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1 Archaeologists find ancient circle of deep shafts near Stonehenge
2 Virgin Galactic signs agreement with NASA
3 Major land sales fueling tropical forest losses
4 Ancient sea ice loss spurred Antarctic cold reversal 15,000 years ago
5 U.S. beekeepers saw unusually high summertime colony losses in 2019
6 Antibiotic use on crops isn't being monitored in most countries
7 NASA simulates sunsets throughout the solar system
8 Scientists confirm 50-year-old theory that aliens could exploit a black hole for energy
9 Alaskan volcano eruption triggered Rome's transition from republic to empire
10 New eDNA technique may reduce pathogens in aquatic animal trade
11 Astronomers find Neptune-sized star orbiting young, nearby star
12 Clouds make newer climate models more realistic, but also less certain
13 SpaceX launch Friday would boost Starlink network to nearly 600
14 Antarctic sea ice loss is good news for the continent's penguins
15 NASA, ESA, JAXA to track pandemic's effects from space
16 Astronomers find massive black hole in the early universe
17 Sled dogs are closely related to 9,500-year-old 'ancient dog'
18 Early peoples in Pacific Northwest were smoking smooth sumac
19 Earth has been recycling crust for most of its history
20 Soft coral garden found in Greenland's deep sea
21 Astronomers measure spin-orbit alignment of a distant super-Jupiter
22 Gold mining stunts Amazon rainforest recovery
23 Ancient Japanese birds looked a lot like New Zealand's monster penguins
24 SpaceX launches next-generation GPS satellite from Florida
25 Gnawing beavers could accelerate thawing of Arctic permafrost
26 Glow-in-the-dark sneezes show best homemade face mask is quilted cotton
27 Global warming has erased 6,500 years of cooling
28 Astronomers investigate disappearance of massive star
29 NASA concludes second spacewalk on historic mission
30 Amber fossils reveal true colors of 99 million-year-old insects
31 Astronomers find first exposed planetary core 730 light-years from Earth
32 Moon's metal-rich craters challenge popular theories about its origin
33 Latest satellites give stargazers a new sky view
34 New jellyfish robots can outswim their inspiration
35 Global waste tied to electronic goods up 21 percent over the last 5 years, report says
36 Scientists develop better way to measure, translate dog years
37 Earth's magnetic field can shift 10 times faster than scientists thought
38 Coconut oil may be worse than palm oil for the environment
39 Digital reconstruction shows Saint Thomas Becket's shrine in stunning detail
40 To curb climate change, scientists call for robust seagrass preservation efforts
41 Climate change to fuel extreme waves in Arctic
42 NASA adds software experts to work toward new Boeing capsule flight
43 Scientists move to create single, comprehensive list of Earth's living species
44 To fool predators, antlion larvae play dead for unpredictable amounts of time
45 SpaceX delays Starlink launch again due to weather
46 New technology combines wood, bacteria, sunlight to purify water
47 Ancient Polynesians, Native Americans made contact before Europeans arrived
48 Species that use sound to 'fake' body size are usually skilled vocal learners
49 UN study: Temperatures could rise faster than expected
50 Researcher reconstructs skull of ancient gigantic Italian dormouse
51 Scientists identify 'gel-like' substance Chinese rover found on the moon
52 Experts pitch surveillance system to detect viruses before next pandemic
53 Engineers design reusable silicone rubber face mask with N95 filter
54 Climate change forcing tough choices for farmers dependent on snowmelt
55 Comet whizzing by Earth for 1st time in 6,800 years visible to naked eye
56 Silk Road discovery suggests cats were pets 1,000 years ago
57 Warming winter seas disrupting fish stocks, social media-inspired model shows
58 Trade benefits developed countries environmentally, but hurts developing countries
59 New long-lasting solar-flow battery sets efficiency record
60 Ridgecrest temblors increase chance of San Andreas earthquake
61 Emirates Mars launch will represent historic first for Arab world
62 Biologist, historian to trace fruit, vegetable evolution through art
63 Life in ocean abyss recovered quickly after end-Cretaceous mass extinction event
64 Astronomers spot most distant fleeting flash afterglow from SGRB
65 Heart surgery leads to long-term opioid use for some
66 Vitamin D cuts colitis risk in cancer patients on immunotherapy by 65%
67 Colorado traffic deaths up 75 per year since pot legalization, study says
68 Gilead Sciences to start clinical trials of inhaled remdesivir for COVID-19
69 Real swear words help dull pain, study finds
70 Statins tied to significantly lower death rate from ovarian cancer
71 Big bills surprising COVID-19 survivors
72 Survey: Loneliness not rising during COVID-19 lockdowns
73 37% of U.S. adults have dangerous metabolic syndrome, analysis finds
74 Severe COVID-19 raises odds for dangerous heart conditions 10-fold
75 COVID-19 spreads quickly in crowded homes, poorer neighborhoods
76 Less than half a population needs COVID-19 infection for herd immunity, study says
77 Pandemic job losses leave many Americans uninsured: Survey
78 Dementia risk doubled in adults with inflammatory bowel disease, study finds
79 Suicide rate 170 times higher for people with schizophrenia
80 Cancer drug tocilizumab may help curb severe COVID-19
81 Blood transfusions from COVID-19 survivors safe treatment for patients
82 2.3M Americans purchase prescription drugs from foreign sources
83 Ancient drug shows promise against severe COVID-19 in early trial
84 Flu study suggests danger of COVID spread as pro sports ponder reopening
85 Asymptomatic coronavirus carriers can shed virus on surfaces, study shows
86 Vaccine may guard against bacteria that causes diarrhea in kids
87 Summer might kill coronavirus, but only if people stay outside, researchers say
88 1 in 10 Americans uses a prescription painkiller, CDC says
89 Complications following colonoscopy more likely in older adults
90 Accuracy of COVID-19 antibody tests depends on timing, analysis finds
91 COVID-19 outbreaks in South 'significant,' may be less deadly, CDC says
92 Obesity in middle age linked to increased risk for dementia
93 Pregnant women might be at higher risk for severe COVID-19, CDC says
94 'COVID toes' might be from lack of physical activity, not coronavirus symptom
95 Experts worried older Americans feel 'expendable' during pandemic
96 Coronavirus baby boom unlikely, survey suggests
97 Survey: More in U.S. using medical pot for insomnia, pain, stress
98 Incidence of thyroid cancer has doubled globally, analysis finds
99 COVID-19 may raise risk for stroke, confusion, other brain effects, study shows
100 Coronavirus vaccine trial could start by August
101 Repeated head impacts, brain injury increase risk for depression
102 Started early, drug combo eases fatigue of rheumatoid arthritis
103 Only healthy alternative to smoking is quitting, study says
104 Penicillin allergy increases risk for use of less-effective antibiotics
105 COVID threatens the 3 out of 4 Americans who can't work from home
106 China approves COVID-19 vaccine for military use as it enters clinical trials
107 Insurance plans limit black patient access to cancer care
108 Ad displays in stores boost teen vaping rates: Canadian study
109 Low, moderate alcohol consumption may improve cognitive function
110 Small reductions in air pollution can reduce heart disease threat
111 Preterm birth increases risk in mothers for long-term heart disease
112 Risk for depression doubled in kids born to mothers with the condition
113 Sleeping in on weekends doesn't erase 'sleep debt'