File Title
1 COVID-19 shutdown led to increased solar power output
2 Cells communicate by doing the 'wave'
3 O Christmas Tree: DNA shows WA's largest parasitic plant adapts to climate
4 What factors influence the likelihood of fracking-related seismicity in Oklahoma?
5 Parents of 1 in 2 unvaccinated US adolescents have no intention to initiate HPV vaccine
6 CSU study links physical stress on the job with brain and memory decline in older age
7 Post-surgical bleeding associated with more deaths when compared to blood clots after surgery
8 Weather-based decisions may reduce fungicide sprays on table beets
9 Coronavirus antibodies fall dramatically in first 3 months after mild cases of COVID-19
10 Race and ethnicity did not affect outcomes for new moms with COVID-19, finds study
11 81 million Americans lacking space or bathrooms to follow COVID quarantine recommendations
12 While birds chirp, plasma shouldn't: New insight could advance fusion energy
13 Chinese, American scientists leading efforts on COVID-19
14 Brain network mechanism causing spatial memory impairment revealed
15 Lab-made virus mimics COVID-19 virus
16 Scientists publish findings from 1st statewide COVID-19 random sample study in US
17 Leukemia drug shows the potential to treat aggressive pediatric brain cancer
18 Fusion protein holds promise for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension
19 No single sign or symptom is sufficient to rule in or rule out community-acquired pneumonia
20 Russian scientists identified energy storage mechanism of sodium-ion battery anode
21 Spider monkey groups as collective computers
22 Anti-Asian hate crime during the COVID-19 pandemic
23 Shortening of average serial interval over time indicates isolation effectively limits COVID-19 transmission
24 Silver-plated gold nanostars detect early cancer biomarkers
25 US military improved mortality since World War II, but there have been alarming exceptions
26 Researchers develop a portable blood ammonia detector
27 Studies suggest a fasting diet could boost breast cancer therapy
28 STEM not for women?
29 Ultra-small, parasitic bacteria found in groundwater, moose--and you
30 Markerless motion capture technology could help skeleton athletes' training
31 Study calls for review of rice and sugar in food subsidy programme
32 New insights into anxiety
33 Starve the cancer
34 Study points to potential new approach to treating glaucoma and Alzheimer's disease
35 Freeze-framing the shape-shifting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein
36 WashU-developed holograms help physicians during cardiac procedure
37 Smile: Atomic imaging finds root of tooth decay
38 Mutated cells need to be near each other to kickstart cancer
39 Nitric oxide may slow progression of COVID-19
40 New cosmic magnetic field structures discovered in galaxy NGC 4217
41 How the regulator is regulated--Insight into immune-related protein holds therapeutic value
42 Magnetic field of a spiral galaxy
43 How adding green tea extract to prepared foods may reduce the risk for norovirus
44 Researchers develop new tools to rapidly test activity of anti-coronavirus antibodies
45 Working on the frontier of nanoparticle research
46 Identification of distinct loci for de novo DNA methylation by DNMT3A and DNMT3B during mammalian development
47 New study takes closer look at how environment affects daily life of sloths
48 Skin cancer treatments could be used to treat other forms of the disease
49 Winter is coming: The influence of seasonality on pathogen emergence
50 Droplet biosensing method opens the door for faster identification of COVID-19
51 Lego builds anaesthesia skills according to new study
52 The Lancet Psychiatry: Study estimates impact of COVID-19 pandemic on UK mental health after first month of lockdown
53 Genes and cardiovascular health both affect dementia risk: BU study
54 Rural firearm-suicides impacted by socioeconomic, environmental factors
55 How viruses and bacteria balance each other in the gut microbiome
56 New drug discoveries are closely linked to the quality of lab procedures
57 The immune system facilitates alcohol addiction
58 Physicists find ways to control gamma radiation
59 Autopsies reveal surprising cardiac changes in COVID-19 patients
60 Site-directed mutagenesis in wheat via haploid induction by maize
61 UK's Modern Slavery Act challenging for universities--new study
62 Using lung X-rays to diagnose COVID-19
63 Genetic testing could improve screening for osteoporosis
64 Artificial cells produce parts of viruses for safe studies
65 Influenza virus-induced oxidized DNA activates inflammasomes
66 Microplastics in shrimp harmless to animal health and no effects on consumption quality
67 The Venus 'ring of fire'
68 'Lost' world's rediscovery is step towards finding habitable planets
69 Comprehensive description of the human tissue virome in healthy individuals
70 How does ridesourcing substitute for public transit network?
71 New material can generate hydrogen from salt and polluted water
72 How to get good at disagreeing
73 Study reveals composition of 'gel-like' substance discovered by Chang'e-4 rover on moon's far side
74 Mindfulness training helps men manage anger
75 Temporal aiming with temporal metamaterials
76 New detection method turns silicon cameras into mid-infrared detectors
77 Scientists observe learning processes online in the brain
78 Synthetic dimensions enable a new way to construct higher-order topological insulators
79 Researchers identify subject-specific component to perceptual learning ability
80 World's smallest imaging device has heart disease in focus
81 Recycling Japanese liquor leftovers as animal feed produces happier pigs and tastier pork
82 Topological photonics in fractal lattices
83 Women's burden increases in COVID-19 era
84 Valley-Hall nanoscale lasers
85 Living with a problem gambler?
86 Thermal manipulation of plasmons in atomically thin films
87 A survey on optical memory and optical RAM technologies
88 Skin stem cells shuffle sugars as they age
89 Everything you ever wanted to know about leech sex but were afraid to ask
90 Spinal stimulators repurposed to restore touch in lost limb
91 OSU researchers part of international effort to save critically endangered seabird
92 New study shows advantages of Ellipsys System in creating reliable dialysis access
93 Can social unrest, riot dynamics be modeled?
94 Popular seafood species in sharp decline around the world
95 Non-invasive blood test can detect cancer four years before conventional diagnosis methods
96 Photon-based processing units enable more complex machine learning
97 Twitter data reveals global communication network
98 Chronic inflammation alters the evolution of cells in the colon, study finds
99 Genetic variant may explain why some women don't need pain relief during childbirth
100 Crown-of-thorns enhance their growth by switching diets early
101 Life in the shallows becomes a trap for baby sharks
102 Study strengthens calls to clear cancer diagnosis backlog
103 Front-line physicians stressed and anxious at work and home
104 Researchers ID new target in drive to improve immunotherapy for cancer
105 Mount Sinai researcher identifies single gene biomarker to differentiate between atopic dermatitis
106 Lithium ion battery waste used in biodiesel production from discarded vegetable oil
107 Levothyroxine doesn't improve cardiac function for heart attack patients
108 Making comprehensive water resources modeling more accessible
109 Racial discrimination may adversely impact cognition in African Americans
110 How should hospitals ask patients for donations?
111 Virginia Tech researchers discover that mouth bacterium may cause colon cancer to spread
112 Evidence of "hormone disruptor" chemical threats grows
113 Asteroid shower on the Earth-Moon system 800 million years ago revealed by lunar craters
114 Children with type 1 diabetes may have a less desirable gut bacteria composition
115 Cinnamon may improve blood sugar control in people with prediabetes
116 Global warming boosts heat-related cardiovascular hospitalizations, study finds
117 Stepping-down asthma medication may reduce costs without worsening health outcomes
118 Combining handwashing, mask-wearing and social distancing best in preventing COVID-19