File Title
1 Best way found to treat children with sickle cell anemia in sub-Saharan Africa
2 New explanation found for the extreme complexity of mutations in tumor genomes
3 Use of continuous combined oral contraceptives demonstrates bone health benefits
4 New research highlights potential cardiovascular risk of novel anti-osteoporotic drug
5 Cancer study shows how chemicals cause complex cell mutations
6 Experts raise concerns over UK government's 'game-changing' antibody testing strategy
7 A vital game of hide-and-seek elucidated by novel single-molecule microscopy
8 Every moment of ultrafast chemical bonding now captured on film
9 Antarctic penguins happier with less sea ice
10 Twitter posts reveal polarization in Congress on COVID-19
11 Analysis of rates of police-related fatalities finds significant race-related differences
12 Penguins enjoyed favorable foraging conditions during unusual ice-free season
13 Genes affecting brains and brawn?
14 Environmental DNA detection could cut pathogens in pet trade
15 Blocking a 'jamming signal' can unleash immune system to fight tumors
16 Blood cell mutations linked to leukemias are inevitable as we age
17 University of Cincinnati research uncovers clues in use of immunotherapy for breast cancer
18 Ocean in Jupiter's moon Europa "could be habitable"
19 Both the famous Hope diamond and British Crown Jewel diamonds, may be "super-deep"
20 Why do more women have Alzheimer's than men? It's not just from living longer
21 Transgenic rice lowers blood pressure of hypertensive rats
22 Air pollution, smoking and built environment are associated with an increase risk of childhood obesity
23 KIST develops eco-friendly, flame-retardant carbon plastic ideal for recycling
24 One-time treatment generates new neurons, eliminates Parkinson's disease in mice
25 New vaccine holds promise in fighting diarrheal disease
26 Digital breast cancer detection technology does not improve outcomes
27 Increased warming in latest generation of climate models likely caused by clouds
28 Food-grade wheatgrass variety released for public use
29 Pulse pressure: A game changer in the fight against dementia
30 CNIC scientists identify the mechanism that regulates mitochondrial energy production
31 Key signaling pathway in the pathogenesis of Paget's disease identified
32 Comparing 13 different CRISPR-Cas9 DNA scissors
33 Montana State researcher publishes paper examining COVID-19 spread
34 How conspiracy theories emerge--and how their storylines fall apart
35 Nationwide EMS calls have dropped 26% since the start of the pandemic
36 Study finds Oregon workplace safety monitoring needs to be more timely to help workers
37 Survey: Alternative medicine is widespread among people with MS
38 NRL telescope onboard ESA, NASA SOHO discovers 4000th comet
39 Unorthodox desalination method could transform global water management
40 Airborne chemicals could become less hazardous, thanks to a missing math formula
41 Common food additive causes adverse health effects in mice
42 Looking for better customer engagement value? Be more strategic on social media
43 Researchers discover critical new allergy pathway
44 Research shows COVID-19 is an independent risk factor for acute ischemic stroke
45 Smile! Photos converted into 3D from any mobile device
46 Global pollution estimates reveal surprises, opportunity
47 Scientists devise new 'bar code' method to identify critical cell types in the brain
48 X-rays size up protein structure at the 'heart' of COVID-19 virus
49 Study reveals key finding about microbiome of anticancer compound-producing marine invertebrate
50 Researchers discover new boron-lanthanide nanostructure
51 Mountain meadow restoration can bring birds back
52 Promising treatment to slow kidney disease doesn't prove out in clinical trial
53 University of Minnesota Medical School finds promising treatment to slow kidney disease doesn't prove out in clinical trial
54 Marine training may take more mental than physical grit
55 Hubble watches the "flapping" of cosmic bat shadow
56 New study looks at post-COVID-19 emerging disease in children
57 Selling something? Tap into consumer arrogance
58 Most massive quasar known in early universe discovered on Maunakea
59 Illinois professor proposes guide for developing common data science approaches
60 Helping consumers in a crisis
61 New automotive radar spots hazards around corners
62 America's political future will be shaped by aging, journal indicates
63 Race, rurality play prominently in Georgia areas hardest hit by COVID-19
64 MicroCT reveals detailed head morphology of arthropod, Leanchoilia illecebrosa
65 Monster black hole found in the early universe
66 Dangerous tick-borne bacterium extremely rare in New Jersey
67 Researchers discover improved treatment for children with sickle cell anemia
68 Managing abnormal results on cervical cancer screening: ASCCP issues updated guidelines
69 Cancer survivors overestimate the quality of their diets, finds first study on the topic
70 Alternative to nitrogen: Oxygen plasma can improve the properties of electrode materials
71 COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed unique worldwide wave of anti-semitism
72 Hubble sees cosmic flapping 'bat shadow'
73 Confrontation may reduce white prejudices, Rutgers study finds
74 The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health: First Europe-wide study of children confirms COVID-19 predominately causes mild disease in children and fatalities are very rare
75 Universal right to health could inspire people, organizations to make real change
76 Those with IDD living in group homes more likely to die from COVID-19, study show
77 For children with cleft lip and palate, no major psychological impact of repeated surgeries
78 New approach drives bacteria to produce potential antibiotic, antiparasitic compounds
79 The Lancet Psychiatry: First UK-wide study describes brain complications in some patients with severe COVID-19
80 Smart phones are empowering women worldwide
81 Researchers find best way to treat children with sickle cell anemia in sub-Saharan Africa
82 Most American women haven't heard of breast implant-related lymphoma
83 Control over work-life boundaries creates crucial buffer to manage after-hours work stress
84 Study looks at the impact of gender bias in helmet regulations for lacrosse players
85 Bioactive natural compounds for the fight against cancer
86 Climate extremes will cause forest changes
87 First successful delivery of mitochondria to liver cells in animals
88 Receptor makes mice strong and slim
89 Physicists obtain molecular 'fingerprints' using plasmons
90 International study discovers three potential new targets for treating epilepsy
91 New Cochrane review assesses how accurate antibody tests are for detecting COVID-19
92 Novel radiotracer advantageous for imaging of neuroendocrine tumor patients
93 Sledge dogs are closely related to 9,500-year-old 'ancient dog'
94 Scientists found out how nanoparticles kill cancer cells
95 X-ray vision and eavesdropping ensure quality
96 Rapid EUnetHTA assessment on coronavirus diagnostics supported by IQWiG
97 Disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on socially vulnerable communities
98 Early childhood vaccinations might protect children from COVID-19
99 Wavy surfaces for better light control
100 Self-compacting concrete becomes more sustainable thanks to using granite residue
101 3D printed insoles offers new hope for patients with diabetes
102 The tug-of-war at the heart of cellular symmetry
103 Decades old mystery in leukaemia treatment solved
104 Electricity price more volatile during uncertainty periods in renewable energy regulation
105 Trapping the Sun: New thin-film technology uses sustainable components for solar panels
106 New insights into the energy levels in quantum dots
107 A mechanism to obtain metal "nanoscrews" unveiled at CIC biomaGUNE is published in Science
108 Children of academics exhibit more stress
109 From Jekyll to Hyde: New study pinpoints mutation that makes E. coli deadlier
110 Bugs resort to several colours to protect themselves from predators