File Title
1 'They shut down half their brain': Images showing how whales sleep underwater win $172k photography prize
2 Radar reveals map of ancient Roman city Falerii Novi
3 Precious nightcap oak survives the carnage of bushfire with show of uplifting resilience
4 Rising sea levels threaten critically endangered Capricorn yellow chat
5 Fireball that lit up Pilbara sky 'something special,' but scientists not exactly sure what
6 How Instagram wellness became a gateway drug for conspiracy theories
7 Spearfishing siblings film shark 'chasing' them on NSW South Coast
8 New strain of deadly cancer found in Far North Queensland frogs
9 Critically endangered Kangaroo Island dunnart found amid bushfire-ravaged habitat
10 Binna Burra cliffside road rebuilt after bushfire an 'engineering feat'
11 COVIDSafe app tests revealed iPhone performance issues at launch that weren't shared with the public
12 Here's why you can't listen to some of your favourite songs on music streaming services
13 Baby boy turtle numbers spike in New South Wales this nesting season
14 Diego the Galapagos giant tortoise returns home after breeding program
15 Coral Sea's deep-water reef secrets revealed as pandemic sees research ship redeployed
16 Two dry wet seasons spark early start to NT's grass fires, leaving experts worried
17 Scores of native creatures, including centipedes and geckos, found inside fox
18 Dinosaur footprints found near Oakey identified as Australia's largest meat-eating theropod
19 Growing agave in North Queensland is more than making tequila
20 My worm farm isn't working properly. What am I doing wrong?
21 Space science doco Star Tracks to shine light on Western Australia as 'astro-tourism hotspot'
22 Elon Musk names Hobart boat builder Incat as potential rocket pad supplier
23 Native smokebush plant adapts to allow for ant pollination, researchers find
24 Count the stars in the Southern Cross during winter solstice and map light pollution in your suburb
25 Melbourne researchers seeking 1,700 babies to test whether vitamin D could prevent food allergies
26 What we know about the 'sophisticated, state-based' cyber attack on Australia
27 Zombie fires, fire thunderstorms hit Arctic as record heatwave heads into sixth month
28 Humpback whales caught in shark nets off Gold Coast are freed
29 Telehealth seen by regional doctors as an essential service beyond COVID-19
30 Tallangatta sky observatory destroyed in summer bushfires resurrected in time for spectacular show
31 Why China is being blamed for cyber attacks on Australia, and what its hackers might be looking for
32 China denies being behind cyber attack on Australia, foreign ministry spokesman calls claims 'baseless'
33 Parks Victoria will begin shooting brumbies after cattleman loses Supreme Court bid
34 Always wanted to be a scientist but don't have the qualifications? That didn't stop Gina
35 Veteran whale counter says numbers of migrating humpbacks look strong this year
36 Light pollution is bad for us and for wildlife. So what can we do to solve the problem?
37 UK commentator Katie Hopkins banned from Twitter for 'abuse and hateful conduct'
38 Rules designed to protect patients from faulty medical devices delayed until next year
39 Leg of Mutton Lake volcanic crater was a booming nursery, fishing spot before the overgrown woodland it is now
40 Winter starts now, right? Depends where you stand on solstice and the seasons
41 Georges River oyster farm at centre of global research and disease resistance under threat
42 Why does comfort food make us feel good and can it ever be healthy? These experts say 'yes'
43 The F1 of the future: Flying cars set to take to the skies in outback Coober Pedy
44 This woman's photo was used in a hoax campaign against Black Lives Matter. Then the internet fought back
45 Sugarcane regions urged to look at producing bioplastics, but viability a concern
46 Southern Queensland medicinal cannabis company doubles staff to keep up with demand for 'high-quality' plants
47 Magpie season starts early in central Queensland, warm winter may be to blame
48 Dozens of baby crocodiles confirmed missing from NT crocodile park
49 'Ring of fire' surrounds moon during rare solar eclipse seen across Asia, Middle East and Africa
50 Stonehenge ground scans uncover giant circle of pits buried near prehistoric monument
51 Australia's powerful new supercomputer Gadi given Ngunnawal name in tribute to Canberra's first people
52 Eastern grey kangaroos lap up beach lifestyle waiting for food handouts
53 CSIRO scientists discover how to grow coloured cotton, removing need for harmful chemical dyes
54 NASA releases time-lapse video showing 10 years of the Sun in one hour
55 Alarm raised over possible overseas sale of the retiring Aurora Australis icebreaker
56 Citizen scientist strikes gold and makes major 460-million-year-old fossil find
57 Your body clock, or circadian rhythm, can affect your health if it gets out of sync. Here's how to manage the risk
58 Why tech firms hunt for arts and humanities graduates
59 A Facebook post can change your life: Documents reveal how social media is used by immigration officials
60 Hydrogen cars manufactured in Port Kembla could be future for Australia's motor vehicle industry
61 Queensland university teams up with NASA to discover new planet the size of Neptune
62 Cybersecurity spending gets $1.35 billion boost in wake of online attacks against Australia
63 COVIDSafe was 'sunscreen' for coronavirus, until it wasn't. Have we chosen the right solution to the pandemic?
64 National Wool Declaration needs to indicate cryogenic alternative to mulesing, broker says
65 Rediscovered handmade outback observatory to be refurbished for community
66 Orca populations may extend beyond Bremer Bay hotspot, researchers say
67 Sydney doctor gave 16yo girl 'alternative treatment' with his genitals, court hears
68 Tasmania faces Queensland competition for lucrative Pacific Maritime Training Program contract
69 What does the new saliva test for COVID-19 involve, how accurate is it and how does it compare to swab testing?
70 Wedge-tailed eagles research tracks paths of birds after leaving the nest in Tasmania
71 NSW Government unveils new shark strategy--more drones, fewer helicopters
72 Nervous rabbit owners beg for effective calicivirus vaccine in Australia
73 US criticised for hoarding world's supply of coronavirus drug remdesivir
74 Magpie song research reveals difference between the sexes
75 Outback flamingos, giant penguins on new list of extinct Australian birds
76 Federal Parliament laws now guarantee minimum broadband speeds for all Australians
77 Three space missions heading to Mars, from NASA, China and UAE
78 Coronavirus immunity: Any antibodies we develop to COVID-19 seem to drop off within months. So what does this mean for a vaccine?
79 Antarctic biodiversity increasingly under threat as human activity spreads across continent
80 Disruptions to exercise routines during coronavirus leave Australians feeling sluggish
81 Indigenous Australians face sexual racism on dating apps: 'The second he found out about my heritage, he was gone'
82 How ABC Science is navigating the challenges of reporting on the coronavirus pandemic and one tough critic
83 Thousands of fish dead after river mouth illegally opened in south-west Victoria
84 Canberra has been coronavirus free for almost a month, and sewage samples confirm no hidden transmission of COVID-19 in the ACT
85 Risk to Great Barrier Reef may prevent Bowen taking off and becoming new Cape Canaveral
86 Erawondoo Hill is added to the National Heritage List to protect its zircon crystals, the oldest minerals on Earth
87 Bitten by science: When studying animals in the field results in a #fieldworkfail
88 Coronavirus can stay in your system for weeks, but research shows you're probably not contagious
89 Tiny research sailboat containing letters from Massachusetts washes up on WA beach after 461 days
90 Orange roughy fishery report recommends 'sustainable seafood' status--but is slammed by conservation groups
91 Broome's digital dinosaurs claw back tourism dollars to help industry recover from pandemic
92 How neuro-knowledge can help us find happiness and improve mental health
93 The everyday Australians taking part in a human trial of a coronavirus vaccine
94 Queensland's year 12 'guinea pig' cohort vows to stay resilient, despite challenging year
95 Ekka strawberry sundae pop-up stalls to raise money for medical research with the Common Good
96 Toowoomba looks to Stanford University for help lowering obesity rate
97 When did flowering plants take over the world?
98 Gold Coast, Cairns and Mullumbimby beachgoers offered free skin cancer checks for study
99 Charities turn to round-up apps to plug massive fundraising gap
100 Russia's FSB arrests former journalist accused of passing military secrets to West
101 Long-term effects of coronavirus mean returning home from ICU is not the end of it
102 Coronavirus spread in high-density towers comes from proximity, shared spaces and even ventilation, researchers say
103 Atlassian's Mike Cannon-Brookes says clean energy 'best opportunity' for COVID-19 rebound
104 Flying car technology to be tested in regional NSW to 'overcome tyranny of distance'
105 Eco-friendly ocean drones to patrol Australian waters for illegal vessels
106 Volunteers return lesser noddy seabirds to Abrolhos Islands after once-in-a-decade storm
107 Minecraft version of South Australian school created by students, to run virtual tours amid COVID-19
108 TikTok is facing a global backlash over security concerns. Should we be worried about it here?
109 Rare Cross River gorillas carrying babies captured on camera in Nigeria's Mbe Mountains
110 ACT electric vehicles to help stabilise power grid in first Australian research trial of its kind
111 Large sunfish spotted by whale watcher at Fowlers Bay off South Australia
112 Earliest ever fossil teeth shed light on the evolution of modern pearly whites
113 Australia's cyber security watch room is monitoring threats 24/7. Here's what it's like inside
114 China's facing diplomatic stoushes on multiple fronts but Hong Kong still remains the biggest flashpoint
115 Kind notes on cars baffle Yeppoon residents but appear to push far-right conspiracy theories
116 Mental health apps and 'gamification' of online support helping young Australians amid COVID-19
117 Equine therapy as mental health treatment goes on despite demands of coronavirus
118 Hydrogen didn't work for the Hindenburg, but can the gas be safely supplied to Australian homes?
119 Lost RAAF defense research balloon rescue scores finders reward for science-minded student
120 Citizen scientists' huge effort to monitor Warrnambool and Portland's threatened resident whales
121 Critically endangered swift parrot released after surviving 600km journey to Lord Howe Island
122 Tagged southern bluefin tuna claimed to be oldest recaptured under CSIRO program
123 Cairns mother Allie Chadburn fights to end stereotypes around suicide
124 DNA research aims to take 'trial and error' out of depression medication treatment
125 Human trials begin on coronavirus vaccine developed by University of Queensland