File Title
1 Host cell fusion in bacteria infection alarms immune system, causing host cell destruction
2 New bird checklists from Coiba National Park, Panama
3 Old X-rays, new vision: A nano-focused X-ray laser
4 Curtin study could rewrite Earth's history
5 Milk lipids follow the evolution of mammals
6 New study detects ringing of the global atmosphere
7 Algae species discovered infesting NW Hawaiian waters has been identified
8 Famous 'Jurassic Park' dinosaur is less lizard, more bird
9 Bad E. coli we know, but good E. coli?
10 Scientists offer roadmap for studying link between climate and armed conflict
11 Custom nanoparticle regresses tumors when exposed to light
12 New link between calcium and cardiolipin in heart defects
13 COVID-19 in patients who have received kidney transplants or are undergoing dialysis
14 Neurons show distinct styles as they interact with the same muscle partner
15 Study reveals science behind traditional mezcal-making technique
16 The complex relationship between deforestation and diet diversity in the Amazon
17 Boron nitride destroys PFAS 'forever' chemicals PFOA, GenX
18 Early childhood education centers can boost parents' engagement at home
19 Targeting bacterial biofilm lynchpin prevents, treats recalcitrant biofilm-mediated infections
20 Future Texas hurricanes: Fast like Ike or slow like Harvey?
21 Oncotarget: Correction of NSE concentration improves diagnostic accuracy in lung cancer
22 Oncotarget: Clonality and antigen-specific responses shape prognostic effects
23 Oncotarget: Australian experience of peptide receptor radionuclide therapy
24 BIO Integration Journal, volume 1, issue number 1, publishes
25 Oncotarget: Epigenetic feedback and stochastic partitioning can drive resistance to EMT
26 A 3D biofabricated cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma tissue model
27 Breakthrough machine learning approach quickly produces higher-resolution climate data
28 Researchers create air filter that can kill the coronavirus
29 Enzymes as double agents: New mechanism discovered in protein modification
30 Shock-dissipating fractal cubes could forge high-tech armor
31 Medicare's race, ethnic data often undercounts minority populations, study finds
32 RNA key in helping stem cells know what to become
33 A new understanding of protein movement
34 Study: Troubling connection between workplace pregnancy discrimination and health of mothers, babies
35 Antioxidants in corn line could aid human IBD protection, therapy
36 Metabolomics meets genomics to improve patient diagnosis
37 Survey: 7 in 10 respondents worry poor health will limit their life experiences
38 As teens delay driver licensing, they miss key safety instruction
39 Contest between superconductivity and insulating states in Magic Angle Graphene
40 A novel active photonic wireless system to power medical implants
41 New collection of stars, not born in our galaxy, discovered in Milky Way
42 Gut Piezo1 regulates gut and bone homeostasis via RNA sensing.
43 Study: Surgical delay associated with increased risk in some gastrointestinal malignancies
44 Insufficient sleep harms children's mental health
45 Higher manganese levels in early pregnancy linked to lower preeclampsia risk
46 TARA biosystems demonstrates in vitro cardiac biology model mimics human drug response
47 Artificial tones in perception experiments could be missing the mark, research
48 Climate change may cause extreme waves in Arctic
49 The cosmic commute towards star and planet formation
50 Social media can identify fathers at risk of postpartum depression
51 The collective power of the solar system's dark, icy bodies
52 FEFU astrophysicists revealed ten-micron silicate feature in large dust particles
53 Circular RNA makes fruit flies live longer
54 Research reveals regulatory features of maize genome during early reproductive development
55 Electrons in the fast lane
56 Brain structural elements in psychiatric disorders
57 Colleges that emphasize activism have more civically engaged students
58 Engineered killer immune cells target tumours and their immunosuppressive allies
59 Flu in early life determines our susceptibility to future infections
60 Study: Interplay of impact, moral goals influences charitable giving to different causes
61 Study reveals many great lakes state parks impacted by record-high water levels
62 Tree rings show unprecedented rise in extreme weather in South America
63 Long-acting injectable form of HIV prevention outperforms daily pill in NIH study
64 Remdesivir can save more lives where ICUs are overwhelmed: BU study
65 Strange bedfellows
66 How to tackle climate change, food security and land degradation
67 Towards improved wound healing--Chemical synthesis of a trefoil factor peptide
68 Scientists create new device to light up the way for quantum technologies
69 Machine learning helps grow artificial organs
70 Limitations of super-resolution microscopy overcome
71 Women's egg quality dependent on metabolic factors
72 Rheumatoid arthritis patients under treatment with methotrexate
73 Excitation of robust materials
74 A novel therapeutic target for recovery after stroke
75 The study of lysosomal function during cell division and chromosomal instability
76 Dopamine neurons mull over your options
77 Soy and wheat proteins helpful for building aging muscles, but not as potent as animal protein
78 A chemical cocktail of air pollution in Beijing, China during COVID-19 outbreak
79 Our animal inheritance: Humans perk up their ears, too, when they hear interesting sounds
80 Atmospheric turbulence affects new particle formation: Common finding on three continents
81 For cleaner air, water, and soil
82 Desk-based jobs may offer protection against poor cognition in later life
83 Conservation agriculture increases carbon sequestration in extensive crops
84 1.5 billion people will depend on water from mountains
85 Agriculture--a climate villain? Maybe not!
86 Quantum classifiers with tailored quantum kernel?
87 Engineers use electricity to clean up toxic water
88 'Growing' active sites on quantum dots for robust H2 photogeneration
89 On-chip spin-Hall nanograting for simultaneously detecting phase and polarization singularities
90 COVID-related discrimination disproportionately impacts racial minorities, study shows
91 Childhood obesity linked to poor heart health signs at 11-12 years
92 JNCCN study explores if insurance is keeping pace with trends in targeted cancer therapy
93 Scientists use nanoparticle-delivered gene therapy to inhibit blinding eye disease in rodents
94 HPTN 083 study demonstrates superiority of cabotegravir for the prevention of HIV
95 Targeted taxes and school lunch policies benefit low-income populations
96 Measuring tape is a critical tool for following Zika virus-exposed children
97 A key gene modifies regulatory T cells to fine-tune the immune response
98 Microplastic pollution harms lobster larvae, study finds
99 Increase in delirium, rare brain inflammation and stroke linked to COVID-19
100 Princeton chemists resolve origin of perovskite instability
101 Repurposing public health systems to decode COVID-19
102 Climate warming increases Asian carp threat to Lake Michigan by offsetting quagga mussel 'ecological
103 Sensory neurons outside the brain drive autistic social behaviors, Penn study suggests
104 Men and younger adults less active in lockdown
105 How long to play dead in order to stay alive?
106 Clean energy grids and electric vehicles key to beating climate change and air pollution
107 Protein linked to cancer acts as a viscous glue in cell division
108 Portable system boosts laser precision, at room temperature
109 Blocking cholesterol storage could stop growth of pancreatic tumors
110 Newer solar power equipment ages better than older units
111 Among older adults, statin use tied to decreased risk of death
112 Iodine exposure in the NICU may lead to decrease in thyroid function, NIH study suggests
113 Mental health benefits of parks dimmed by safety concerns
114 Fighting E. coli with E. coli
115 New study sparks fresh call for seagrass preservation
116 Cooling mechanism increases solar energy harvesting for self-powered outdoor sensors
117 Policies fall short on expanding access to birth control
118 Nutrients in microalgae: An environmentally friendly alternative to fish
119 Making a list of all creatures, great and small
120 The risk of cerebral palsy linked to IVF has more than halved in the past two decades
121 Great expectations: Patients overestimate success in IVF