File Title
1 Widely used blood test could advance heart failure treatment
2 Why governments have the right to require masks in public
3 The Lancet Public Health: Speed of testing is most critical factor in the success of contact tracing strategies to slow COVID-19 transmission
4 Breakthrough in studying ancient DNA from Doggerland that separates the UK from Europe
5 COVID-19 lockdown reduced dangerous air pollutants in five Indian cities by up to 54 percent
6 Composing creativity: Children benefit from new painting materials
7 Blood vessels communicate with sensory neurons to decide their fate
8 Solid-state intramolecular motions in continuous fibers for fluorescent humidity sensor
9 Polymers self-assembling like links of a chain for innovative materials
10 ENSO influences trans-Pacific ozone transport from vegetation fires in Southeast Asia
11 A "feeling" for dementia?
12 Quantum simulation: Particle behavior near the event horizon of black hole
13 Ethical recommendations for triage of COVID-19 patients
14 Graphene-Adsorbate van der Waals bonding memory inspires 'smart' graphene sensors
15 Streamlining quantum information transmission
16 Signs of early heart failure revealed in patients with type 2 diabetes
17 Recognising fake images using frequency analysis
18 An ISGlobal team develops an approach to facilitate the diagnosis of tuberculosis as cause of death
19 Exotic neutrinos will be difficult to ferret out
20 New very short-lived isotope 222Np is observed
21 Un-natural mRNAs modified with sulfur atoms boost efficient protein synthesis
22 Scientists uncover SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in recovered COVID-19 and SARS patients
23 Pre-brain surgery test protects language in some tumors
24 Healthy offspring from testicular tissue plantation in mice: Retinoic acid key
25 Fish reef domes a boon for environment, recreational fishing
26 Machining the heart: New predictor for helping to beat chronic heart failure
27 When many act as one, data-driven models can reveal key behaviors
28 Publicizing police killings of unarmed black people causes emotional trauma, says Rutgers study
29 New study provides evidence for decades-old theory to explain the odd behaviors of water
30 ATS publishes new guidance on safely restoring elective pulmonary and sleep services
31 'Blinking" crystals may convert CO2 into fuels
32 A simple laboratory test can aid in early recognition of COVID-19 in patients
33 Lesion of doom--how a parasitic bacterium induces blood vessel formation to cause lesions
34 Revealing Brazil's rotten agribusinesses
35 Blood iron levels could be key to slowing aging, gene study shows
36 Widening cancer gene testing is cost effective and could prevent millions of cancer cases
37 Opium linked with more deaths after bypass surgery
38 Phantom-limb pain reduced through brain power
39 Will telehealth services become the norm following COVID-19 pandemic?
40 Megaphages harbor mini-Cas proteins ideal for gene editing
41 Breeding new rice varieties will help farmers in Asia
42 Oral herpes rates are falling in children
43 Scientists find a switch which may make prostate cancer spread
44 Range of commercial infant foods has grown markedly in past seven years
45 More porn, worse erectile function
46 Study finds link between too much or too little sleep and increased death rates in patients with or without diabetes
47 New map for radioactive soil contamination in Western Europe
48 Rare mutation of TP53 gene leaves people at higher risk for multiple cancers
49 Ultra-black skin allows some fish to lurk unseen
50 Analysis finds multiple social disadvantages magnify stroke risk
51 Significant drop in stroke recurrence found among Mexican Americans
52 Weaving Indigenous knowledge with scientific research: a balanced approach
53 Genetics could help protect coral reefs from global warming
54 Air pollution from wildfires linked to higher death rates in patients with kidney failure
55 Researchers discover 2 paths of aging and new insights on promoting healthspan
56 Mouse model of contained tuberculosis infection could lead to a more effective vaccine
57 Timing key in understanding plant microbiomes
58 Membrane technology could cut emissions and energy use in oil refining
59 Sea turtles' impressive navigation feats rely on surprisingly crude 'map'
60 Principles to enhance research integrity and avoid 'publish or perish' in academia
61 Isoflavones in soybean help protect pigs against viral infections
62 Researchers discover hybrid fungus involved in lung infections
63 MU advances chemotherapy-free treatment for cancer in animals and humans
64 Supplements with potential to prevent Alzheimer's affect blood, but less so the brain
65 Decadal predictability of North Atlantic blocking and the NAO
66 Does having Alzheimer's disease and dementia affect severity of delirium?
67 UNH scientists find faster way to count animal sperm using DNA
68 A call to arms: Enlisting private land owners in conservation
69 Atomtronic device could probe boundary between quantum, everyday worlds
70 Pesticides speed the spread of deadly waterborne pathogens
71 Study reveals intricate details about Huntington's disease protein
72 Uplifting of Columbia River basalts opens window on how region was sculpted
73 Synapse-saving proteins discovered, opening possibilities in Alzheimer's, schizophrenia
74 Cannabis shows potential for mitigating sickle cell disease pain
75 Researchers create a roadmap to better multivalent batteries
76 K-State study first to show SARS-CoV-2 is not transmitted by mosquitoes
77 Baleen whales have changed their distribution in the Western North Atlantic
78 Lifetime discrimination and greater risk of high blood pressure in African Americans
79 Paper: Mundane behavioral decisions, actions can be 'misremembered' as done
80 Research underscores importance of global surveillance of plant pathogens
81 Study shows how traumatic experiences can leave their mark on a person's eyes
82 Radiology practices struggle to survive amid COVID-19
83 Coordinated exit strategies crucial to avoid virus second-wave in Europe
84 The Lancet Global Health: Benefits of routine childhood vaccines far outweigh risks of additional COVID-19 transmission in Africa, modelling study suggests
85 Kidney transplant, the cost of accounting for patients' preferences
86 Separating gamma-ray bursts: Students make critical breakthrough
87 St. Petersburg University scientists count all the tiny snails in the Arctic
88 Where is the water during a drought?
89 Mysterious mechanism of graphene oxide formation explained
90 New technology speeds up organic data transfer
91 A chemical tailor-made suit for Alzheimer's drugs
92 Clear strategies needed to reduce bushmeat hunting
93 Psychology: The most personal device
94 Turmeric could have antiviral properties
95 COVID-19: Viral shutdown of protein synthesis
96 Antarctica more widely impacted by humans than previously thought
97 River plants counter both flooding and drought to protect biodiversity
98 Type 1 interferon deficiency: Biomarker of patients at risk of severe COVID
99 New insight into the origin of water on the earth
100 Pressure suppresses carrier trapping in 2D halide perovskite
101 Increased psychological well-being after the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic
102 Researchers realize nanoscale electrometry based on magnetic-field-resistant spin sensor
103 Honeybees reveal environmental pollution in their surroundings
104 Fast and flexible computation of optical diffraction
105 New learning algorithm should significantly expand the possible applications of AI
106 Orderly arranged bead-chain ternary nanocomposites for supercapacitors
107 N-doped carbon encapsulated transition metal catalysts to optimize performance of zinc-air batteries
108 The secret to renewable solar fuels is an off-and-on again relationship
109 Female surgeon scientists claim more than their share of research grants
110 Enhanced water repellent surfaces discovered in nature
111 Predicting the biodiversity of rivers
112 Reduction in commercial flights due to COVID-19 leading to less accurate weather forecasts
113 Chemical thermometers take temperature to the nanometric scale
114 Pigs turn to humans as dogs do, unless they have a problem to solve
115 Scientists achieve major breakthrough in preserving integrity of sound waves
116 New technology promises to revolutionize nanomedicine
117 Major study shows prostate cancer treatment has significant impact on quality of life
118 Women taking menopausal hormone therapy may be more resistant to urine infections
119 Glaucoma study findings emphasise need for regular eye checks
120 Study identifies missing piece needed for lower-cost, high-quality MRI
121 Climate-friendly Cooling Could Cut Years of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Save US$ Trillions: UN
122 Key technology for mass-production of lignin-bio-aviation fuels for reducing greenhouse gas
123 Neural vulnerability in Huntington's disease tied to release of mitochondrial RNA