File Title
1 We need to talk: Communication prevents inaction by leveraging goodwill
2 Biomedical Sciences researchers discover first-in-class broad-inhibitor of paramyxovirus polymerases
3 Significantly less addictive opioid may slow progression of osteoarthritis while easing pain
4 Turning off 'junk DNA' may free stem cells to become neurons
5 Vascular development may be at risk in autism
6 Human lungs rejected for transplant recovered using novel technique
7 Black women often ignored by social justice movements
8 Bat research critical to preventing next pandemic
9 Power of DNA to store information gets an upgrade
10 Mind the gap: Even the richest Americans lag the English on health, study finds
11 Merging solar cell and liquid battery produces efficient, long-lasting solar storage
12 Human sperm stem cells grown in lab, an early step toward infertility treatment
13 Janggu makes deep learning a breeze
14 Design of insect-inspired fans offers wide-ranging applications
15 Antilupus drug prevents low heartbeat condition in newborns
16 Breast cancer deadlier in heart attack survivors
17 Chemical offers new hope of finding treatments for neglected tropical diseases
18 Potential causal role of human papilloma viruses (HPVs) in prostate cancers
19 Severely damaged human lungs can now be successfully recovered
20 Jumping course
21 New therapy extends breast cancer survival rate, prevents reoccurrence
22 Well-off countries need trade to cut environmental woes
23 Women taking beta blockers for hypertension may have higher risk of heart failure with acute coronary syndrome
24 How to strengthen New Zealand's proposed cannabis legalization and control bill
25 Social media inspired models show winter warming hits fish stocks
26 Women, newborns, young children and adolescents lose 20 percent of health and social services to COVID-19
27 Surgeon demonstrates social distancing during surgery, performs remote operation over 5G network [plus additional topics]
28 Study links stress hormone with higher blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes
29 Rats' brain activity reveals their alcohol preference
30 Deep learning enables early detection and classification of live bacteria using holography
31 Kiwis stockpile paracetamol, the basis of most calls to National Poisons Centre
32 Transparent inorganic multicolour displays enabled by zinc-based electrochromic devices
33 St18 is a negative regulator of VEGF
34 Molecular "tails" are secret ingredient for gene activation
35 High-fat diet with antibiotic use linked to gut inflammation
36 Twisting magnetic fields for extreme plasma compression
37 Oncotarget: The Golgi protein TMEM165 controls migration/invasion for carcinoma
38 Oncotarget: Tumor markers for carcinoma identified by imaging mass spectrometry
39 New lithium battery charges faster, reduces risk of device explosions
40 COVID-19 and the heart: Searching for the location of the SARS-CoV-2 receptor
41 Ancient oyster shells provide historical insights
42 For chimpanzees, salt and pepper hair not a marker of old age
43 Converting female mosquitoes to non-biting males with implications for mosquito control
44 Study finds hidden emotions in the sound of words
45 Vision scientists discover why people literally don't see eye to eye
46 Why hydration is so important when hiking in the heat of summer
47 COVID-19 may attack patients' central nervous system
48 Correlations identified between insurance coverage and states' voting patterns
49 What determines a warbler's colors?
50 Researchers cast doubt on earlier COVID-19 origins study citing dogs as possible hosts
51 Factors maximize impact of yoga, physical therapy on back pain in underserved population
52 Cyanobacteria from Lake Chad analyzed for toxins
53 The plight of the Kalahari San
54 Autism researchers map brain circuitry of social preference
55 Experimental COVID-19 vaccine safe, generates immune response
56 A new path for electron optics in solid-state systems
57 Maunakea Observatories' quick reflexes capture fleeting flash
58 Unexpected associations found between drug response and cell changes in brain cancer
59 How to map brain connections using DNA barcodes
60 Customizable smart window technology could improve energy efficiency of buildings
61 The earliest cat on the Northern Silk Road
62 Report calls for government to 'level up' Stoke-on-Trent economy
63 Tale of the tape: Sticky bits make better batteries
64 Evolution after Chicxulub asteroid impact: Rapid response of life to end-cretaceous mass
65 Palliative nursing's role during COVID-19 and beyond
66 Short gamma ray burst leaves most-distant optical afterglow ever detected
67 Umbilical cord blood successfully treats rare genetic disorders in largest study to date
68 Gemini Observatory's quick reflexes capture fleeting flash
69 Knock codes for smartphone security are easily predicted, researchers say
70 Wireless aquatic robot could clean water and transport cells
71 Experts' high-flying study reveals secrets of soaring birds
72 About 94 percent of wild bee and native plant species networks lost, York study finds
73 NREL research points to strategies for recycling of solar panels
74 Quantum body scanner? What happens when vector vortex beams meet scattering media
75 July/August 2020 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet
76 Scientists ID gene responsible for deadly glioblastoma
77 Designing better asteroid explorers
78 New study shows SARS-CoV-2 viral load peaks in the early stages of disease
79 Avian speciation: Uniform vs. particolored plumage
80 More than one cognition: A call for change in the field of comparative psychology
81 Robot jaws shows medicated chewing gum could be the future
82 Tech sector job interviews assess anxiety, not software skills
83 Nanoelectronics learn the same way as the human brain
84 Moffitt researchers find dual inhibitor may be safer for CLL patients
85 COVID-19 tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins
86 New hope for kidney revival for transplant
87 Loss of a co-twin linked to heightened psychiatric risk
88 Long-term safety of radiotherapy in fewer doses for patients with early breast cancer
89 Scientists find new link between delirium and brain energy disruption
90 Links between video games and gambling run deeper than previously thought, study reveals
91 Particulate plutonium released from the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns
92 Drones and artificial intelligence show promise for conservation of farmland bird nests
93 Butterfly wings inspiring next-gen technological innovations
94 Perovskite solar cells developed by NTU Singapore scientists record highest power conversion
95 Supercomputer reveals atmospheric impact of gigantic planetary collisions
96 A study on maternal mortality in Mozambique detects a major diagnostic error in a high percentage of deaths
97 Rapid genome sequencing and screening help hospital manage COVID-19 outbreaks
98 Hammer-on technique for atomic vibrations in a crystal
99 Researchers found a link between genes and preeclampsia
100 Scientists found a way to identify diseases by blood serum
101 Messages sent by osteoblasts to osteoclasts are enclosed in an extracellular vesicle
102 Towards prosperous public goods with freedom of choice
103 Back to the future: new study could lead to bumper crops
104 Underused part of the electromagnetic spectrum gets optics boost from 'metasurface'
105 Pesticide mixtures a bigger problem than previously thought
106 Keeping innocent people out of jail using the science of perception
107 Scientists at USC and other institutions develop new method to improve police lineups
108 Ups and downs in COVID-19 data may be caused by data reporting practices
109 Omega-3s provide no benefits against bronchopulmonary dysplasia in very preterm infants
110 Predation by Caspian terns on young steelhead means fewer return as adults