File Title
1 Health officers sound alarm as California economy reopens
2 Texas hits 5,000 new cases for first time as virus surges
3 Robert Durst loses coronavirus mistrial bid in murder case
4 The Latest: Washington state to require face masks in public
5 Virus cases spike among young adults in Iowa college towns
6 Bagged grocery store salad sickens more than 100 in 7 states
7 Rural Missouri pastor: Virus 'just started to sprout up'
8 Appeals court reduces J&J talc verdict but censures company
9 Pubs, restaurants in England to reopen as virus toll eases
10 South Carolina beaches fill, but COVID-19 takes no vacation
11 Fauci says 'it will be when not if' for a COVID-19 vaccine
12 German region in new lockdown after slaughterhouse outbreak
13 The battle is not over: Rising infections seen worldwide
14 Asia Today: Virus sets off new school closures in Australia
15 Closing the lid before you flush may help lessen spreading of coronavirus. But if you forget, don't panic.
16 As Trump visits wall, fears at the border with uptick in coronavirus cases
17 US meat industry puzzled by China's import ban for 1 plant
18 Judge: California can't require cancer label for weed killer
19 Family of 4 nurses takes on COVID-19 on front lines
20 Surging US virus cases raise fear that progress is slipping
21 NYC takes 'biggest step' in reopening after virus crisis
22 The Latest: China reports 22 newly confirmed cases of virus
23 Medicare data: Blacks likelier to be hospitalized for COVID
24 Judge sides with Guam resident in Social Security case
25 Quirky Alaska tourist town struggles for survival amid virus
26 Atlantic City casinos reopening July 2, with masks mandatory
27 UN: Pandemic appears to be peaking in several big countries
28 As cases rise, Pence warns young people increasingly catching coronavirus
29 AP-NORC poll: Politics drive divergent view of US economy
30 Indiana woman enjoys 100th birthday after surviving COVID-19
31 Maryland ICU workers urge caution as states begin to reopen
32 Recreational pot laws may boost traffic deaths, studies say
33 Mercedes, NVIDIA to develop new automated driving system
34 Court: Montana family owns dinosaur fossils worth millions
35 Despite green pledges, Amazon's carbon footprint grew 15%
36 WWDC 2020: iOS 14, Macs with iPad chips, and everything else announced
37 China launches final satellite in GPS-like Beidou system
38 US honeybees are doing better after bad year, survey shows
39 Coronavirus lockdowns increase poaching in Asia, Africa
40 Solar eclipse wows stargazers in Africa, Asia, Middle East
41 Hummingbirds' vision hints at compound colors outside normal spectrum
42 Apple closes stores in 4 states, again, as infections rise
43 Australian leader says unnamed state increasing cyberattacks
44 Study ties blood type to COVID-19 risk; O may help, A hurt
45 'Where there's smoke, there's fire': Is early intervention an effective police reform?
46 NASA's next Mars rover honors medical teams fighting virus
47 Driver free but virus free? Robo cars hit new speed bump
48 Netflix CEO to donate $120 million to historically black colleges
49 With storms in May, lawmaker wants a longer hurricane season
50 US-Apple-Movies-Top-10
51 Facebook removes another 900 accounts linked to hate groups
52 Russia starts clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine
53 Facebook to allow users to 'turn off seeing' political ads
54 FCC calls hours-long T-Mobile service outage 'unacceptable'
55 Cheap drug is first shown to improve COVID-19 survival
56 Internships get canceled or go virtual because of pandemic
57 Panel: NOAA bowed to political pressure in Dorian dispute
58 Dog-like robots now on sale for $75,000, with conditions
59 Harvard professor pleads not guilty to hiding ties to China
60 The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store
61 China delays launch to complete GPS-like Beidou network
62 Rappler case highlights decline of press freedoms globally
63 T-Mobile says it's working to fix widespread network issues
64 WhatsApp starts payments in Brazil: Sign of things to come?
65 UN atomic watchdog head calls for more access in Iran
66 Norway ends virus tracing app over privacy concerns
67 Scientists unearth oldest figurine ever discovered in China
68 Supply chain expert reveals methodology behind Bordeaux pricing model
69 Defining paths to possible mother to child coronavirus transmission
70 Simple device monitors health using sweat
71 Introducing a new isotope: Mendelevium-244
72 Study links increased exercise with lower sleep apnea risk
73 At height of COVID-19, nurses and doctors reported high levels of distress
74 Using chaos as a tool, scientists discover new method of making 3D-heterostructures
75 Laser allows solid-state refrigeration of a semiconductor material
76 Income, race are associated with disparities in access to green spaces
77 Study suggests universal flu vaccine may be more challenging than expected
78 Does 'mommy brain' last? Study shows motherhood does not diminish attention
79 Machine learning has a flaw; it's gullible
80 Study: Air pollution major risk for cardiovascular disease regardless of country income
81 Slow-growing rotavirus mutant reveals early steps of viral assembly
82 Gravitational wave scientists grapple with the cosmic mystery of GW190814
83 Innovative smartphone-camera adaptation images melanoma and non-melanoma
84 Researchers identify novel genetic variants linked to type-2 diabetes
85 Striking differences revealed in COVID-19 mortality between NHS trusts
86 NIH investigators hope CD47 study leads to infectious diseases immunotherapy
87 Are you a hugger? It might be hereditary
88 Experts identify steps to expand and improve antibody tests in COVID-19 response
89 St. Jude creates resource for pediatric brain tumor research
90 Healthcare facilities rapidly adapt & refine practices based on new evidence & supply shortages
91 Researcher develops tool to protect children's online privacy
92 Scientists use protein, RNA to make hollow, spherical sacks called vesicles
93 Hot ring produces microwave-powered ultrasound pulses wirelessly
94 Herd immunity threshold could be lower according to new study
95 LIGO-Virgo finds mystery astronomical object in 'mass gap'
96 LIGO-Virgo finds mystery object in 'mass gap'
97 75% of US workers can't work exclusively from home, face greater risks during pandemic
98 Tropical forest loss
99 Airborne mapping sheds light on climate sensitivity of California redwoods
100 Research determines financial benefit from driving electric vehicles
101 Bedtime media use linked to less sleep in children who struggle to self-regulate behavior
102 Welfare concerns highlighted over 'institutional hoarding' of cats
103 Chemist develops potential drug to treat type 2 diabetes without harsh side effects
104 Scientists modelled natural rock arcades
105 Blocking sugar metabolism slows lung tumor growth
106 Agricultural conservation schemes not enough to protect Britain's rarest butterflies
107 Sweet or sour natural gas
108 Helicopter or cartwheel?
109 Marching for change: 2017 Women's March met with mostly positive support online
110 Gear treated with 'forever chemicals' poses risk to firefighters