File Title
1 Review of progress towards advanced Lithium-sulfur batteries
2 POSTECH solves the durability issue of hydrogen cars
3 Study finds that special filters in glasses can help the color blind see colors better
4 Domestic violence increased in the great recession
5 Large Lot Program shows the power of private land stewardship in addressing urban vacancy
6 A dual antenatal therapy benefits extreme preterm babies better than either alone or none
7 UTMB researchers have discovered a new antiviral mechanism for dengue therapeutics
8 UMass Amherst team makes artificial energy source for muscle
9 Burrowing crabs reshaping salt marshes, with climate change to blame
10 Green is more than skin-deep for hundreds of frog species
11 The new tattoo: Drawing electronics on skin
12 Consumer-created social media visuals capture consumer brand perceptions
13 Study finds cancer mortality rate disparity based on hospital ratings
14 Perceiving the flavor of fat: A Monell Center twins study
15 COVID-19: Considering meditation and yoga as adjunctive treatment
16 For every COVID-19 death, 9 close family members are left to grieve
17 Long-studied protein could be a measure of traumatic brain injury
18 Plant-based diets promote healthful aging, according to new editorial
19 Lasers etch an efficient way to address global water crisis
20 McLean hospital study examines the cost-effectiveness of esketamine
21 Mental health units in correctional facilities: Scarce data but promising outcomes
22 Pickled capers activate proteins important for human brain and heart health
23 Listeria protein provides a CRISPR 'kill switch'
24 More lonely deaths in hospitals and nursing homes from COVID
25 Autoclaving, alcohol not the best options for disinfecting, reusing face masks
26 Study shows humans are optimists for most of life
27 Cardiac scar tissue: A factor which regulates its size
28 Scientists evaluated the perspectives of zinc intake for COVID-19 prevention
29 Astrophysicists suggest carbon found in comet ATLAS help to reveal age of other comets
30 Why are memories attached to emotions so strong?
31 Uncovering the architecture of natural photosynthetic machinery
32 Partnerships with health systems can provide support to nursing homes during pandemic
33 New solar material could clean drinking water
34 Study finds weight loss surgery cost disparity
35 When calling loudly, echolocation is costly for small bats
36 University research and the private sector
37 Meditation linked to lower cardiovascular risk
38 Climate change will cause more extreme wet and dry seasons, researchers find
39 'Lab in a suitcase' could hold the key to safer water and sanitation for millions
40 COVID-19: Pandemic behavior change, financial support and better data collection needed
41 Cost prevents one in five US women from using their preferred contraception
42 Dream on
43 Bird droppings carry risk of antibiotic resistance
44 Airplane noise appears to negatively impact fetal health
45 Single-dose flu drug can reduce spread within households, study finds
46 Gigantic, red and full of spots
47 ITMO University researchers develop new technique for production of plasmonics devices
48 International recommendations for nontuberculous mycobacteria
49 The Lancet Global Health: Modelling study predicts surge in HIV, TB, and malaria deaths due to COVID-19 pandemic
50 Simultaneous, reinforcing policy failures led to Flint water crisis, providing lessons during pandemic
51 New substance library to accelerate the search for active compounds
52 About nine family members to suffer grief from every COVID-19 fatality
53 The colorful history of plastids
54 Researcher develops method for mapping brain cell change, development in mice
55 People with coronavirus symptoms more likely to have psychiatric disorders and loneliness
56 Invisible defense against adenoviruses
57 5,000 years of history of domestic cats in Central Europe
58 Antibiotic resistance and the need for personalized treatments
59 Researchers present concept for a new technique to study superheavy elements
60 Examine narratives to end policy deadlock, boost agricultural development in Africa, economists say
61 Study calls for action to protect BAME and migrant groups from economic impact of COVID-19
62 COVID-19 and Brexit can help with the recovery of UK fish stocks
63 Most 50+ adults say they've experienced ageism; most still hold positive aging attitudes
64 A micro-lab on a chip detects blood type within minutes
65 Drug linked to 45% lower risk of dying among COVID-19 patients on ventilators
66 KIST identified cause of external pressure-induced performance deterioration in solar cells
67 Apathy not depression helps to predict dementia
68 New bioink for cell bioprinting in 3D
69 Hypoglycemic mechanism of Cyclocarya paliurus polysaccharide in type 2 diabetic rats
70 Gut microbiota provide clues for treating diabetes
71 Electron cryo-microscopy: Using inexpensive technology to produce high-resolution images
72 New materials for extra thin computer chips
73 For next-generation semiconductors, 2D tops 3D
74 Breakthrough in deciphering birth of supermassive black holes
75 Cystic fibrosis: why so many respiratory complications?
76 Research: Crop plants are taking up microplastics
77 Russian scientists have discovered a new physical paradox
78 Scientists discover key element of strong antibody response to COVID-19
79 New PET radiotracer proven safe and effective in imaging malignant brain tumors
80 Molecular imaging identifies link between heart and kidney inflammation after heart attack
81 Novel bone imaging approach provides insights into the progression of knee osteoarthritis
82 Total-body dynamic PET successfully detects metastatic cancer; first patient results
83 In recurrent prostate cancer, PSMA PET/CT changes management in two-thirds of cases
84 Novel radiotracer measures synaptic activity after stroke
85 New theranostic agents show efficacy in prostate cancer treatment in preclinical studies
86 Experiment confirms liquids show properties of solid bodies at microscopic scales
87 New PET/MRI approach pinpoints chronic pain location, alters management
88 Engineered llama antibodies neutralize COVID-19 virus
89 Military personnel at risk of suicide store firearms unsafely
90 Mothers' paid work suffers during pandemic, study finds
91 Study links attraction to 'tyrannical' leaders to dysfunctional family dynamics
92 Parasite infestations revealed by tiny chicken backpacks
93 Chemists advance solar energy storage aimed at global challenges
94 Insights into climate change during origin of dinosaurs
95 1 in 3 young adults may face severe COVID-19, UCSF study shows
96 Racial disparities in COVID-19 are clear; better data, more targeted action needed
97 Scientists demonstrate a new experiment in the search for theorized 'neutrinoless' proc
98 Family caregiving may not harm health of caregivers after all
99 Tiny bubbles make a quantum leap
100 Delirium may cause long term cognitive decline
101 9 in 10 men want their doctors to ask about domestic violence
102 Better vaccines are in our blood
103 Artificial intelligence predicts which planetary systems will survive
104 Middle aged face more years of ill health than baby boomers
105 Researchers find the worst reason to give a gift
106 Road verges could be havens for pollinators
107 Patients overestimate the success of CPR
108 Childhood maltreatment may be linked to heart disease in adulthood
109 Merging solar cell and liquid battery produces long-lasting solar storage
110 Hidden in our genes: Discovering the fate of cell development