File Title
1 PCP Practices May Lose About $68K Per Physician this Year
2 Vitamin D Tied to Lower Risk for Immunotherapy-Induced Colitis
3 Bringing Andrology--and Male Infertility? Out of the Shadows
4 COVID-19 Update: Pleading for PPE, Testing Surge Needed
5 Researchers Find No Sign of Link Between Chilblains, SARS-CoV-2 Infection
6 Better Data Shed More Light on Ulcerative Colitis Surgery
7 Italian Whole-Town Study Finds 40% of Coronavirus Cases Had No Symptoms
8 Combined Oral Contraceptives Tied to Increased Bone Mass in Premature Ovarian Insufficiency
9 Move Over Supplements, Here Come Medical Foods
10 Tanezumab Has Small Effect on Difficult-to-Treat Chronic Low-Back Pain, May Cause Joint Problems in Some
11 Fauci, CDC Chief Raise Concerns About Full Airline Flights
12 Two-Step Technique Shown Superior for Complex Coronary Bifurcations
13 Managing Pain Expectations Key to Enhanced Recovery
14 Visualization Tool Aids Migraine Management
15 HHS Ups Testing in States Where COVID-19 Is Spiking
16 Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus
17 AMA Pleads for Federal Help with PPE to Reopen Physician Practices
18 Sexist Description in Surgical Textbook Highlights Bias in Medicine, Physicians Say
19 Doctors Urge GOP to Halt Texas Convention as Virus Surges
20 Parental Behavior Tied to Greater Disability in Persistent Pediatric Headache
21 Phase 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Launching in July, Expert Says
22 Rushed COVID-19 Papers: 'Interpret with Caution,' Says JCO
23 Community Programs Improve Psychosis Outcomes
24 Bavaria's Free COVID-19 Test for All Splits Germany
25 Drugs, Doctors, and Donors: Pakistanis Turn to 'Corona Warriors' Facebook Group
26 Inovio's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise in Small Early Stage Trial
27 Sweden Starts Critical Look at Its Pandemic Response
28 Six Months After 'Viral Pneumonia,' Wuhan Returning to Normal, with Masks
29 China Study Warns of New Flu Virus in Pigs with Pandemic Potential
30 After Pandemic, US Senators Want Review of Drug Supply Chain
31 Pioneering Molecular Biologist Dies of COVID-19 at 89
32 Nurse Understaffing and Increased Workload Associated with Multiple Organ Failure
33 Patients with Pulmonary Disease Shouldn't Quit Aerosolized Medication Over COVID Fears
34 HIV Treatment Found to Have No Benefit for Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in Trial
35 Many Chinese Patients Stopped IBD Meds During COVID-19 Pandemic
36 Kidney Problems Common in Children with COVID-19
37 Italian Study Shows Lower Viral Load in COVID-19 Patients in May than April Peak
38 Neonatal SARS-CoV-2 May Present with Hypoxemia Without Respiratory Distress
39 Skin Patterns of COVID-19 Vary Widely
40 Migraine Often a Deciding Factor in Pregnancy Planning
41 Geographical Hot Spots for Early-Onset Colon Cancer
42 Exercise Intolerance Tied to Worse Quality of Life for Childhood Cancer Survivors
43 Radical Prostatectomy Curbs Cancer Risks but Ups Adverse Events Compared with Waiting, Monitoring
44 Adjuvant Immunotherapy Tied to Survival Benefit in Advanced Melanoma
45 Young Adults with Early Onset Cancer May Benefit from Genetic Testing
46 Scottish Firm to Trial T Cells as Possible COVID-19 Treatment
47 Patients Misconstrue Terms Clinicians Use to Discuss Kidney Health
48 How Many Hormones Make an Ideal 'Artificial Pancreas?'
49 Self-Measured BP Monitoring at Home 'More Important than Ever'
50 COVID-19 Update: Fauci Warns of 100K Cases/Day, HCQ Trial to Resume
51 Fauci: COVID-19 Cases May Hit 100K a Day if Current Surge Holds
52 Once Again, No Survival Benefit with PCI, Surgery in Stable CAD
53 Contact Tracer Teams Growing Amid New Challenges
54 Topline Results for Novel Intranasal Med to Treat Opioid Overdose
55 Risk of Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis Appears Low with Newer Gadolinium Agents
56 Colchicine Promising in COVID-19 Treatment?
57 Retinopathy Risk Increased in T2DM After Cataract Surgery
58 Novel Regenerative Approach Shows Promise for Parkinson's Disease
59 The British Are Fatter than the Rest of Europe, Says PM Johnson
60 Masked Madrid Health Workers Sing, Weep, and Call for Job Security
61 Nobel Laureates Call for Coronavirus Vaccines to Be Available for All
62 Canada Over Worst of Coronavirus Outbreak, US Spike a Cause for Concern: Trudeau
63 Germany Uncovers Massive Online Child Abuse Network
64 US Teens Advise Schools on Fall Reopening During COVID-19 Pandemic
65 Troublesome Weight Gain (and Loss) in a Prostate Cancer Cohort
66 'Compound King' of Pain Cream Sentenced to 10 Years in $21 million Fraud
67 HF Risk Drops with 'Dynamic Control' CRT Pacing in Early Study
68 Contrave Boosts Weight Loss in Diabetes Patients on Incretins
69 How Well Trained Is the Class of COVID-19?
70 Global COVID-19 Prevention Trial of Hydroxychloroquine to Resume
71 Long-term Muscle Relaxant Use Nearly Triples in the US
72 How the Axillary Vein Approach Beat the Cephalic Vein Route for Cardiac Device Lead Implantation
73 Novel Program Cuts Weight Retention After Gestational Diabetes
74 Lower Complications Lead Neurosurgery Toward 'Radial First'
75 'A Recipe for Disaster,' US Health Official Says of Americans Ignoring Coronavirus Advice
76 Some US Sun Belt States Backtrack After Flouting Pandemic Guidelines
77 'Wear a Mask!' Republicans Change Tune as COVID-19 Surges
78 Pandemic 'Is Not Even Close to Being Over,' WHO Chief Says
79 AI Uncovers Individual Disease Risk in EHR Data
80 Would You Be Happier in a Leadership Position? This Doc Wasn't
81 Good for Profits, Good for Patients: A New Form of Medical Visits
82 Extended Rivaroxaban in Medical Patients Cuts Arterial Events Too
83 COVID-19 Update: Stages to Brain Damage, Remdesivir Pricing
84 US Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Abortion Clinic Restrictions
85 Is Metformin the Best First-Line Therapy for Those with Diabetes?
86 FDA Approves in-home Breast Cancer Treatment Advantageous for Infusion Centers?
87 Classification Criteria for Discoid Lupus Erythematosus Created, Validated
88 Nocturnal Oxygen Therapy Reduces Hypoxemia, Apnea in COPD Patients at Altitude
89 Artificial Stone Silicosis Progresses After Exposure Stops
90 Ursodeoxycholic Acid May Prevent Gallstones After Gastrectomy
91 N/A
92 COVID-19 Tied to Wide Range of Neuropsychiatric Complications
93 Map Shows Growing Insecticide Resistance in Africa's Malaria-Transmitting Mosquitoes
94 Many Studies of COVID-19 Antibody Test Accuracy Fall Short: Review
95 Patients Prefer Pneumatic Retinopexy Over Vitrectomy as Retinal-Detachment Fix
96 Avacincaptad Results Promising for Geographic Atrophy
97 Ignored by Doctors, Transgender People Turn to DIY Treatments
98 Three Stages to COVID-19 Brain Damage, New Review Suggests
99 AstraZeneca, Moderna Ahead in COVID-19 Vaccine Race: WHO
100 Bariatric Embolotherapy Helps Shed Pounds in Obese Patients
101 Artificial Intelligence Passes Macular Degeneration Test
102 Nonforensic Autopsies More Common in Blacks than Whites
103 Temporary IVC Filter Reduces Neurosurgery Complications in Thrombophilic Patients
104 Findings of Most Heart Failure Trials Reported Late or Not at All
105 Gene Therapy Trial Halted After Second Patient Death
106 Treatments Linked to Death in COVID Patients with Thoracic Cancers
107 Texas and Florida Crack Down on Bars, Reversing Coronavirus Reopening
108 Key US Medical Group Adds Steroids to COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines
109 Hard-Hit US States 'Surge' Hospital Intensive Care Beds as ICU Wards Fill Up
110 Coronavirus, Spreading in Brazil's Interior, Threatens to 'Boomerang' Back to Major Cities