File Title
1 Double take: New study analyzes global, multiple-tailed lizards
2 Context reduces racial bias in hate speech detection algorithms
3 Regenerating the body from within using biomaterials
4 One million epilepsy patients in China missing out on beneficial surgery
5 Time to get real on the power of positive thinking--new study
6 High-throughput sequencing tracks historical spread of grapevine viruses
7 Nematode has potential to reduce cotton yields by 50 percent
8 Incoming CEOs with premium pay packages perform accordingly, study shows
9 New room-temperature liquid-metal battery could be the path to powering the future
10 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
11 Asthma and allergies more common in 'night owl' teens: study
12 U of SC: How non-alcoholic fatty liver disease causes Alzheimer's-like neuroinflammation
13 Liquid crystal integrated metalens for versatile color focus
14 Multisample technique to analyze cell adhesion
15 A different Chia-PET provides insight into prostate cancer
16 Community science birding data does not yet capture global bird trends
17 Atomic 'Swiss army knife' precisely measures materials for quantum computers
18 To let neurons talk, immune cells clear paths through brain's 'scaffolding'
19 Do we know what we want in a romantic partner? No more than a random stranger would
20 Algorithm predicts risk for PTSD after traumatic injury
21 Global success for Canadian companies depends on prior R&D investment, receptiveness to new learning
22 When it comes to DNA repair, it's not one tool fits all
23 Researchers develop novel approach to modeling yet-unconfirmed rare nuclear process
24 What ethical models for autonomous vehicles don't address--and how they could be better
25 Yellow pond-lily prefers cyclic flowers to spiral ones
26 Researchers foresee linguistic issues during space travel
27 Newly discovered pathogen in NY apples causes bitter rot disease
28 Encouraging results from functional MRI in an unresponsive patient with COVID-19
29 Leap in lidar could improve safety, security of new technology
30 Compounds halt SARS-CoV-2 replication by targeting key viral enzyme
31 Plant study challenges tropics' reputation as site of modern evolutionary innovation
32 Sorting and secreting insulin by expiration date
33 Machine learning reveals vulnerabilities in 3D-printed carbon-fiber composites
34 COVID-19 shines spotlight on gender inequity in academia
35 Consumers prefer round numbers even when the specific number is better news
36 Researchers develop software to find drug-resistant bacteria
37 Physics--Bubbling and burping droplets of DNA
38 Neurobiology--How much oxygen does the brain need?
39 How do bacteria build up natural products?
40 BU researchers design artificial genes to sense cellular responses to drugs
41 NYUAD researchers study effects of cellular crowding on the cell's transport system
42 Study: Dying stars breathe life into Earth
43 How does Earth sustain its magnetic field?
44 White dwarfs reveal new insights into the origin of carbon in the universe
45 IU School of Medicine study paves way for earlier autism diagnosis in Indiana
46 Colony-level genetics predict gentle behavior in Puerto Rican honey bees
47 When metal flows like liquid glass: a technology for producing superplastic wire is proposed
48 Innovations for sustainability in a post-pandemic future
49 Making plastic more transparent while also adding electrical conductivity
50 Age-related impairments reversed in animal model
51 Story tips: Predicting fire risk, solid state stability check and images in a flash
52 LSU Health New Orleans discovers new class of safer analgesics
53 Scientists discover a new connection between the eyes and touch
54 Gut bacteria improve type 2 diabetes risk prediction
55 Viruses beware: scientists show how bacterial 'attack dog' toxin disrupts protein synthesis
56 Future teachers more likely to view black children as angry, even when they are not
57 New insights into van der Waals materials found
58 Moffitt researchers identify protein that causes epithelial cancers to spread
59 New recommendations: People with high cholesterol should eliminate carbs, not saturated fat
60 Intrahospital transport of ICU patients a moment of risk
61 Diabetic nephropathy: Study results on proteomic analysis do not show benefit
62 High-order synthetic dimensions in waveguide photonic lattices
63 Increased risk of injury in contact sports after prolonged training restrictions
64 Electrically focus-tuneable ultrathin lens for high-resolution square subpixels
65 Real-time monitoring of proteins in the nuclear pore complex
66 Order from noise: How randomness and collective dynamics define a stem cell
67 Using Epo against Covid-19
68 Deterministic reversal of single magnetic vortex circulation by an electric field
69 Cranfield academics call for 'Five Capitals' approach to global resilience
70 Study reveals secret life of lithium in sun-like stars: Created not just destroyed
71 The electrified brain
72 Highest peak power and excellent stability
73 Walking along blue spaces such as beaches or lakes benefits mental health
74 Owner behavior affects effort and accuracy in dogs' communications
75 Why it's no last orders for the Tequila bat
76 Low-threshold topological nanolasers based on the second-order corner state
77 New high proton conductors with inherently oxygen deficient layers open sustainable future
78 A 'breath of nothing' provides a new perspective on superconductivity
79 Follow-up appointments for children hospitalized for bronchiolitis may not be needed
80 A new biotinylation enzyme for analyzing protein-protein interactions
81 One in five Londoners had syphilis by their mid-30s in the late 18th century
82 To quench or not to quench: Understanding the role of a cyanobacterial photosystem protein
83 New study resolves mystery surrounding unique light-harvesting structures in algae
84 New vitamin K-based drug shows promise against medication-resistant epilepsy
85 2D semiconductors found to be close-to-ideal fractional quantum hall platform
86 Behind the dead-water phenomenon
87 Lack of lockdown increased COVID-19 deaths in Sweden, analysis finds
88 Nitrogen pollution policies around the world lag behind scientific knowledge
89 Coconut confusion reveals consumer conundrum
90 St. Jude researchers create an analytic tool that opens a new frontier of cancer discovery
91 Coronary calcium scoring: Personalized preventive care for those most at risk
92 Light a critical factor in limiting carbon uptake, especially in the north
93 Desert algae shed light on desiccation tolerance in green plants
94 Asthma does not seem to increase the severity of COVID-19
95 Harmful microbes found on sewer pipe walls
96 Cell 'membrane on a chip' could speed up screening of drug candidates for COVID-19
97 Flashes bright when squeezed tight: How single-celled organisms light up the oceans
98 Norman Conquest of 1066 did little to change people's eating habits
99 Common inherited genetic variant identified as frequent cause of deafness in adults
100 Probiotics alone or combined with prebiotics may help ease depression
101 New study looks at opioid use and driving outcomes among older adults
102 Injections are two-and-a-half times safer when nurses use revamped guidelines
103 Simulations shows magnetic field can change 10 times faster than previously thought
104 A tiny ancient relative of dinosaurs and pterosaurs discovered
105 Black patients have higher rates of death after PCI
106 Palm trees most abundant in American rainforests
107 New research reveals privacy risks of home security cameras
108 Herpesvirsuses hedge their bets to optimize survival
109 First direct evidence of ocean mixing across the gulf stream
110 Study indicates that Medicaid expansion has led to earlier cancer detection among individuals with low income
111 Group genomics drive aggression in honey bees
112 Common hypertension medications may reduce colorectal cancer risk
113 Cancer treatment in young women need not mean the end of their fertility
114 Epigenetics: What the embryo can teach us about cell reprogramming
115 Early screening may reduce breast cancer deaths by more than half in childhood cancer survivors [plus additional topics]
116 'Pregnancy test for water' delivers fast, easy results on water quality
117 Motherhood overrides the brain's decision-making
118 New guideline: Don't routinely screen for EAC in patients with chronic GERD
119 Fathers are more likely to be referred for nutrition or exercise counseling
120 New evidence helps form digital reconstruction of most important medieval shrine