File Title
1 Male sexual worries: What has changed in the post-Viagra age?
2 Prostate cancer: How can we decide when to treat?
3 A new idea on how Earth's outer shell first broke into tectonic plates
4 Humans need to do better if we're to avoid ocean system collapse
5 Signal transduction in cells: Precise or economical?
6 Scientists supercharge shellfish to tackle vitamin deficiency in humans
7 A novel comprehensive model tackles arcane PTSD differences in neural activity
8 Scientists trace and identify origin of smallpox vaccine strains used in Civil War
9 Li-ions transport across electrolytes and SEI like beads passing through a Galton Board
10 Eating habits of baby predator starfish revealed
11 Researchers boost koala spotting system
12 Through the nanoscale looking glass--determining boson peak frequency in ultra-thin alumina
13 New research reveals how hurricane Lane brought fire and rain to Hawaiian islands
14 High school athletes require longer recovery following concussions
15 Florida harmful algal blooms produce multiple toxins detrimental to human health
16 Genes, cardiovascular health each factor into dementia risk
17 3D hand-sensing wristband signals future of wearable tech
18 Media tip sheet: Going high-tech in ecology
19 Label-free imaging helps predict reproductive outcomes
20 Insight into toddlers' awareness of their own uncertainty
21 New model connects respiratory droplet physics with spread of Covid-19
22 Better wastewater treatment? It's a wrap
23 Advancing knowledge on archaea
24 Legal marijuana may be slowing reductions in teen marijuana use, study says
25 Powerful human-like hands create safer human-robotics interactions
26 Argonne's pivotal research discovers practices, technologies key to sustainable farming
27 If it's big enough and leafy enough the birds will come
28 Cyber expert on 'insider threat' attacks
29 A mechanical way to stimulate neurons
30 City of Hope: Mechanism that may lead to metabolic memory/sustained diabetes complications
31 A nanoparticle vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 produces signs of immunity in mice and macaques
32 Mutant zebrafish reveals a turning point in spine's evolution
33 Changes in farming urgent to rescue biodiversity
34 Climate scientists increasingly ignore ecological role of indigenous peoples
35 Physicians provide first comprehensive review of COVID-19's effects beyond the lungs
36 Study helps to settle debate on roles of REM and non-REM sleep in visual learning
37 New diagnostic test for heart failure patients could also help COVID-19 patients
38 Physicists take stop-action images of light-driven molecular reaction
39 The Lancet: Chinese phase 2 trial finds vaccine is safe and induces an immune response
40 The real reason behind goosebumps
41 The Lancet: UK's vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 is safe and induces an immune reaction
42 Plato was right. Earth is made, on average, of cubes
43 Experimental drug reduces replication of zika and prevents microcephaly in mice
44 Restoring mobility by identifying the neurons that make it possible
45 MRI scans of the brains of 130 mammals, including humans, indicate equal connectivity
46 Photos may improve understanding of volcanic processes
47 Good news: European sea bass absorb virtually no microplastic in their muscle tissue
48 Increased blood sugar levels may decrease benefits of aerobic exercise
49 Cheese making relies on milk proteins to form structure
50 Study shows genetic markers are useful in predicting osteoporotic fracture risk
51 Geophysics: A first for a unique instrument
52 New research reveals antifungal symbiotic peptide in legume
53 Can't get off of Snapchat or Facebook? Research reveals differences between platforms
54 Specialized cellular compartments discovered in bacteria
55 What silicone wristbands say about chemical exposure in Uruguayan children
56 A look inside a battery
57 Using techniques from astrophysics, researchers can forecast drought up to ten weeks ahead
58 Ultracold mystery: Solved
59 How immune cells activate the killer mode
60 Neanderthals of Western Mediterranean did not become extinct because of changes in climate
61 How smart, ultrathin nanosheets go fishing for proteins
62 Socio-economic status predicts UK boys' development of essential thinking skills
63 First in-depth insights into parturition in rhinos
64 Data assimilation significantly improves forecasts of aerosol and gaseous pollutants across China
65 Formation of quadruple helix DNA tracked in live human cells for the first time
66 Bouncing bubbles shake up emulsion studies
67 Marine microorganisms: How to survive below the seafloor
68 Tidal variation of total suspended solids over the Yangtze bank
69 High-performance large area electrode system developed for artificial photosynthesis
70 How to repair your gut
71 Love hormone oxytocin could be used to treat cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's
72 USTC finds ultimate precision limit of multi-parameter quantum magnetometry
73 Native bushland's fertility secret
74 Music on the brain
75 Advanced Cryo-EM reveals viral RNA replication complex structure in stunning detail
76 Cell death in porpoises caused by environmental pollutants
77 A new species of darkling beetle larvae that degrade plastic
78 The Azores: Exotic insect species increase on islands through human impact
79 How governments resist World Heritage 'in Danger' listings
80 Quantum exciton found in magnetic van der Waals material NiPS3
81 Scientists strengthen quantum building blocks in milestone critical for scale-up
82 COVID-19 replicating RNA vaccine has robust response in nonhuman primates
83 Dietary guidelines advisory committee reinforces need for increased choline intake
84 Michigan coyotes: What's for dinner depends on what the neighbors are having
85 New nano drug candidate kills aggressive breast cancer cells
86 Traditional PTSD therapy doesn't trigger drug relapse
87 Portable DNA device can detect tree pests in under two hours
88 Battery breakthrough gives boost to electric flight and long-range electric cars
89 Which way to the fridge? Common sense helps robots navigate
90 Exhaled biomarkers can reveal lung disease
91 Older adults who can really smell the roses may face lower likelihood of dementia
92 Geoengineering is just a partial solution to fight climate change
93 Prostate cancer metastasis linked to revival of dormant molecular program
94 A plot twist in pharmaceuticals: Single nanoparticles could pave the way for medicines on demand
95 Simple test helps to predict and prevent falls
96 Shells and grapefruits inspire first manufactured non-cuttable material
97 Concerns over police head injuries
98 Plant roots increase carbon emission from permafrost soils
99 Geoscientists glean data suggesting global climate changes increase river erosion rates
100 Scientists identify a new drug target for dry age-related macular degeneration
101 Arizona rock core sheds light on triassic dark ages
102 Immunotherapy safe for patients with COVID-19, cancer
103 Free trade can prevent hunger caused by climate change
104 Biggest risk factors identified to try and prevent Alzheimer's disease
105 NIH study shows highly reproducible sex differences in aspects of human brain anatomy
106 Gum disease may raise risk of some cancers
107 Researchers identify possible drug target for prostate cancer
108 Oxygen breathes new life into solar cell research
109 Scientists boost stability and efficiency of next-gen solar tech
110 National poll: Some parents may not properly protect children from the sun
111 Immune system adaptations in cavefish may provide autoimmune disease insight
112 Returning to farming's roots in the battle against the 'billion-dollar beetle'
113 Cacti and other iconic desert plants threatened by solar development
114 Homes of wealthy Americans have carbon footprints 25% higher than lower-income residences
115 Diagnosing acute aortic syndrome: New guideline for hard-to-diagnose condition
116 School-based vision screening programs found 1 in 10 kids had vision problems
117 Nearly 60% of American children lack healthy cardiorespiratory fitness
118 Regular exercise helps prevent high blood pressure, even in areas of high air pollution
119 South Atlantic anomalies existed 8-11 million years ago
120 Study uncovers hair cell loss as underlying cause of age-related hearing loss
121 Mailed colorectal cancer screening kits may save costs while increasing screening rates
122 Pacemaker need in Africa outpacing resources
123 Reduced dose of prasugrel associated with reduced risk for bleeding in low-weight or elderly patient [plus additional topic]
124 Race is a risk factor for postoperative death in apparently healthy children
125 Scientists discover volcanoes on Venus are still active
126 Hair cell loss causes age-related hearing loss
127 Call to action for stronger, better-funded federal nutrition research