File Title
1 COVID in the Air; New Antigen Test OK'd; 99% 'Totally Harmless'
2 She Needed a Lifesaving Drug, but the Only Hospital in Town Didn't Have It
3 Q&A: Racism, Disparities, and the Health of the Nation
4 N/A
5 A Scientific Look at Saturated Fats
6 COVID-19: A Boost for Capitated Payment Models
7 Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus
8 FDA OKs Octreotide Capsules; COVID-19 Damages Endocrine System
9 Nurses: Georgia Hospital Tried to Cover Up COVID Cases
10 COVID-19: A Roller Coaster of Emotions
11 Doc Reacts to Wild Instagram 'Health' Posts
12 Psychologists' Practice Scope an Issue at House Hearing
13 COVID-19 Changes to Telehealth Rules Should Stick, Senator Says
14 Universal Patient Identifier Needed Now More than Ever, Experts Say
15 Financial Implications of COVID-19 for U.S. Physicians
16 New Type of HIV Tx Wins FDA Approval
17 Senators Press NIH Director on COVID-19 Vax Timeline
18 Smell and Taste Issues Unlikely to Linger After COVID-19
19 Pooled Data Back Short-Course HCV Tx
20 Dementia and Deep-Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's
21 When Diagnosis Leads to Sadness Instead of Triumph
22 Stretching Regimen Linked to Vascular Benefits
23 'Alarming' CRC Hotspots; A Pandemic Opportunity; Microbubble Cancer Therapy?
24 Study: Afib Persistence Shouldn't Be Based on 7-Day Cutoff
25 Stroke More Likely in COVID-19 than Flu Patients
26 Trump 'All for Masks'; 50,000 U.S. Cases in Single Day; More Stalled Reopenings
27 Sleep Troubles in Infancy Tied to Later BPD, Psychosis
28 Kids' Brains Affected by COVID-Linked Inflammatory Syndrome
29 Post-Vax Febrile Seizures Not Linked to Kids' Cognition
30 Apgar Score Offers Prognostic Info for Neonatal Survival
31 One ART Regimen Tied to Lower COVID-19 Risk in HIV
32 Remote JVP Estimates Feasible for Heart Failure Telemedicine
33 Quercetin: New Hype for COVID-19?
34 Alzheimer's Changes Tied to Childhood Cognitive Experience
35 Op-Ed: The U.S. COVID-19 Failure Is Federal
36 Want a Silver Bullet for COVID-19? Look to 'The Lone Ranger'
37 Trump 'All for Masks'; 50,000 U.S. Cases in Single Day; More Stalled Reopenings
38 No U.S. in the EU; the 'Superspreader' Mystery; Okla. Expands Medicaid
39 Doc Accused of Fraud Busted for Nabbing $630K in PPP Loans
40 Use N95 Masks for All COVID-19 Inpatient Care. Period.
41 California Nurses Strike Over Staffing Issues
42 Does COVID Mess with the Menstrual Cycle?
43 Hundreds of Scientists Say Coronavirus Is Airborne, Ask WHO to Revise Recommendations: NYT
44 Global Coronavirus Cases Rise to More than 11 Million
45 Health Experts Cast Doubt on India's Timeline for COVID Vaccine
46 German Scientists Start Nationwide Antibody Study
47 Gilead's COVID-19 Antiviral Remdesivir Gets Conditional EU Clearance
48 Aimmune Says Patients Begin Treatment with Peanut Allergy Drug as COVID-19 Lockdowns Ease
49 Sierra Leone Doctors' Strike Leaves COVID-19 Patients Stranded
50 Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Delayed: STAT
51 NIH Director Collins Optimistic on COVID-19 Vaccine by Year End
52 US Supreme Court Rebuffs Abortion Clinic Protest Zone Challenges
53 Hospitals Face Visitor-Restriction Dilemmas for Children During COVID-19
54 US Supreme Court Sends Indiana Abortion Cases Back to Lower Courts
55 European Agency Backs Synthetic Crab Blood for Medical Safety Tests
56 Tesla to Make Molecule Printers for German COVID-19 Vaccine Developer CureVac
57 How US Airlines Are Trying to Stop COVID-19 on Flights
58 As Cases in Tokyo Surge, Japan Gives Expert Advisory Panel a Makeover
59 Dropping Race-Based eGFR Adjustment Gains Traction in US
60 Ripretinib Extends Survival When All Else Fails in Advanced GIST
61 Enzalutamide Improves Survival in Men with Metastatic Prostate Cancer
62 Britain Mulls Joining EU's Coronavirus Vaccine Scheme
63 COVID-19 Lockdowns Pose Weight-Related Health Risks for Obese People
64 SAVE-ICD: For Some, Sacubitril/Valsartan May Obviate Need for ICD
65 Diet vs. Medications for Recurrent Kidney Stones
66 TRILUMINATE: TriClip Tricuspid Valve Repair Durable at 1 Year
67 Chewed Prasugrel for Primary PCI? Forget It!
68 Class I Recall of Arrow International's Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps
69 Epilepsy After TBI Linked to Worse 12-Month Outcomes
70 Brains of Older Adults Often Harbor Four Common Proteinopathies
71 COVID-19 Stress Could Increase Mental-Health Risks for Kids, Teens
72 Florida Shatters Records with Over 10,000 New COVID-19 Cases in Single Day
73 Big Pharma Sues to Block Minnesota Insulin Affordability Law
74 Take-home Test Strips Allow Drug Users to Detect Fentanyl
75 Urologists Adapt to Telemedicine Amid Pandemic
76 Telephone Interventions Might Relieve Some Symptoms in Adults with Cancer
77 'Warp Speed' Team Sticks by End-of-Year Vaccine Timeline
78 HIV Does Not Appear to Worsen COVID-19 Outcomes
79 Popular Fireworks Release Toxic Metals into the Air
80 Mild Liver Enzyme Increases Seen in COVID-19 Patients in China
81 Replacing N95 Masks with P100 Elastomeric Masks Could Save Money During Pandemic
82 Liver Complications Common with COVID-19
83 Brazil to Test Sinovac's Potential Vaccine Against COVID-19 in Six States
84 'We Are Not Guinea Pigs,' Say South African Anti-Vaccine Protesters
85 As Japan Re-Opens, a Hospital Grapples with Coronavirus Aftermath
86 From Parkinson's to Peanut Allergy, Pandemic Puts Brakes on New Drugs
87 Liquid Biopsy Promising in Spotting Kidney Cancer
88 Statin Therapy Tied to Lower Risk of Dying from Ovarian Cancer
89 Digital Health Aids Electrophysiology Practice During COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
90 Lawmakers Question Mental Health Disclosure Rules
91 Better Pregnancy Spacing Would Aid Those with Gestational Diabetes
92 New Data Back Use of Medical Cannabis for Epilepsy, Pain, Anxiety
93 As Cases Jump, Are We Better Prepared for COVID?
94 Cognitive Deficits Complex in Youths with Type 2 Diabetes
95 MS Disability, Not Drug Therapy, Tied to Worse COVID-19 Outcomes
96 World Takes Stock of COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir After US Snaps Up Supplies
97 WHO Warns Some Nations Still Face 'Long, Hard' Battle with COVID-19
98 Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Encouraged by Immune Response but Cautious on Timeframe
99 PCI Comes Up Short for Most, but Not All Multivessel CTOs
100 Captopril Questioned for Diabetes Patients in COVID-19 Setting
101 N/A
102 Subclinical Hypothyroidism Appears Common in Women with Miscarriage
103 Assistant Physicians: COVID-19 Draws Notice to New Type of Physician
104 US COVID-19 Deaths Likely Higher than Reported: US Study
105 Diagnostic Criteria May Miss Some MIS-C Cases, Experts Say
106 COVID-19 in Kids: New Neurologic, Radiographic Findings
107 Republican or Democrat, Americans Vote for Face Masks
108 As Cases Spike, California Pauses Testing Expansion
109 US FDA Issues Guidance for COVID-19 Vaccine Approval
110 BioNTech and Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Shows Potential in Human Trial