File Title
1 Center for BrainHealth advances understanding of brain connectivity in cannabis users
2 Mobile clinics can help address health care needs of Latino farmworkers
3 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
4 Marijuana use while pregnant boosts risk of children's sleep problems
5 Research reflects how AI sees through the looking glass
6 Why are the offspring of older mothers less fit to live long and prosper?
7 Study: Crowdsourced data could help map urban food deserts
8 Sniffing out smell
9 How prison and police discrimination affect black sexual minority men's health
10 Crystal structure discovered almost 200 years ago could hold key to solar cell revolution
11 New Human Gene Therapy editorial: Concern following gene therapy adverse events
12 Tiny mineral particles are better vehicles for promising gene therapy
13 Newer variant of COVID-19-causing virus dominates global infections
14 New, more infectious strain of COVID-19 now dominates global cases of virus
15 Early marriage may lead to unsafe drinking behavior by those with higher genetic risk
16 Moss protein corrects genetic defects of other plants
17 New method measures temperature within 3D objects
18 How a mutation on the novel coronavirus has come to dominate the globe
19 Good news and bad news: Changing trends in cardiovascular disease in Canada
20 Flexible material shows potential for use in fabrics to heat, cool
21 Stellar fireworks celebrate birth of giant cluster
22 Global threats: How lessons from COVID-19 can prevent environmental meltdown
23 Study explains potential causes for 'happy hypoxia' condition in COVID-19 patients
24 Carbon-loving materials designed to reduce industrial emissions
25 Researchers examine refugee children's academic, social, and emotional learning outcomes
26 Timing of SNAP benefits can reduce childhood injuries
27 New technique in which drugs make bacteria glow could help fight antibiotic resistance
28 How that preprint about a 'more contagious strain' of coronavirus changed in peer review
29 Stemming the spread of misinformation on social media
30 Marine alga from the Kiel Fjord discovered as a remedy against infections and skin cancer
31 National survey on COVID-19 pandemic shows significant mental health impact
32 Social media and radiology--The good, the bad, and the ugly
33 Targeting peptide discovery offers hope as new, highly effective anti-inflammatory
34 Nitrous oxide may bring relief to veterans suffering from PTSD, new study suggests
35 Gender gaps in STEM college majors emerge in high school
36 Popular chemotherapy drug may be less effective in overweight and obese women
37 A scientific measure of dog years
38 Call for immunology to return to the wild
39 Study supports link between COVID-19 and "COVID Toes"
40 New sequencing technology will help scientists decipher disease mechanisms
41 In mouse study, black raspberries show promise for reducing skin inflammation
42 Oropharyngeal secretions may help reduce false negative COVID-19 test results
43 Unprecedented ground-based discovery of 2 strongly interacting exoplanets
44 How the body fights off urinary tract infections
45 New algorithm for personalized models of human cardiac electrophysiology
46 Prospective teachers misperceive Black children as angry
47 Thermophones offer new route to radically simplify array design, research shows
48 Abnormal proteins in the gut could contribute to the development of Alzheimer's Disease
49 Science fiction becomes fact--Teleportation helps to create live musical performance
50 New candidate for raw material synthesis through gene transfer
51 Typhoon changed earthquake patterns
52 Algae as living biocatalysts for a green industry
53 Arctic plants may not provide predicted carbon sequestration potential
54 The lightest shielding material in the world
55 Ceftolozane/tazobactam: New treatment option for severe infections, but no proof of superiority
56 Spintronics: Faster data processing through ultrashort electric pulses
57 Fluorine enables separation-free 'chiral chromatographic analysis'
58 A path to new nanofluidic devices applying spintronics technology
59 Antioxidant treatment in acute ischemic stroke may delay the onset of Alzheimer's dementia
60 Mothering in domestic violence: Protecting children behind closed doors
61 The protein that stands between us and autoimmunity
62 New weapons for fighting Devil disease
63 Oat and rye bran fibres alter gut microbiota, reducing weight gain and hepatic inflammation
64 Climate change threat to tropical plants
65 Hot flushes and night sweats linked to 70% increase in cardiovascular disease
66 Targeting deep areas of the skeletal muscles effectively alleviates postoperative pain
67 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
68 New method reveals how the Parkinson's disease protein damages cell membranes
69 Surge in domestic child abuse during pandemic, reports specialist UK children's hospital
70 New platform gauges effects of plastic nanoparticles on human development and health
71 Fans love musicians' personalities as much as their music
72 Blood tests can predict the risk of liver cirrhosis
73 Rising water temperatures could endanger the mating of many fish species
74 Stretching your legs may help prevent diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes
75 CNIO team develop a technology to improve effectiveness of stem cells in regenerative medicine
76 University of Oregon scientists dissociate water apart efficiently with new catalysts
77 Largest source of AATD stem cells collected
78 Scientists reveal why tummy bugs are so good at swimming through your gut
79 How old is your dog in human years? Scientists develop better method than 'multiply by 7'
80 New light-based method for faster and 'green' production of building blocks for medicines
81 Patients may be exposed to hormone-disrupting chemicals in medication, medical supplies
82 Coronavirus damages the endocrine system
83 Men more likely than women to be seen as brilliant
84 Mini-'Marsquakes' measured by InSight lander show effects of sun and wind
85 Global e-waste surging: Up 21% in 5 years
86 Grassroots dog vaccinations can help stop rabies, but not alone
87 Artificial intelligence brings pancreatic cancer screening one step closer to reality
88 Apgar score effective in assessing health of preterm infants
89 States with highest income inequality experienced a larger number of COVID-19 deaths
90 Twenty-year study tracks a sparrow song that went "viral" across Canada
91 Anaplasmosis bacterium tinkers with tick's gene expression to spread to new hosts
92 Significant association between income and survival after surgery for lung cancer
93 Towards lasers powerful enough to investigate a new kind of physics
94 Protective antibodies identified for rare, polio-like disease in children
95 More ecosystem engineers create stability, preventing extinctions
96 Getting a grasp on India's malaria burden
97 Novel biomarker discovery could lead to early diagnosis for deadly preeclampsia
98 Morning exercise is the key to a good night's sleep after heart bypass surgery
99 'Fang'tastic: researchers report amphibians with snake-like dental glands
100 Scientific 'red flag' reveals new clues about our galaxy, Embry-Riddle researcher says
101 Does DNA in the water tell us how many fish are there?
102 First evidence of snake-like venom glands found in amphibians
103 New guidelines for children and adolescents with T2D
104 Researchers Shocked to Find Antarctic Penguins Much Happier with Less Sea Ice
105 Exoplanet Nurseries Revealed in Rogue's Gallery of Dusty Star Systems
106 63 Mile Smoke Trail from Bighorn Fire Captured by NOAA/NASA Satellite
107 Hope Diamond and British Crown Jewel Diamonds May Be from "Super-Deep" in the Earth's Mantle
108 Planetary Spectrum Generator: See a Kaleidoscope of Simulated Sunsets on Other Worlds
109 MIT Researchers Design Experimental Peptide that Targets and Destroys COVID-19
110 Magnetic and Electronic Phase Transitions in 2D-Materials Probed by Nanomechanical Resonators
111 Astronomers Find Mystery Object in Mass Gap--"We've Been Waiting Decades to Solve this Mystery!"
112 Exotic Mixtures: X-Ray Scattering Enables Closer Scrutiny of the Interior of Planets and Stars
113 Improving Lithium-Ion Battery and Fuel Cell Performance with AI
114 Physicist's 50-Year-Old Magnetic Structure Prediction Evidenced at Surprisingly Large Scales
115 Why Is Our Universe Made of Matter? A Blue Spark to Shine on the Origin of the Universe
116 NASA Names Headquarters After 'Hidden Figure' Mary W. Jackson--First African American Female Engineer at NASA