File Title
1 Death rate dramatically less for young heart attack survivors who quit smoking
2 Higher fruit, vegetable and whole grain intake linked to lower risk of diabetes
3 How colliding neutron stars could shed light on universal mysteries
4 Liverpool researchers build robot scientist that has already discovered a new catalyst
5 Animals who try to sound 'bigger' are good at learning sounds
6 American Cancer Society updates guideline for HPV vaccination
7 New biomaterial could shield against harmful radiation
8 The CNIO creates a collaborative platform to streamline brain metastasis research
9 Deconstructing glioblastoma complexity reveals its pattern of development
10 Menthol cigarette ban in the US may lower number of smokers
11 Spider silk made by photosynthetic bacteria
12 Biosynthetic sustainable hierarchical solar steam generator
13 Star-shaped brain cells shed light on the link between cannabis use and sociability
14 New method estimates risks of hormone-disrupting substances in drinking water
15 How to precisely edit mitochondrial DNA
16 Purifying water with the help of wood, bacteria and the sun
17 Naturally perforated shells one of the earliest adornments in the Middle Paleolithic
18 Bumblebee habitats and diets change over their lifecycle
19 Fossil jawbone from Alaska is a rare case of a juvenile Arctic dromaeosaurid dinosaur
20 CRISPR enables one-step hybrid seed production in crops
21 The story behind a uniquely dark, wetland soil
22 Endometrial scratch of no value to first-time IVF patients in a large randomized trial
23 Response to stimulation in IVF may predict longer term health risks
24 Otago researchers find link between rape and breathing problems
25 New estimates highlight global economic and environmental impacts of COVID-19
26 Oil spill clean-up gets doggone hairy
27 UQ researchers solve a 50-year-old enzyme mystery
28 Revealing winners & losers in projected future climates
29 Study finds less impact from wildfire smoke on climate
30 Researchers call for worldwide biosurveillance network to protect from diseases
31 CT of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) versus CT of influenza virus pneumonia
32 New study outlines best practices for delivering care via telehealth
33 New evidence of long-term volcanic, seismic risks in northern Europe
34 A memory game could help us understand brain injury
35 Food safety investments open new markets, boost revenue for small farmers
36 Salmonella biofilm protein causes autoimmune responses--Possible link with Alzheimer's
37 Improved cochlear implant device allows safe MRI in children without discomfort
38 A new role for a tiny linker in transmembrane ion channels
39 Magnetic memory states go exponential
40 New study supports remdesivir as COVID-19 treatment
41 CU researchers identify key role of immune cells in brain development
42 A complex gene program initiates brain changes in response to cocaine
43 Rochester community initiative increases teenage use of effective contraception
44 Neonatal exposure to antigens of commensal bacteria promotes broader immune repertoire
45 Researchers explore new approaches to support work practices in homeless shelters
46 Expansion stress enhances growth and migration of breast cancer cells
47 Biologists trace plants' steady mitochondrial genomes to a gene found in viruses, bacteria
48 Science education community should withdraw from international tests
49 Engineers design a reusable, silicone rubber face mask
50 New in the Hastings Center Report: Health, race, and society during Covid-19
51 A new look at deep-sea microbes
52 Study of giant ant heads using simple models may aid bio-inspired designs
53 Feeling with the heart
54 Native bees also facing novel pandemic
55 Discovery reveals how plants make cellulose for strength and growth
56 Aquaculture's role in nutrition in the COVID-19 era
57 Teva presents latest data on AJOVY A* (fremanezumab) at EHF Congress
58 Living close to green space benefits gut bacteria of urban, formula-fed infants
59 How fear transforms into anxiety
60 The restoration of forests with active rapid 'Ohi'a death infections may be possible
61 No NELL2, no sperm motility; novel protein is essential for male fertility
62 Is COVID-19 widening the gender gap in academic medicine?
63 Our itch to share helps spread COVID-19 misinformation
64 Gene yields insights into the causes of neurodegeneration
65 Cosmic cataclysm allows precise test of general relativity
66 Hospital improves on-time administration of medication to Parkinson patients
67 IU findings set new standard for blood-based biomarkers in prediction of cancer recurrence
68 How can education researchers support education and public health and institutions during COVID-19?
69 Argonne soil carbon research reduces uncertainty in predicting climate change impacts
70 Older, critically ill patients with COVID-19 may have increased risk of bradycardia with lopinavir and ritonavir
71 Study: More than half of US students experience summer learning losses five years in a row
72 About half of health care workers positive for COVID-19 by serology have no symptoms
73 Unraveling the mystery of wheat herbicide tolerance
74 Intimate partner violence, history of childhood abuse worsen trauma symptoms for new moms
75 Challenges in evaluating SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
76 Pasteurizing breast milk inactivates SARS-CoV-2
77 Looking at linkers helps to join the dots
78 Liquid water is more than just H2O molecules
79 Sensation seekers, risk-takers who experience more bitterness apt to drink IPAs
80 Lead fallout from Notre Dame fire was likely overlooked
81 Contracting COVID-19, lifestyle and social connections may play a role
82 Born to be a cannibal: Genes for feeding behavior in mandarin fish identified
83 Bats offer clues to treating COVID-19
84 What happens when food first touches your tongue
85 Study says inhalers ok to use amid COVID-19 concerns
86 AI enables efficiencies in quantum information processing
87 Women who deliver by C-section are less likely to conceive subsequent children
88 Trust me if you can
89 Surprisingly many peculiar long introns found in brain genes
90 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
91 Structural analysis of COVID-19 spike protein provides insight into its evolution
92 Sodium found to regulate the biological clock of mice
93 Desert island discs: Music listened to in younger years defines us forever, research finds
94 Breast cancer cells can reprogram immune cells to assist in metastasis
95 Cherned up to the maximum
96 Distorted passage of time during the COVID-19 lockdown
97 A new nanoconjugate blocks acute myeloid leukemia tumor cells without harming healthy ones
98 Movement ecology bears fruits: ATLAS supports map-based navigation of wild bats
99 Fine-tuning excited state of Ru(II)-photosensitizers for boosting CO2-to-CO conversion
100 Researcher reconstructs skull of two million year-old giant dormouse
101 Psychologists pinpoint psychological factors of refugee integration
102 Fishing for a theory of emergent behavior
103 How vaping companies are using Instagram to market to young people
104 Flaring, massively
105 Lightening data have more use than previously thought
106 Daytime aardvark sightings are a sign of troubled times
107 Climate change: Heavy rain after drought may cause fish kills
108 New method solves old mystery: Hafnium isotopes clinch origin of high-quality Roman glass
109 Amygdala changes in male patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
110 Parents' smartphone use does not harm parent/child relationships