where Stonehenge's Large Boulders Actually Came From
115 Botox Injected for Cosmetic Reasons May Significantly Ease Depression
116 From Comet NEOWISE to Comet Interceptor [Video]
117 Liquid Crystal Chameleons: Easy-to-Read, Color-Changing Sensors
118 MIT Is Going to Mars to Make Oxygen from Martian Air: With Perseverance and a Little MOXIE
119 NASA Selects Astronauts to Fly on SpaceX Crew-2 Mission
120 Deep-Earth Structures Discovered that May Signal Enormous Hidden Metal Lodes
121 Alpha Mission: First ESA Astronaut to Ride a Dragon to Space
122 The Next Best Thing to Jezero Crater this Side of Mars
123 Central Solenoid in ITER Fusion Reactor Has the Magnetic Power to Lift an Aircraft Carrier
124 Liftoff! NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover Launches from Cape Canaveral Aboard Atlas V Rocket