File Title
1 Novel technology extends battery life, increases upload speed, and reduces data corruption
2 Genomic signature explains FDG-avidity of PSMA-suppressed prostate tumors
3 Corporate social responsibility practices often lack 'on the ground' change--SFU research
4 Study finds clothing-based racist stereotypes persist against Black men
5 How a few negative online reviews early on can hurt a restaurant
6 Princeton scientists discover a topological magnet that exhibits exotic quantum effects
7 Researchers simulate, assess damage to brain cells caused by bubbles during head trauma
8 Health and happiness depend on each other, Psychological Science says
9 Narcissists don't learn from their mistakes because they don't think they make any
10 Concussions associated with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional consequences for students
11 Loyola researchers identify common characteristics of rare pediatric brain tumors
12 New UBC study reveals older adults coped with pandemic best
13 Research explores the link between wages, school and cognitive ability in South Africa
14 City of Hope scientists leverage interference between signaling pathways for cancer treatment
15 2,000 years of storms in the Caribbean
16 New study finds access to food stamps reduces visits to the physicians
17 Giant, fruit-gulping pigeon eaten into extinction on Pacific islands
18 Older adults feel stressed, yet resilient in the time of COVID-19
19 Sweet coolers a gateway to increased alcohol consumption
20 The most important task for a PTSD service dog for veterans is disrupting anxiety
21 We are mutating SARS-CoV-2, but it is evolving back
22 Discovery of first active seep in Antarctica provides new understanding of methane cycle
23 Calcium channel subunits play a major role in autistic disorders
24 NIH leadership details unprecedented effort to ramp up testing technologies for COVID-19
25 Popular hypertension drugs don't increase risk of COVID-19 severity, fatality
26 Getting under the skin of psoriasis
27 Visual working memory is hierarchically structured
28 Triple negative breast cancer meets its match
29 Lahontan Cutthroat Trout thrive at Paiute's Summit Lake in far northern Nevada
30 Care for veterans with substance use and mental health disorders needs improvement
31 What happens in Vegas, may come from the Arctic?
32 Novel 'on-off' switch discovered in plant defenses
33 Expanded access to treatment in prisons can reduce overdose deaths by 31.6%, study finds
34 Wireless, optical cochlear implant uses LED lights to restore hearing in rodents
35 For-profit long-term care homes have COVID-19 outbreaks with more cases, deaths
36 Fine-tuning adoptive cell therapy for advanced cancers
37 Antibiotics disrupt development of the 'social brain' in mice
38 Biotelemetry provides unique glimpse into whitespotted eagle rays' behavior
39 Stone tools move back the arrival of humans in America thousands of years
40 Immune system treatment to reduce stress prevents cancer metastases
41 Atomic force microscopy reveals nanoscale dental erosion from beverages
42 UNH researchers discover new pathways that could help treat RNA viruses
43 UAlberta researchers make real-time tumor tracking in radiation therapy 5 times faster
44 Shrinking (ultra)violet
45 Erectile dysfunction drugs can help cells destroy misfolded proteins
46 Le Bonheur Children's Hospital trial: Intravenous indomethacin more effective for hsPDAs
47 UVA pioneers study of genetic diseases with quantum computing
48 Mitigation of greenhouse gases in dairy cattle through genetic selection
49 Oncotarget: Therapeutic efficacy of liposomal Grb2 antisense oligodeoxynucleotide (L-Grb2)
50 Digitizing chemistry with a smart stir bar
51 Antioxidant-rich powders from blueberry, persimmon waste could be good for gut microbiota
52 Perceived "whiteness" of Middle Eastern Americans correlates with discrimination
53 More flowers and pollinator diversity could help protect bees from parasites
54 Climate predictions several years into the future?
55 Dragonfly larvae collected by citizen-scientists as sentinels for mercury bioaccumulation
56 What happens around an Alzheimer plaque?
57 Study: Novel PFAS comprise 24% of those measured in blood of Wilmington, N.C. residents
58 Scientists develop new material for longer-lasting fuel cells
59 Kazan University chemists offer a new look at polymers for space industry
60 New role for white blood cells in the developing brain
61 Research shows ibuprofen does not hinder bone fracture healing in children
62 Non-invasive biomarkers to diagnose infant urinary tract obstruction
63 Earliest humans stayed at the Americas 'oldest hotel' in Mexican cave
64 Malaria drug chloroquine does not inhibit SARS-CoV-2
65 Siblings can also differ from one another in bacteria
66 New 'super light source' should allow fascinating insights into atoms
67 Optimizing neural networks on a brain-inspired computer
68 Putting the spring-cam back into stroke patients steps
69 A new device provides added protection against COVID-19 during endoscopic procedures
70 Science sweetens native honey health claims
71 Mix and match: New 3D cell culture model replicates fibrotic elements of pancreatic cancer
72 Climate shift, forest loss and fires--Scientists explain how Amazon forest is trapped in a vicious circle
73 Buckwheat enhances the production of a protein that supports the longevity
74 Climate change is impacting the spread of invasive animal species
75 Scientists discover how immune cells mobilize to fight infection
76 New research finds graphene can act as surfactant
77 Primary care physicians during the COVID-19 epidemic
78 'Seeing' and 'manipulating' functions of living cells
79 Cellular cleanup! Atg40 folds the endoplasmic reticulum to facilitate its autophagy
80 Sharks almost gone from many reefs
81 Discovery of novel autoantibody that is a major risk factor for recurrent pregnancy loss
82 Photonic crystal light converter
83 City of Hope, TGen looking to create personalized roadmaps for treatment of kidney cancer
84 International analysis narrows range of climate's sensitivity to CO2
85 No honor among cyber thieves
86 How neurons reshape inside body fat to boost its calorie-burning capacity
87 Racial and LGBT bias persists in ridesharing drivers despite mitigation efforts
88 Dragonflies reveal mercury pollution levels across US national parks
89 Genomic basis of bat superpowers revealed: Like how they survive deadly viruses
90 AJTMH July updates
91 Flourishing mental health delays mortality by five months in 18 year prospective study
92 Junk DNA might be really, really useful for biocomputing
93 Invention offers new option for monitoring heart health
94 Study suggests increased risks for COVID-19 patients who smoke, vape
95 Instantaneous color holography system for sensing fluorescence and white light
96 Mapping the brain's sensory gatekeeper
97 New CCC19 data offer insights on COVID treatments for people with cancer
98 Even if you want to, you can't ignore how people look or sound
99 Flood data from 500 years: Rivers and climate change in Europe
100 Patients who lived longer with cancer at greater risk of severe COVID-19 infection
101 Food supplements may improve brain health among young children in low income countries
102 Diets high in protein, particularly plant protein, linked to lower risk of death
103 Chocolate is good for the heart
104 Raising legal age for handgun sales to 21 linked to fewer adolescent suicides
105 Early menstruation linked to increased menopause symptoms
106 Neutralizing antibodies isolated from COVID-19 patients may suppress virus
107 New drug targets clots: A potential treatment for heart attack and stroke prevention
108 Brain builds and uses maps of social networks, physical space, in the same way
109 New role for white blood cells in the developing brain
110 Proteins--and labs--coming together to prevent Rett syndrome
111 Tracking misinformation campaigns in real-time is possible, study shows
112 New study: Brain tumors may be seeded from distant site
113 What factors help predict who will keep their memory into their 90s?
114 Chemists make tough plastics recyclable
115 First ever image of a multi-planet system around a sun-like star captured by ESO telescope
116 Diamonds shine a light on hidden currents in graphene
117 Solar-driven membrane distillation technology that can double drinking water production
118 Plastics found in sea-bed sharks
119 Is it a bird, a plane? Not superman, but a flapping wing drone
120 Common blood test identifies benefits and risks of steroid treatment in COVID-19 patients
121 New study shows retreat of East Antarctic ice sheet during previous warm periods
122 Researchers track down metabolic enzyme that protects against inflammation
123 Keeping pinto beans away from the dark side
124 In the EU, space heating accounts for the majority of domestic energy use
125 Foxes have been eating humans' leftovers for 42,000 years
126 Gender differences in prosecution of police assault in Sweden
127 Report exposes rampant illegal fishing in North Korean waters