File Title
1 New clues from fruit flies about the critical role of sex hormones in stem cell control
2 University of Guam: Two climate patterns predict coral bleaching months earlier
3 UCLA-led team develops ways to keep buildings cool with improved super white paints
4 Restructuring of Medicaid reimbursement model reduces imaging, to the benefit of patients
5 TGen-led study identifies unique cells that may drive lung fibrosis
6 Drug treatment could improve effectiveness of immunotherapy for cancer patients
7 Nurses and midwives take the lead in providing HIV services in Eastern and Southern Africa
8 First Alaskan juvenile predator fossil adds insight to dino migration
9 Researchers uncover a critical early step of the visual process
10 Stress testing 'coral in a box'
11 Lung, immune function in kids could protect from severe COVID-19
12 Community and law enforcement partnerships best help kids who witness home violence
13 Protect 30% of the planet for nature, scientists urge in new report
14 Columbia professor confronts healthcare inequality in time of COVID-19
15 CHOP-pioneered spatial mapping method pinpoints potential new therapeutic targets in lupus
16 GSA publishes articles on COVID-19 and aging; plus Spanish translations of infographics
17 How good gut bacteria help reduce the risk for heart disease
18 5G networks have few health impacts, Oregon State study using zebrafish model finds
19 Study: 'Anti-vaxxers' gain traction against HPV vaccine on Facebook
20 Therapy delivered electronically more effective than face to face: Hamilton researchers
21 COVID-19 brain complications found across the globe
22 Study finds decreased rates of high-cost care after a community development initiative
23 Study reveals how bacteria build essential carbon-fixing machinery
24 Knitting together a novel method for simulating yarn-cloth patterns
25 Research advances understanding of how the brain focuses while ignoring distractions
26 Researchers propose novel approach to limit organ damage for patients with severe COVID-19
27 Hepatitis C management at federally qualified health centers proves cost-effective
28 Monitoring for breast cancer after childhood chest radiation: When and how?
29 Healthier school food and physical activity environments matter for childhood obesity
30 The best (and worst) materials for masks
31 Learning more about particle collisions with machine learning
32 Rock 'n' control
33 Soil studies can be helpful for border control
34 Programmable balloons pave the way for new shape-morphing devices
35 Texas will face driest conditions of the last 1,000 years
36 Researchers work to better measure delirium severity in older patients
37 COVID-19: Yin and yang and herd immunity
38 COVID-19 cases and deaths in federal and state prisons significantly higher than in US population
39 Spectroscopy approach poised to improve treatment for serious heart arrhythmia
40 New study shows colliding neutron stars may unlock mysteries of universe expansion
41 Does genomics perpetuate inequality?
42 Evolutionary biologists find several fish adapt in the same way to toxic water
43 Reducing radioactive waste in processes to dismantle nuclear facilities
44 Protein involved in corn's water stress response discovered
45 Enhancing chemotherapy by RNA interference--BIO Integration
46 STRIDE study results on fall injury prevention in older adults: PCORI Media Availability
47 Technique fishes valuable nutrients out of shrimp processing water
48 Where did the Asian longhorned ticks in the US come from?
49 Fluorescent peptide nanoparticles, in every color of the rainbow
50 Experimental drug shows early promise against inherited form of ALS, trial indicates
51 Brigham investigators develop sterilizable, alternative N95 mask
52 Researchers find safeguards for quantum communications
53 Preliminary study suggests tuberculosis vaccine may be limiting COVID-19 deaths
54 Non-invasive diagnostic procedures for suspected CHD: search reveals informative evidence
55 Porous graphene ribbons doped with nitrogen for electronics and quantum computing
56 Glowing worms provide live-action movies of the body's internal scaffolding
57 HKU study reveals the hidden fight within corals
58 Record efficiency for printed solar cells
59 Mirror image tumor treatment
60 Enforcing gender quotas increases boardroom diversity and quality
61 Graphene: It is all about the toppings
62 Tackling coral reefs' thorny problem
63 Milking algae mechanically: Progress to succeed petroleum derived chemicals
64 Neutralizing antibodies in the battle against COVID-19
65 Physical activity of older people requires tailored monitoring
66 Bespoke catalysts for power-to-X
67 Lefties and righties: Asymmetry in fish genitalia
68 How are misfolded membrane proteins cleared from cells by "reubiquitinase"?
69 Regulating the properties of MAPbBr3 single crystal via voltage and application
70 Ben-Gurion University researchers determine how to accurately pinpoint malicious drone operators
71 Hyperactive immune cells accelerate heart valve disease: Study
72 UBCO kindness researcher challenges the notion of mean teens
73 UBC research shows hearing persists at end of life
74 New clues to lung-scarring disease may aid treatment
75 A bioartificial system acts as 'dialysis' for failing livers in pigs
76 Abnormal cells in early-stage embryos might not preclude IVF success
77 UChicago study shows 'Bystander Effect' not exclusive to humans
78 Researchers find promising therapy to fight epidemic of liver disease
79 Helping drug-delivering particles squeeze through a syringe
80 Individualized falls prevention plan found no better than usual care for reducing injury
81 NFL outperforms other blood tests to predict and diagnose traumatic brain injury
82 Blood-based biomarker can detect, predict severity of traumatic brain injury
83 New molecular tool precisely edits mitochondrial DNA
84 New study reveals people more likely to donate when reminded of own mortality
85 The effects of smartphone use on parenting
86 Does early access to pension funds improve health?
87 Scaling up the quantum chip
88 Certain factors during infancy may affect bone health in adulthood
89 Links between parents' and children's asthma and allergies
90 Does a child's height affect their future risk of obesity?
91 Early clinical trial tests treatment strategy for pancreatic cancer
92 Self-isolation may increase susceptibility to COVID-19
93 Adipose-derived stem cells considerably improve fat graft retention in breast augmentation
94 New trial results question standard treatment plan for rheumatoid arthritis
95 Bacteria in infants' first stool may indicate their risk of obesity
96 Hearing and visual impairments linked to elevated dementia risk
97 Certain jobs linked to higher risk of knee osteoarthritis
98 A helping hand for cancer immunotherapy
99 Value-based payments disproportionately impact safety-net hospitals
100 Simple blood test may predict concussion severity just as well as spinal tap
101 When is someone old?
102 HKUST researchers discover a novel mechanism regulating planar cell polarity
103 Numerous jobs linked to increased risk of knee osteoarthritis
104 Towards climate resilient urban energy systems
105 Supergenes play a larger role in evolution than previously thought
106 Polynesians, Native Americans made contact before European arrival, genetic study finds
107 Like humans, rats are less likely to help victims in the presence of unhelpful bystanders
108 Outdoor light linked with teens' sleep and mental health
109 Large-scale fall prevention study finds smaller than expected benefit
110 New model of breast cancer's causes developed by UCSF-led team