File Title
1 Precise measurement of liquid iron density under extreme conditions
2 Fancy Aussie bees flew in from Asia
3 Tiny Japanese dinosaur eggs help unscramble Cretaceous ecosystem
4 New protein complex gets chromosomes sorted
5 Long-term use of muscle relaxants has skyrocketed since 2005
6 Developing new techniques to improve atomic force microscopy
7 Maryland offshore wind farm could become stop-over for migrating sturgeon, striped bass
8 More evidence of causal link between air pollution and early death
9 Development of safe liver sinusoid coating agents to increase the efficacy of gene therapy
10 Repeated head impacts associated with later-life depression symptoms, worse cognitive function
11 How ApoE4 endangers the brain
12 Planning for a growing elderly population
13 How to have a better day during the pandemic
14 New study examines recursive thinking
15 A focused approach to imaging neural activity in the brain
16 SNAP work requirements put low-income Americans at risk
17 Gender bias kept alive by people who think it's dead
18 Life-emulating molecules show basic metabolism
19 IO hybrid adsorbent to remove hazardous Cadmium(II) from wastewater
20 FSU News: MagLab geochemists solve mystery of Earth's vanishing crust
21 Dinosaur's Final Meal: 110 Million Years Old Dinosaur Stomach Contents Unveiled
22 $1 Million Rocky Mountain Treasure Found After Decades
23 First American Woman to Walk on Space Becomes First Woman to Dive into Deepest Part of the Ocean
24 Volacano Alert! Guatemala's Payaca Volcano is Spitting Up Lava
25 George Floyd Autopsy Revelation: He Was Dead Minutes Before Being Rushed to Hospital
26 Scientists Recreate How Jupiter's Largest Moons Formed from Orbiting Dust to Giant Satellites
27 Coronavirus Cases in US Surges to 19,000 in 24 Hours Amid Protests
28 Coronavirus: Americans Are Drinking Bleach and Using Them on Food to Kill COVID-19
29 Pregnant Mom Dies After Drinking Two Liters of Coke Every Day
30 Japan Fights Coronavirus Using this Not So Secret Weapon
31 China Will Be Looking for Alien Civilizations Using a Their 500 Meter Radio Telescope
32 Medical Oddity: Two-Foot-Long Cellphone Charger Removed from Man's Bladder
33 Costa Rica: One of the Safest Countries to Get Dental Implants After Covid-19
34 Another Fast Radio Burst Detected Radiating a Signal Every 157 Days, Where Does It Come From?
35 New Earth? Duplicate of Earth and Sun Detected 3000 Light Years Away
36 WHO Report: We Need Six Million More Nurses
37 Fauci Tags COVID-19 as His "Worst Nightmare," Stresses It Is Far from Over
38 Balding Men Known as the 'Gabrin Sign' May Indicate High Risk for COVID-19
39 Supermassive Blackhole's Heartbeat Keeps on Beating After a Decade
40 12 Billion Solar Mass Can Fit into this Ultraluminous Quasar Detected in Deep Space
41 China Eliminates Pangolin Scales from Approved Traditional Medicine Ingredients
42 COVID-19 Fatality Rate is Low: Stanford Statistician Says It is Not as Deadly as We Thought
43 Double Lung Transplant Cost & Survival Rate: Woman Survives COVID-19 Following Organ Transplantation
44 Future Netflix Binge-Watchers Will Look Horrific with Damaged Physique and Bad Health Condition
45 Treatment of Bipolar Disorder at Harmony Place Monterey
46 Exercise Could Decrease Risk of Cataracts
47 Spain Denies Hiding True COVID-19 Mortality Rate After Death Rate Remains Frozen
48 5 Reasons Why Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carriers May Be Worse than SARS or Influenza
49 Coronavirus Found on Chopping Boards in Beijing Market as 45 Tested Positive for COVID-19
50 Man Avoids Outside World for 75 Days, Surprised Seeing People in COVID-19 Masks Thinking Its a Sci-Fi Movie
51 Singles Urged to Find a 'Cuddle Buddy' or 'Support Bubble' Amid Pandemic in UK, Netherlands
52 Earth Not Alone? 30 Alien Civilizations Might Exist in the Milky Way Galaxy
53 Fact Check: Did Dr. Anthony Fauci Say There is No Need to Wear Masks Anymore?
54 People with Blood Type O May Be More Resistant to Coronavirus
55 What Are the Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses?
56 George Floyd Protest Did Not Contribute to COVID-19 Cases Despite Surge in US
57 Coronavirus Cure Finally Found? Cheap Drug Dexamethasone Has Higher Success Rate in Patients
58 Fact Check: Will Eating Salmon Sold in Beijing Give Coronavirus?
59 A Swarm of 750 Million Genetically Modified Mosquitoes for Release in Florida
60 Super Antibodies Against Coronavirus Discovered: Can They Be Used in a Vaccine?
61 Communist Regime in China Amassing DNA Database to Monitor Citizens with US Tech
62 Towering Carnivorous Dinosaurs as Tall as T. Rex Roamed Australia in the Past
63 Toilet Flushing Could Spread Coronavirus Through Aerosols All Over
64 Trump Faces Health Concerns After West Point Ramp Walk, Denies Having Parkinson's Disease
65 What is the Difference Between $4,000 Travel Tax Credit and Second Stimulus Check?
66 5 DIY Face Masks Materials to Make Crafty Protection from COVID-19
67 Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Marks Summer Solstice, Delights Skywatchers in Asia, Africa
68 Coronavirus: Experts Say We're Still on the First Wave, Is There a Second Wave Coming?
69 What is Qualified Immunity? And Why is it Causing Public Outburst?
70 Recovered COVID-19 Patients May Suffer from Long Term Complications, Organ Failure
71 Antibodies of Recovered Coronavirus Patients Decrease Fast, How Long Will Immunity Last?
72 COVID-19 Tracing Apps: Are They Tracking Facebook and Contacts on Your Mobile?
73 FDA Warns Consumers to Avoid These 9 Hand Sanitizers with Fatal Ingredient
74 Fact Check: Companies Allegedly Installed COVID-19 Tracking Apps on Phones During Service Outage
75 Gravitational Waves from a Merger of a Black Hole and Unknown 'Mass Gap' Perplexes Scientists
76 Best Disinfectants, Wipes and Cleaners that can Help Eliminate the Coronavirus
77 The Best Cleaners, Wipes, and Homemade Disinfectants for the Coronavirus
78 Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa Possible? Subsurface Ocean Makes It Potentially Habitable
79 Can Midday UV Rays Kill up to 90% of the Coronavirus?
80 Trump Administration Wants Obamacare Abolished Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
81 New Simulations Suggest We Are Not Alone, Earth-Like Planets May Hold Life
82 Why Everyone Must Work Toward Body Confidence
83 Perfectly Preserved Wolf Head from 40,000 Years Ago Discovered in Siberia
84 Beijing's New Coronavirus Strain is Different from Wuhan's, May Have Come from Contaminated Fish
85 Can Salt Water Gargling and Nasal Rinsing Work as Coronavirus Cure?
86 Three People Dead After Ingesting Hand Sanitizer, 1 Permanently Blinded
87 Coronavirus Cases All Over the Globe Reaches Over 10 Million Cases
88 Joe Biden Called "Stupid" for Mistakenly Saying COVID-19 US Deaths Reached 120 Million
89 Lab-grown mini-organs reveal the damage inflicted by Covid-19
90 What yoga does to your body--according to science
91 Your genes may affect how you'll heal if wounded
92 The science of a flat stomach
93 Coronavirus morning update: Nurse tells of Covid-19 'war,' latest on UIF, and update on regulations
94 Yes, bad sleep does make people grumpy
95 Coronavirus morning update: Lockdown regulations, cigarette ban court bids dismissed
96 Remdesivir backed to be first treatment for Covid-19 in Europe
97 Signs of future diabetes may already lurk at the age of 8
98 Anaesthesia for surgeries can affect the environment--but could things change?
99 What researchers learned from Italy's Covid-19 outbreak: Many cases didn't show the usual symptoms
100 Coronavirus morning update: Date set for cigarette sales ban challenge to be heard in court
101 When did measles first emerge? This could help with Covid-19 research
102 Your antibodies may only last a few months after recovering from the coronavirus
103 SA's vaccine trial: Covid-19 science is moving fast, what about safety?
104 A lifetime of fitness helps women's muscles in old age
105 Coronavirus lockdown / Stay fit at home: best workout tips that are not too technical
106 Exercise surprise: lifting less gets better results
107 Could strep throat become untreatable?
108 Does a salt water gargle do anything for a sore throat or nah?
109 This cheap street drug is dethroning cocaine
110 Sources of latex exposure
111 Allergy facts vs. fiction
112 Signs of future diabetes may already lurk at the age of 8
113 Obesity biggest type 2 diabetes risk factor
114 At the barbershop: a trim--and a diabetes screening
115 Doctors describe first drone delivery of diabetes meds to patient
116 Interest in CBD products keeps soaring, but health experts wary
117 How high testosterone levels have different health outcomes for men and women
118 How virtual reality can bring you real-life pain
119 Why texting while walking is dangerous business
120 How easily does coronavirus spread at home?
121 Diabetes during the pandemic: Concerns over how those with the condition can adequately manage it