File Title
1 Spider baby boom in a warmer Arctic
2 Variability in natural speech is challenging for the dyslexic brain
3 Superbug impact on the gut
4 Study uses RNA sequencing as alternative to immunohistochemistry in cancer diagnostics
5 Dynamics of DNA replication revealed at the nanoscale
6 ASPS predicts new industry trends amidst COVID-19 reopenings
7 New study unveils ultrathin boron nitride films for next-generation electronics
8 Papers concludes that incentives to afforestation can be harmful to the environment
9 New DNA sequencing technique may help unravel genetic diversity of cancer tumors
10 Study is first to identify potential therapeutic targets for COVID-19
11 New study unveils ultrathin boron nitride films for next-generation electronics
12 Uganda's Ik are not unbelievably selfish and mean
13 Women underrepresented in academic hospital medicine leadership roles, study finds
14 NYU Abu Dhabi researchers measure motions in the Sun to explain the solar cycle
15 Tiny brains, big surprise: Eavesdropping wasps gain insights about fighting abilities of potential rivals
16 Researchers identify N95 respirator decontamination method using microwave-generated steam
17 Dolphins learn in similar ways to great apes
18 Black hole collision may have exploded with light
19 Novel function of platelets in tumor blood vessels found
20 When two are better than one: Why some gene duplicates are retained while others perish
21 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
22 Managing personal protective equipment in health care settings
23 New strategy for Canada's National Emergency Stockpile System
24 Indirect adverse effects of COVID-19 on children and youth's mental, physical health
25 AI could help improve performance of lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells
26 Super-Earths discovered orbiting nearby red dwarf
27 Motions in the Sun reveal inner workings of sunspot cycle
28 Significant number of Halal meat-eaters might be persuaded to switch to 'stunned' meat
29 Third of UK paediatricians report seeing 'delayed presentations' in emergency care in lockdown
30 Bizarre saber-tooth predator from South America was no saber-tooth cat
31 Twitter data research reveals more about what patients think about statins
32 First comparison of dangers of tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes and waterpipes
33 Gold nanoparticles to save neurons from cell death
34 $15 billion revenue loss projected for US primary care due to COVID-19 shutdowns
35 'Where are my keys?' and other memory-based choices probed in the brain
36 Carbon cycling in wet soils
37 Geochemistry test can identify osteoporosis earlier than current 'gold-standard' test
38 NASA takes first step to allow computers to decide what to tell us in search for life on Mars
39 Science study: Chemists achieve breakthrough in the synthesis of graphene nanoribbons
40 Randomization of provisional vs. two-stent techniques in complex bifurcation lesions
41 DynamX Bioadaptor, a novel 'uncaging' platform for coronary artery revascularisation
42 External ultrasound therapy of calcific aortic stenosis--First-in-man
43 Comprehensive evaluation of mitral valve-in-valve and valve-in-ring
44 Two-year outcomes after revascularisation deferral based on FFR or iFR measurements
45 PCR State-of-the-art lecture on 'The resurgence of renal denervation'
46 The burden of non-COVID patients: Caring for the left-behind
47 Maternal obesity increases the chance of liver cancer in offspring for generations
48 Modern sled dog ancestors emerged at least 9,500 years ago, aided human subsistence
49 These muscle cells are guideposts to help regenerative flatworms grow back their eyes
50 Why bacterial toxins are 'fascinating machines of death'
51 Quantum entanglement demonstrated aboard orbiting CubeSat
52 AI dual-stain approach improved accuracy, efficiency of cervical cancer screening
53 Shelling out for dinner--Dolphins learn foraging skills from peers
54 Genome study opens pathway toward sustainable edible seaweed
55 Palaeontology: Big-boned marsupial unearths evolution of wombat burrowing behavior
56 Tracking the spread of mosquito insecticide resistance across Africa
57 Better sleep with a partner
58 Should physicians rethink terms used to describe kidney health?
59 Study identifies pathways between memory and decisions
60 Why are plants green?
61 Dolphins learn foraging skills from peers
62 NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite analyzes Saharan dust aerosol blanket
63 Agricultural fires in central Africa light up in Suomi NPP satellite image
64 St. Jude Cloud portal expands access to treasure trove of pediatric solid tumor data
65 Ancient Maya reservoirs contained toxic pollution
66 Study finds strong evidence for a causal link between long-term exposure to fine air particles and greater mortality in elderly Americans
67 SARS-CoV-2-attacking T cells found in 10 COVID-19 patients and 2 uninfected controls
68 Early-onset colorectal cancer study in young adult men reveals 'hotspots' of death in US
69 Pattern analysis of phylogenetic trees could reveal connections between evolution, ecology
70 New way to analyze fMRI data offers path to improving treatment for schizophrenia
71 Automated stage discrimination of Parkinson's Disease--BIO Integration
72 International team of scientists warns of increasing threats posed by invasive species
73 Case for axion origin of dark matter gains traction
74 Designer peptides show potential for blocking viruses, encourage future study
75 Common childhood vaccine might prevent severe complications of COVID-19
76 It's not just Alzheimer's disease: Sanders-Brown research highlights form of dementia
77 New compounds from starfish of Kuril basin show efficacy against cancer cells.
78 Macroscopic quantum interference in an ultra-pure metal
79 Air pollution could help London transport planners fight COVID-19
80 Al2Pt for oxygen evolution reaction in water splitting
81 Many families must 'dance' their way to COVID-19 survival--study
82 Templating S100A9 amyloids on A[beta] fibrillar surfaces revealed
83 Traffic density, wind and air stratification influence concentrations of air pollutant NO2
84 Rapid genomic profiling of colon cancers can improve therapy selection for patients
85 Process for 'two-faced' nanomaterials may aid energy, information tech
86 1/3 of parents in 3 states may not send children to school because of COVID-19
87 A new mechanism of toxicity in Alzheimer's disease revealed by the 3D structure of A[beta] protein
88 The nature of nuclear forces imprinted in photons
89 Unknown currents in Southern Ocean have been observed with help of seals
90 Simple bed-side test detects bleeding risk in patients after surgery or major injury
91 The geological record of mud deposits
92 Sexist views on education within families affect future academic choices
93 From the lab, the first cartilage-mimicking gel that's strong enough for knees
94 Gas cooker exposure can lower blood pressure, study finds
95 Neuromarketing of taste
96 Side effects of testicular cancer predicted by machine learning
97 Global economic stability could be difficult to recover in the wake of the COVID-19, finds study
98 Scientists propose strategy for site-selective chiral drug synthesis in living systems
99 We feel connected when we move together in time with music
100 Cellulose for manufacturing advanced materials
101 Chemistry paves the way for improved electronic materials
102 The millenial pre-colonial cultural inluence is evident in the Amazon forest
103 Novel and simple method to engineer a platform mimicking blood vessels
104 Computational model decodes speech by predicting it
105 Extensive review of spin-gapless semiconductors: Next-generation spintronics candidates
106 Pantera leo's family tree takes shape
107 Non-tobacco plant identified in ancient pipe for first time
108 Analysis of volcanic tuff gives new data about Permian-Triassic extinction event
109 Function-based sequencing technique permits analysis of just a single bacteria cell
110 No leg to stand on for Australia's flamingos