File Title
1 Time Traveling to Deliver the Unseen: Mapping the Early Universe with NASA's Webb Space Telescope
2 Incredible Astronaut's View of an Annular "Ring of Fire" Eclipse
3 From Jekyll to Hyde: Genetic Mutation that Makes E. Coli Deadlier Pinpointed
4 Astronomers Find Evidence Black Hole Collision Exploded with Light
5 Fascinating Machines of Death--The Latest Research on Bacterial Toxins
6 Why the Mediterranean Is a Pivotal Climate Change Hotspot
7 Hubble Spots Cosmic Flapping "Bat Shadow" in Outer Space [Video]
8 Super-Earths Discovered Orbiting Nearby Red Dwarf Gliese 887
9 Monster Billion Solar Mass Black Hole Found in the Early Universe
10 Harvard Medical School: $15 Billion Revenue Loss Projected for US Primary Care Due to COVID-19 Shutdowns
11 In Search for Life on Mars, NASA Takes First Step to Allow Computers to Decide What to Tell Us
12 An Eye for a Tooth: Bizarre Saber-Tooth Predator from South America Was No Saber-Tooth Cat
13 Carnegie Mellon Tool Automatically Turns Math into Beautiful and Instructive Illustrations
14 Early Steps of Viral Assembly Revealed by Genetically Engineered Slow-Growing Mutant Rotavirus
15 Warmer Temperatures Slow COVID-19 Transmission, but Not by Much
16 Introducing a New Isotope of the Human-Made Element Mendelevium
17 Chemists Achieve Breakthrough in the Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons
18 18 New Species of Aquatic Beetle in South America Discovered by Undergraduate Student
19 Cosmic Lighthouses May Navigate Future Space Travelers
20 MIT Neuroscientists Investigate the Real Reason Behind a Classic Visual Illusion
21 Evidence that a Common Childhood Vaccine Helps Prevent Severe Complications of COVID-19
22 New Research on Optomechanical Technology that Can Enhance Gravitational-Wave Detectors
23 Mystery of Earth's Vanishing Crust Solved by MagLab Geochemists--Prevailing Theories Contradicted
24 Decoding the Skies: The Impact of Water Vapor on Afternoon Rainfall
25 Bacterial Predator Could Help Reduce COVID-19 Deaths--"Potential Game Changer"
26 New Eco-Friendly, Flame-Retardant Carbon Plastic Is Ideal for Recycling
27 Quantum Entanglement Demonstrated Aboard Orbiting CubeSat--Step Toward Space-Based Global Quantum Network
28 New Environmentally-Friendly Method Developed for Removing Toxic Chemicals from Water
29 Fluorocarbon Bonds Are No Match for New Light-Powered Nanocatalyst
30 Satellite Maps Shows Signs of Drought in European Groundwater
31 The Most Popular Textbook Example of Punctuated Evolution Has Been Debunked by Researchers
32 Astronomers Believe They Have Spotted the First Known Light Flare from a Pair of Colliding Black Holes
33 Far-UVC Light Safely Kills 99.9% of Airborne Coronaviruses
34 Food Science: Baking Self-Healing Bread and Brewing Probiotic Beer
35 Citizen Scientist Spots Never-Before-Seen Comet--The 4,000th Comet Discovery Using Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
36 Clouds the Likely Cause of Increased Global Warming in Latest Generation of Climate Models
37 This Steam-Powered Hopping Robot from NASA Could Explore the Solar System's Icy Moons
38 Seriously Strange New Extinct Family of Giant Wombat Relatives Discovered in Australian Desert
39 NASA's Lunar Loo Challenge: $35,000 in Prizes for Toilet Design that Works on the Moon
40 Forensic Scientists Bring Burnt Bones Back to Life Using 3D Technology
41 Kinetic Misalignment: Case for Axion Origin of Dark Matter Gains Traction
42 Clinical Trial Finds Commonly Prescribed Kidney Medication Is 'Ineffective'--No Different than Placebo
43 Spectacular New Images Capture the Space Station Cruise Across the Sun
44 Massive Saharan Dust Aerosol Blanket Analyzed by NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP Satellite
45 Measles Virus Much Older than Previously Thought--Genome Sequenced from Century-Old Diseased Lung
46 Incredible High-Resolution Earth from Space Imaging: Peruvian Andes
47 Gravitational Wave Astronomers Find Mystery Object in Mass Gap
48 Access a Global View of COVID-19 Impacts Produced by an Unprecedented Collaboration of Space Agencies
49 Dirac Electrons Come Back to Life in Magic-Angle Graphene--Unusual Breaking of Symmetry
50 ESA's Earth Explorer Satellite SMOS Monitoring Droughts [Video]
51 U.S. Naval Research Laboratory's Large Angle Spectrometric Coronagraph Discovers 4000th Comet
52 Surprising Findings Beneath the Surface of Our Galaxy's Water Worlds
53 NASA Deep Space Atomic Clock Mission Extended in Search of Future Navigation Technology
54 First Measurement of Spin-Orbit Alignment for 'Super-Jupiter' Planet Located 63 Light Years from Earth
55 Major Breakthrough in Super Steel Project: High Strength Steel at Unprecedented Levels of Fracture Resistance
56 Mit: Stiffer Roadways Could Improve Truck Fuel Efficiency and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
57 Alien Civilization Could Use a Black Hole to Generate Energy--50-Year-Old Theory Experimentally Verified
58 Healthy Obesity: Blood Vessels Can Make You Fat, and yet Fit
59 Exoplanet the Size of Neptune Discovered by Astronomers--About 32 Light-Years from Earth
60 Findings Released: Nationwide Survey Assessing Emotional Wellbeing During COVID-19 Pandemic
61 Similar Thinking Patterns Shown in Native Amazonians, Americans and Monkeys
62 Multifunctional Nanofiber Protects Against Explosions--For Soldiers, Firefighters, Astronauts and More
63 Solar Orbiter Ready for Science--Completed Commissioning Despite COVID-19 Setbacks
64 The First Few Weeks of Weightlifting Strengthens the Nervous System, Not Muscles
65 Asteroid vs. Volcanoes: New Modeling Shows What Made the Earth Uninhabitable for Dinosaurs
66 Existing Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease Could Reverse Blood Vessel Damage in Diabetes
67 Large Rodents Are Massively Changing Landscapes in the Arctic--Serious Consequences for Our Future Climate
68 International "RedDots" Team Has Detected a System of Super-Earth Planets Orbiting Nearby Red Dwarf Star
69 New Research: Trees Absorb Less Carbon Dioxide as the World's Temperature Rises
70 Experts Identify Steps to Expand and Improve Antibody Tests in COVID-19 Response
71 Study Is First to Identify Potential Therapeutic Targets for Covid-19 Using Blood Samples from Critically Ill Patients
72 A Cosmic Mystery: Disappearance of a Massive Star Surprises Astronomers
73 Major New Paleoclimatology Study Shows Last 150 Years of Global Warming Has Undone 6,500 Years of Cooling
74 New Research Reveals: How Water in the Deep Earth Triggers Earthquakes and Tsunamis
75 Summer Intern Helps Develop New Model to Describe Defects and Errors in Quantum Computers
76 Researchers Identify N95 Respirator Decontamination Method Using a Microwave
77 Seeing Is Believing: Comparing Facemask Effectiveness in Mitigating Transmission of COVID-19
78 Extremely Warped Spacetime: To Find Giant Black Holes, Start with Jupiter
79 NASA's TESS Investigates Strange Ultrahot World--"The Weirdness Factor Is High with KELT-9 b"
80 Eco-Friendly Superfood: Food-Grade Wheatgrass Variety Released for Public Use
81 NASA Plans for More SLS Solid Rocket Boosters to Launch Up to 9 Artemis Moon Missions
82 Mystery of How Flying Snakes Move Solved by 3D Modeling and Motion Capture
83 Researchers Develop $500 Easy-to-use Emergency Ventilator for COVID-19 Patients
84 Light Drinking May Protect Brain Function: Could Help Cognitive Condition for Older People
85 New Zealand's Ancient Monster Penguins Had Doppelgangers in Japan, the USA and Canada
86 Black Hole Swallows Much Smaller Mysterious Astrophysical Object
87 32 Cloth Materials Tested & Analyzed for COVID-19 Face Coverings by National Institute of Standards and Technology
88 Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations Drop 40% Over India During COVID-19
89 Hungry Black Hole Among the Most Massive in the Universe--34 Billion Times the Mass of Our Sun
90 NASA's Terra Satellite Sees Arizona's Massive Bighorn Fire Burn Scar from Space
91 Specialized Telescope Proves a Binary Star Is a Very High-Energy Cosmic Particle Accelerator
92 First Exposed Planetary Core Discovered--An Extremely Unusual Planet in the So-Called "Neptune Desert"
93 World's Largest Telescope Detects Extragalactic Neutral Hydrogen Emission for the First Time
94 Researchers Develop a New Ultrafast Insulin for Management of Blood Sugar in Diabetes
95 Common Fireworks Emit Toxic Metals into the Air--Damage Human Cells and Animal Lungs
96 Looking at Deep Red Light for Just Minutes a Day Significantly Improves Declining Eyesight
97 True Color of 99-Million-Year-Old Insects Revealed by Amber Fossils
98 Plastic You Put in Recycling Bin May End Up in Asian Waters
99 A Hunt for Ice on the Moon Ends in Surprise: What the Moon's Really Made of
100 New Genetic Mutations Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder Uncovered by Scientists
101 Using Chaos as a Tool: Scientists Discover New Method of Making 3D-Heterostructures
102 Coronavirus Damages the Endocrine System: Steroids May Offer Vital COVID-19 Treatment Strategy
103 Rice Physics Lab's Bright Idea Is Pure Gold
104 Scientists Use Genetics to Develop Better Formula to Calculate Dog Age in "Human Years"
105 Exotic Never Before Seen Four-Quark Particle Discovered Using Large Hadron Collider
106 TESS Mission Discovers "Really Unusual" Exoplanet that May Be the Remnant Core of a Giant Planet
107 Mystery Solved: Why Food Poisoning Bacteria Are So Good at Swimming Through Your Gut
108 Spooky Popcorn of the Universe Revealed: Quantum Fluctuations Can Jiggle Objects on the Human Scale
109 Gaia Space Observatory Revolutionizes Asteroid Tracking
110 Handheld COVID-19 Test Could Deliver Results in 5 Minutes--For Just $10
111 DNA Origami Used by MIT Engineers to Identify Vaccine Design Rules
112 New Research Advances U.S. Army's Quest for Ultra-Secure Quantum Networking