File Title
1 Gut bacteria protect against mosquito-borne viral illness
2 New androgen receptor structure suggests prostate cancer treatment options
3 Transparent, reflective objects now within grasp of robots
4 Invasive alien species may soon cause dramatic global biodiversity loss
5 Space to grow, or grow in space--how vertical farms could be ready to take-off
6 The Lancet: World population likely to shrink after mid-century, forecasting major shifts in global population and economic power
7 Global methane emissions soar to record high
8 Thermonuclear blast sends supernova survivor star hurtling across the Milky Way
9 COVID-19: Cuba offers UK salutary lesson in 'shoe-leather' epidemiology
10 Lack of trust in local government halted UK COVID-19 track and trace systems
11 Molecularly thin interface between polymers--for efficient CO2 capture membrane
12 Study: RNA repair shows promise in reversing mutations underlying a neurological disorder
13 Scientists achieve first complete assembly of human X chromosome
14 NHGRI researchers generate complete human X chromosome sequence
15 Scientists discuss evolution of white coloration of Thistle-down velvet ants
16 Age of sexual debut among young gay-identified sexual minority men
17 29,000 years of Aboriginal history
18 No evidence that predator control will save mountain caribou, study says
19 COVID-19 pandemic could be learning opportunity for middle-grade students
20 A biologist and a historian are looking for art to trace fruit and vegetable evolution
21 Study shows how our brains remain active during familiar, repetitive tasks
22 Mismatched caregiver-infant interactions during feeding could boost babies' risk of later obesity
23 Dancing chemicals: Innovative catalytic reaction for low-cost synthesis of aromatic esters
24 A Raspberry Pi-based virtual reality system for small animals
25 Cardiac CT can double as osteoporosis test
26 Improving animal research: New ARRIVE 2.0 guidelines released
27 When a pandemic strikes, we still expect an ambulance
28 Lung screening bus brings high-tech health care directly to patients
29 New, remote weight-loss method helped slash pounds
30 HKBU research reveals greater flood risks in the coastal region of China
31 In a first, astronomers watch a black hole's corona disappear, then reappear
32 Using the past to predict the future: The case of Typhoon Hagibis
33 UBCO researchers create liquid-repelling substance that works on all surfaces
34 Elderly Alzheimer's patients are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection
35 Scientists predict dramatic increase in flooding, drought in California
36 Antarctica more widely impacted than previously thought
37 How galaxies die: New insights into the quenching of star formation
38 Dehydration increases amphibian vulnerability to climate change
39 New cobalt-free lithium-ion battery reduces costs without sacrificing performance
40 HIV alone not a risk factor for cavities in children
41 New antiplatelet drug shows promise for treating heart attack
42 Consensus statement on doppler waveforms
43 Social distancing and COVID-19: A law of diminishing returns
44 When should you neuter your dog to avoid health risks?
45 Reprogramming of immune cells enhances effects of radiotherapy in preclinical models of brain cancer
46 Unleashing the potential of tethered drones
47 Do campaign finance reforms truly help make elections more competitive?
48 New study ranks performance of currently available COVID-19 antibody tests
49 'Bystander' Cs meet their match in gene-editing technique
50 Study: Single drop of blood could help rapidly detect radiation sickness
51 How long should you fast for weight loss?
52 New NMR method enables monitoring of chemical reactions in metal containers
53 Obesity and metabolic syndrome are risk factors for severe influenza, COVID-19
54 In one hour, surface coating inactivates virus that causes COVID-19
55 Tech to help autonomous vehicles better scan for nearby fast-moving objects
56 Tulane scientists build high-performing hybrid solar energy converter
57 Scientists open new window into the nanoworld
58 Don't Let social isolation keep you from being active
59 Rewriting history: New evidence challenges Euro-centric narrative of early colonization
60 Research brief: Researchers 3D print a working heart pump with real human cells
61 Back to the operating room: Orthopedic surgeons issue guidelines on resuming elective surgery amid COVID-19 pandemic
62 Space station motors make a robotic prosthetic leg more comfortable, extend battery life
63 Alexa, go to the kitchen and fetch me a snack
64 Invasive hedgehogs and ferrets habituate to and categorize smells
65 Slow growth the key to long term cold sensing
66 Study identifies patient-&-hospital-level risk factors for death in critically ill COVID-19 patients
67 Study funded by ADDF finds dopamine therapy improves cognitive function in Alzheimer's
68 Researchers outline strategy for testing ketone bodies against COVID-19
69 UCalgary research study finds MRI effective in predicting major cardiac events
70 Common FDA-approved drug may effectively neutralize virus that causes COVID-19
71 Researchers identify genetic factors that may influence COVID-19 susceptibility
72 Two new species of parasite discovered in crabs--discovery will help prevent infection of other marine species
73 New Mygatt-Moore quarry research leads to prehistoric climate finds
74 Love-hate relationship of solvent and water leads to better biomass breakup
75 Immunotherapy with CAR T cells results in exceptional patient recovery
76 Setting up an alarm system in the Atlantic Ocean
77 What COVID-19 can teach tourism about the climate crisis
78 Low-cost catalyst helps turn seawater into fuel at scale
79 Bed bugs modify microbiome of homes they infest
80 AI model to forecast complicated large-scale tropical instability waves in Pacific Ocean
81 Translating skeletal movements, joint by joint
82 Moffitt researchers identify factors to predict severe toxicities in CAR T patients
83 Flavored cigarette ban significantly reduced youth smoking, new study finds
84 States slow to implement stay-at-home orders saw higher rates of COVID-19 deaths
85 Expand school digital literacy lessons to cover health technologies used by young people
86 New promising treatment uses smart nanoparticles to target lung cancer
87 The road to a battery-powered Europe
88 Identifying sources of deadly air pollution in the United States
89 New material mimics strength, toughness of mother of pearl
90 Coumarin compounds from oak barrels could contribute to bitter taste in wine and spirits
91 FSU researchers find sun, rain transform asphalt binder into potentially toxic compounds
92 How flies flip around on take-off from an upside-down position
93 New hyperbaric oxygen therapy protocol can improve cognitive function of older adults
94 Exploring how a scorpion toxin might help treat heart attacks
95 Children exposed to Deepwater Horizon oil spill suffered physical, mental health effects
96 Novel biomarker technology for cancer diagnostics
97 NUS researchers gives robots intelligent sensing abilities to carry out complex tasks
98 Biomedical instrument based on microvesicles
99 New research highlights increased loneliness in over-70s during COVID-19 pandemic
100 Precision trial highlights need for new approach to treating genomically complex cancers
101 After universal masking, health care worker COVID-19 rates drop at Mass General Brigham
102 SNMMI Image of the Year: Super-agers show resistance to tau and amyloid accumulation
103 New chemical analyzes: What did Danes and Italians in the Middle Ages have in common?
104 The smallest micro-gripper, grown on optical fibers, is operated remotely with light
105 Extinction Rebellion's activists more likely to be new to protesting, study shows
106 Tree planting does not always boost ecosystem carbon stocks, study finds
107 Designed a new model to predict the life expectancy of a severe neurodegenerative disease
108 Making balanced decisions
109 Regular physical activity seems to enhance cognition in children who need it most
110 Scientists discover way to stop spread of devastating childhood cancer