File Title
1 Aerobic Exercise Improves Memory in Older Adults, New Study Finds
2 Astronomers Witness Ongoing Planet Formation in AB Aurigae System
3 Australopithecus sediba Used Their Hands for Both Climbing and Human-Like Manipulation
4 Curiosity Finds Evidence of Mars' Ancient Ice-Covered Lakes
5 Cosmic Rays May Have Played Key Role in Origin of Life's Handedness
6 300,000-Year-Old Wooden Throwing Stick Found in Germany
7 Astronomers Spot First Trojan Asteroid with Comet-Like Tail: 2019 LD2
8 Researchers Map Green Snow Algae Blooms in Antarctica
9 Scientists Sequence Single-Celled Alga Genome
10 Hubble Space Telescope Observes NGC 3895
11 Archaeologists Find 1,750-Year-Old Cultivated Rice Grains in Uzbekistan
12 Bumblebees Bite Leaves of Flowerless Plants to Stimulate Earlier Flowering
13 Study: Regular Handwashing Reduces Personal Risk of Acquiring Seasonal Coronavirus Infection
14 Astronomers Directly Image Giant Planet-Like Object around Sun-Like Star
15 Researchers Sequence Genome of Jojoba Plant
16 European Cave Bears Had Pure Herbivorous Diet
17 Astronomers Find Giant Collisional Ring Galaxy in Early Universe
18 New Sex Hormone Discovered: Secretoneurin
19 Collision between Milky Way and Its Satellite May Have Triggered Formation of Our Solar System
20 Scientists Create 3D Map of Rat Heart's Neurons
21 Researchers Create Map of Electric Currents in Magnetosphere of Mars
22 Fossil of Ancient Long-Tailed Bird Found in China
23 Dinosaur-Killing Chicxulub Asteroid Hit Earth at Angle of 60 Degrees
24 Researchers Identify 19 New Genetic Variants for Problematic Drinking
25 New Class of Cosmic Explosions Discovered: Fast Blue Optical Transients
26 'Extreme' Kuiper Belt Objects Cast Doubt on Hypothetical Planet Nine
27 End-Devonian Mass Extinction Caused by Erosion of Ozone Layer, New Study Finds
28 Study: Women with Neanderthal Progesterone Gene Have Higher Fertility
29 Westerlund 2's Core is No Place to Form Planets, Astronomers Say
30 New Evidence Suggests Some Jurassic Theropod Dinosaurs were Cannibals
31 Israeli Scientists Find Traces of Cannabis and Frankincense on 2,700-Year-Old Altars
32 Marine Biologists Discover New Species of Red Alga
33 Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua Could Be Hydrogen Ice-Rich Body
34 Hubble Snaps Beautiful Image of Globular Cluster NGC 6441
35 Up to 81% of COVID-19-Positive Patients are Asymptomatic: Study
36 Heavy Water Has Sweet Taste, New Study Confirms
37 New Pterosaur Species Identified from Fossil Found in England
38 ASKAP Telescope Traces Four Fast Radio Bursts to Massive Galaxies
39 Astronomers Detect Giant Spots on Extremely Hot Stars in Three Globular Clusters
40 Paleontologists Find World's Oldest Fossil Bug
41 Chandra Catches Relativistic Jets from Stellar-Mass Black Hole
42 Milky Way's Halo Hotter than Previously Thought
43 Neutron Star Cores May Contain Exotic Quark Matter
44 Study: Extended Parental Care Helps Juvenile Siberian Jays and New Caledonian Crows Grow Smarter
45 Scientists Unravel Genetic Mysteries of Dead Sea Scrolls
46 Astronomers Find Young Brown Dwarf with Circumstellar Disk
47 Three New Bird Species Discovered in Peru
48 Astronomers Uncover New Clues about Ancient Explosion in Milky Way's Center
49 Researchers Create Human Cells with Tunable Optical Properties
50 Astronomers Find No Evidence of Elusive First-Generation Stars in Early Universe
51 Armored Herbivorous Dinosaur Preferred Fern Leaves
52 Researchers Find New Evidence that Mars Once Had Massive Ring
53 Archaeologists Discover Largest and Oldest-Known Maya Monument
54 Scientists Create Hair-Bearing Human Skin from Pluripotent Stem Cells
55 Two New Species from New Mexico Help Fill Gap in Evolution of Horned Dinosaurs
56 Humans Colonized Caribbean Islands in Three Waves: Study
57 People with Severe Vision Loss Less Accurately Judge Distance of Nearby Sounds, Study Shows
58 Hubble Looks at Peculiar Spiral Galaxy
59 Popular Heartburn Drug Famotidine May Help Fight Mild to Moderately Severe COVID-19 Cases
60 Astronomers Find Ultraluminous X-Ray Pulsar in Magellanic Bridge
61 Mars Odyssey Captures New Thermal Images of Phobos
62 Sun-Like Star Kepler-160 Has Super-Earth in Habitable Zone
63 Archaeologists Use Ground-Penetrating Radar to Map Ancient Roman City of Falerii Novi
64 Titan Migrates Away from Saturn Faster than Previously Thought
65 Experiments with Tritium and Helium-3 Reveal New Questions in Understanding of Nuclear Structure
66 New Study Sheds Light on Diet of Juvenile Great White Sharks
67 New Bird-Like Dinosaur Discovered: Overoraptor chimentoi
68 Planetary Scientists Create First Global Map of Lunar Rockfalls
69 Pinker Lesser Flamingos are More Aggressive, New Study Says
70 Enigmatic Fast Radio Burst Repeats on 157-Day Cycle
71 CERN Physicists Search for Rare Decays of Higgs Boson
72 Some Chimpanzees Have Tiny Bone in Their Heart
73 Young Brown Dwarf in Pleiades Cluster Has Companion
74 Archaeologists Find 13,500-Year-Old Bird Figurine in China
75 Researchers Confirm Existence of Elusive Phase of Liquid Crystals
76 Astronomers Reveal Secrets of 'Peter Pan' Protoplanetary Disks
77 New Species of Deep-Water Dogfish Shark Discovered
78 Cretaceous-Period Crocodiles from Korea Walked on Two Legs
79 Researchers Identify 126,018 Human Genetic Variations
80 NASA's MESSENGER Mission Carries Out Space-Based Measurements of Neutron's Lifetime
81 Researchers Use GPS Collars to Track Red Pandas
82 Hubble Uses Gravitational Lens to Capture Extremely Distant Starburst Galaxy
83 New Horizons Obtains Parallax Measurements for Two Nearby Stars
84 Astronomers Confirm Two Planets in Proxima Centauri System
85 48,000-Year-Old Arrowheads Unearthed in Sri Lanka
86 Astronomers Say There Could Be 36 Communicating Extraterrestrial Civilizations in Milky Way
87 Curiosity Spots Earth and Venus from Martian Surface
88 Geophysicists Find Dense Rock Structures near Earth's Core
89 New Species of Diamond Frog Discovered in Madagascar
90 Astronomers Detect Organic Molecules in Starless and Prestellar Regions of Nearby Stellar Nursery
91 Study: 18% of Sun-Like Stars May Host Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Exoplanets
92 Earliest Evidence of Reindeer Domestication Found in Arctic Siberia
93 [Pi]-Earth: Newfound Earth-Sized Exoplanet Orbits Its Star in 3.14 Days
94 NASA Wants to Send Probe to Triton: Mission Trident
95 360-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Extinct Species of Fern-Like Plant
96 SOHO Spacecraft Discovers Its 4,000th Comet
97 ESA's Trace Gas Orbiter Detects Glowing Oxygen in Martian Atmosphere
98 Researchers Sequence Genome of Neanderthal Woman from Chagyrskaya Cave
99 Eggs of Earliest Dinosaurs Had Soft, Leathery Shells
100 Astronomers Discover Youngest Magnetar Ever
101 Physicists Find Strong Evidence of Four-Top Quark Production
102 Hubble Observes Two Young, Rapidly Evolving Planetary Nebulae: NGC 6302 and NGC 7027
103 Paleontologists Find Giant Soft-Shelled Egg of Cretaceous-Period Marine Reptile in Antarctica
104 Ocean Worlds May Be Common in Our Milky Way Galaxy
105 eROSITA X-Ray Telescope Captures Hot, Energetic Universe
106 Hubble Space Telescope Snaps Image of NGC 5907
107 Carnivorous Dinosaurs as Big as T. rex Lived in Jurassic Australia
108 Spectacular Maya Wall Paintings Discovered in Guatemala
109 Live Attenuated Vaccines Could Protect against Most Severe COVID-19 Symptoms
110 Archaeologists Find Giant Ring of Shafts near Stonehenge
111 Coal-Burning Contributed to End-Permian Mass Extinction
112 Astronomers Find Youngest Known Hot Jupiter
113 Paleontologists Redescribe Enigmatic Carboniferous-Period Fish
114 Newborn Pluto Was Hot and Had Subsurface Ocean: Study
115 Scientists Find Anthropogenic Mercury in Earth's Deepest Oceanic Trenches
116 Physicists Create New Isotope of Mendelevium
117 Three Ancient Roman Boats Reconstructed in 3D
118 Physicists Verify Half-Century-Old Theory about Rotating Black Holes
119 Two Venus-Zone Planets Found Orbiting Nearby Red Dwarf
120 Researchers Develop World's Smallest Molecular Motor
121 European Medicinal Leech Genome Sequenced