File Title
1 Shaking light with sound
2 Higher-order topology found in 2D crystal
3 Mystery about cause of genetic disease in horses
4 Novel test method detects coronavirus in highly diluted gargle samples
5 Monitoring groundwater changes more precisely
6 Ideal way to screen for disease
7 Spread of flu virus in hospital environment common
8 Study suggests overall COVID-19 intensive care mortality has fallen by a third since the start of the pandemic
9 Designing DNA from scratch: Engineering the functions of micron-sized DNA droplets
10 COVID-19: Patients improve after immune-suppressant treatment
11 Renewable energy transition makes dollars and sense
12 Global sentiments towards COVID-19 shifts from fear to anger
13 New study shows how plants regulate their growth-inhibiting hormones to survive
14 Boosting immune memory could reduce cancer recurrence
15 New organic material unlocks faster and more flexible electronic devices
16 Multidisciplinary approach more effective for gut disorders: study
17 A nanomaterial path forward for COVID-19 vaccine development
18 Move over, Siri! USC researchers develop improv-based Chatbot
19 Data analytics can predict global warming trends, heat waves
20 Learning the wiring diagram for autism spectrum disorders
21 Pandemic disproportionately affects scientists with young children
22 Experts strongly recommend varenicline over the patch for adult smokers hoping to quit
23 Scientists identify new material with potential for brain-like computing
24 In the sharing economy, consumers see themselves as helpers
25 Geoengineering's benefits limited for apple crops in India
26 Simple twist of DNA determines fate of placenta
27 Growing up trilobite
28 How much postmenopause weight gain can be blamed on weight-promoting medications?
29 Early life stress is associated with youth-onset depression for some types of stress but not others
30 Devices can reduce fibers produced in laundry cycle by up to 80%
31 Earlier lockdown restrictions linked to greater reduction in new COVID-19 cases
32 Blueprint of oxytocin receptor facilitates development of new autism drugs
33 Study reveals long-term impact of rugby injuries
34 KIST develops "dielectrophoretic tweezer" technology for toxic nanoparticles
35 Most dietary guidelines are not compatible with global health and environmental targets
36 Prediabetes linked to increased risk of heart disease and death
37 Early dialysis in the critically ill does not improve outcomes
38 Genetic editing milestone in mouse model of Rett Syndrome
39 Prediabetes--a window of opportunity to reduce healthcare burden?
40 Sylvester researchers identify protein target that might ease graft versus host disease
41 Smartphone accelerometers could help in resistance workouts and rehabilitation protocols
42 Study of natural gas flaring finds high risks to babies
43 Two studies suggest strategies to help students at community colleges and broad access institutions
44 Study first to show tiger sharks' travels and desired hangouts in the Gulf of Mexico
45 Newly discovered cells act as a warning signal for rheumatoid arthritis flares
46 Penn researchers find three distinct immune responses for sicker COVID-19 patients
47 Bacteria with a metal diet discovered in dirty glassware
48 Only a third of pediatricians fully follow guidelines on peanut allergy prevention
49 FSU news: Scientists discover heavy element chemistry can change at high pressures
50 Credit-card sized tool provides new insights into how cancer cells invade host tissues
51 Research raises concerns about firearm access for people with dementia
52 COVID-19 severity is increased in patients with mild obesity
53 Mount Sinai researchers discover that topical treatment improves chronic plaque psoriasis
54 University of Toronto scientists uncover key process in the manufacture of ribosomes and proteins
55 Poor work-life balance may have negative health effects
56 Polycatenanes in mesoscale
57 Marine drifters: Interdisciplinary study explores plankton diversity
58 New mutations accumulate in reproductive cells of older mice
59 How breast cancer cells sneak past local immune defenses
60 Exercise in a first-year writing course increases retention at broad-access universities
61 Midlife thinking skills may suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking
62 Does eating fish protect our brains from air pollution?
63 Housing conditions affect cardiovascular health risks
64 Running on empty: New affordable catalyst relies on nitrogen vacancies to produce ammonia
65 Blood test could reveal when rheumatoid arthritis will strike
66 How much fluorine is too much fluorine?
67 Hyksos, 15th Dynasty rulers of Ancient Egypt, were an internal takeover
68 Movements of tiger sharks at varying life stages tracked in Gulf of Mexico
69 Urban bees: pollinator diversity and plant interactions in city green spaces
70 A GoPro for beetles: Researchers create a robotic camera backpack for insects
71 COVID-19 'price gouging' could be prevented
72 New evidence for a dynamic metallocofactor during nitrogen gas reduction
73 Breakthrough blood test detects positive COVID-19 result in 20 minutes
74 Some decontamination processes damage N95 face masks
75 Pine beetles successful no matter how far they roam--with devastating effects
76 When power is toxic: Dominance reduces influence in groups
77 Scientists identify new species of sea sponge off the coast of British Columbia, Canada
78 Study: Dangerous parasite controls host cell to spread around body
79 Industry-made pits are beneficial for beavers and wolverines, study shows
80 Research helping to improve detection of disease in newborn babies
81 Improving lung cancer CT screening performance in real-world settings
82 Pioneering method reveals dynamic structure in HIV
83 Researchers solve a long-standing problem in organic chemistry
84 ESA/NASA's solar orbiter returns first data, snaps closest pictures of the sun
85 New test offers clarity for couples struggling to conceive
86 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine: Hydroxychloroquine
87 Dangerous blood clots form in leg arteries of COVID-19 patients
88 A population of asteroids of interstellar origin inhabits the Solar System
89 Chest X-rays show more severe COVID-19 in non-white patients
90 Combating drug resistance in age-related macular degeneration
91 Patients with substance use disorder discriminated against by post-acute care facilities
92 Self-eating decisions
93 Tuning frontal polymerization for diverse material properties
94 Finding hints at novel target for Ewing sarcoma therapy
95 Heat stress: The climate is putting European forests under sustained pressure
96 Genome guardians stop and reel in DNA to correct replication errors
97 Vaccine additives can enhance immune flexibility--Implications for flu and SARS-CoV-2
98 Scientists discover how deep-sea, ultra-black fish disappear
99 Immediate dialysis no better than wait-until-necessary approach, researchers find
100 Gel that breaks down, puts itself back together could improve delivery of oral drugs
101 Beautyberry leaf extract restores drug's power to fight 'superbug'
102 When you're 84...What should life look like as we age?
103 Yale researchers discover potential treatment for rare degenerative disease
104 Skoltech scientists use ML to optimize hydraulic fracturing design for oil wells
105 Divining monsoon rainfall months in advance with satellites and simulations
106 Does "naming and shaming" of colleges with large tuition increases make a difference?
107 Avoiding food contamination with a durable coating for hard surfaces
108 Heat stress in gestating dairy cows impairs performance of future generations
109 Wonders of animal migration: How sea turtles find small, isolated islands
110 CBD may help avert lung destruction in COVID-19