File Title
1 Researchers Use GPS Collars to Track Red Pandas
2 Hubble Uses Gravitational Lens to Capture Extremely Distant Starburst Galaxy
3 New Horizons Obtains Parallax Measurements for Two Nearby Stars
4 Astronomers Confirm Two Planets in Proxima Centauri System
5 48,000-Year-Old Arrowheads Unearthed in Sri Lanka
6 Astronomers Say There Could Be 36 Communicating Extraterrestrial Civilizations in Milky Way
7 Curiosity Spots Earth and Venus from Martian Surface
8 Geophysicists Find Dense Rock Structures near Earth's Core
9 New Species of Diamond Frog Discovered in Madagascar
10 Astronomers Detect Organic Molecules in Starless and Prestellar Regions of Nearby Stellar Nursery
11 Study: 18% of Sun-Like Stars May Host Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Exoplanets
12 Earliest Evidence of Reindeer Domestication Found in Arctic Siberia
13 [Pi]-Earth: Newfound Earth-Sized Exoplanet Orbits Its Star in 3.14 Days
14 NASA Wants to Send Probe to Triton: Mission Trident
15 360-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Extinct Species of Fern-Like Plant
16 SOHO Spacecraft Discovers Its 4,000th Comet
17 ESA's Trace Gas Orbiter Detects Glowing Oxygen in Martian Atmosphere
18 Researchers Sequence Genome of Neanderthal Woman from Chagyrskaya Cave
19 Eggs of Earliest Dinosaurs Had Soft, Leathery Shells
20 Astronomers Discover Youngest Magnetar Ever
21 Physicists Find Strong Evidence of Four-Top Quark Production
22 Hubble Observes Two Young, Rapidly Evolving Planetary Nebulae: NGC 6302 and NGC 7027
23 Paleontologists Find Giant Soft-Shelled Egg of Cretaceous-Period Marine Reptile in Antarctica
24 Ocean Worlds May Be Common in Our Milky Way Galaxy
25 eROSITA X-Ray Telescope Captures Hot, Energetic Universe
26 Hubble Space Telescope Snaps Image of NGC 5907
27 Carnivorous Dinosaurs as Big as T. rex Lived in Jurassic Australia
28 Spectacular Maya Wall Paintings Discovered in Guatemala
29 Live Attenuated Vaccines Could Protect against Most Severe COVID-19 Symptoms
30 Archaeologists Find Giant Ring of Shafts near Stonehenge
31 Coal-Burning Contributed to End-Permian Mass Extinction
32 Astronomers Find Youngest Known Hot Jupiter
33 Paleontologists Redescribe Enigmatic Carboniferous-Period Fish
34 Newborn Pluto Was Hot and Had Subsurface Ocean: Study
35 Scientists Find Anthropogenic Mercury in Earth's Deepest Oceanic Trenches
36 Physicists Create New Isotope of Mendelevium
37 Three Ancient Roman Boats Reconstructed in 3D
38 Physicists Verify Half-Century-Old Theory about Rotating Black Holes
39 Two Venus-Zone Planets Found Orbiting Nearby Red Dwarf
40 Researchers Develop World's Smallest Molecular Motor
41 European Medicinal Leech Genome Sequenced
42 Astronomers Find Neptune-Sized Exoplanet within Debris Disk around Nearby Star AU Microscopii
43 Planetary Researchers Explore Habitability of Europa's Ocean
44 GW190814 Sheds Light on Mass Gap between Neutron Stars and Black Holes
45 Breakthrough Listen Scans Kepler-160 System for Alien Technosignatures
46 Hubble Observes 'Flapping' Shadow of HBC 672's Planet-Forming Disk
47 Compact System of Super-Earths Found around Lacaille 9352
48 Giant Wombat-Like Marsupials Roamed Australia 25 Million Years Ago
49 Sled Dogs Emerged Over 9,500 Years Ago in Siberia: Study
50 Hubble Spots Flocculent Spiral Galaxy
51 Study: Bottlenose Dolphins Learn Foraging Skills from Their Peers
52 Thylacosmilus Was Not a Saber-Tooth Predator
53 Astronomers Find Monster Quasar in Early Universe
54 SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Produces Long Tentacles in Infected Cells
55 Humans Navigate with Stereo Sense of Smell
56 Far-UVC Light Efficiently Inactivates Airborne Seasonal Coronaviruses
57 Archaeologists Find Toxic Chemicals in Water Reservoirs of Ancient Maya City of Tikal
58 Massive Variable Star Mysteriously Disappears from Distant Dwarf Galaxy
59 Giant Starspots May Explain Bizarre Dimming of Betelgeuse
60 Dancing Stars and Black Holes in a Cosmic Cloud of Gas: Investigating the "Common Envelope Phase"
61 After Two Years of Drought Ends, Southeastern Australia Turns Green
62 Potentially Deadly Heart Rhythm Disturbance Induced by Chloroquine Therapy for COVID-19
63 New Processing Technology for Maximizing Energy Densities of High-Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries
64 Open Source All-Atom Models of Full-Length COVID-19 'S' Protein Produced by Scientists
65 Hubble Spies "Knife Edge Galaxy" About 50 Million Light-Years from Earth
66 The Far Side of the Moon Has a Strange Asymmetry--Scientists Think They Finally Understand Why
67 MIT Automated Tabletop Fast Protein Synthesis Machine May Accelerate Drug Development
68 New High-Precision Technology Cuts Atom-Sized Patterns into 2D Materials
69 Biologists Unravel Tangled Mystery of Plant Cell Growth--Insight Could Lead to Bigger Crops and Better Yields
70 Pathbreaking Platform for Quantum Simulation: A Metal-Like Quantum Gas
71 Evidence Pluto Started Out with Liquid Oceans that Have Been Slowly Freezing Over Time
72 COVID-19 Patient with Acute Respiratory Distress Cured by Cancer Drug
73 Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients 10x More Likely to Develop Cardiac Arrhythmias
74 Adult-Born Neurons Grow More than Their Counterparts from Infancy--May Even Have Unique Functions
75 US Beekeepers Report Abnormally High Summer Losses After Lower Winter Losses
76 Initial COVID-19 Infection Rate in U.S. May Be 80 Times Greater than Originally Reported
77 Period of Extreme Cold in Ancient Rome Linked to Eruption of Alaska's Okmok Volcano
78 Scientists Warn About COVID-19 Transmission to Animals--Including Pets and Livestock
79 Speeding-Up Quantum Computing Using Giant Atomic Ions--100 Million Times Larger than Normal Atoms
80 Life in the Galaxy: Huge Simulations Find Some "Completely Unexpected" Results
81 Superconducting Magnets of the Future in the Making at CERN
82 Moon Mountains Magnified During Ring of Fire Eclipse
83 NIH Halts Clinical Trial of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19--Here's Why
84 At Long Last: An Answer to the Mystery Surrounding Matter and Antimatter
85 Tissue-Like Pressure Sensors Key to Bionic Breast Project
86 Blocking Sugar Metabolism Slows the Growth of Lung Cancer Tumors
87 Get Your Hands Dirty for Health: Call to Restore Urban Biodiversity, Post COVID-19 Pandemic
88 Enticing Clues to Formation of Exotic Worlds from Young Giant Planet
89 NASA Double Asteroid Redirection Test: First Planetary Defense Mission Target Gets a New Name
90 Unusual "Volcano Track" Clouds Investigated
91 Astronomers Stunned by Black Hole with a Puzzling Companion: "An Unexpected and Really Exciting Discovery!"
92 Mystery Astronomical Object in 'Mass Gap' Discovered by LIGO-Virgo Gravitational-Wave Observatory
93 Machine Learning Has a Huge Flaw: It's Gullible
94 Solid-State Laser Refrigeration of Nanoscale Sensors Achieved--Could Revolutionize Bio-Imaging and Quantum Communication
95 The Thing--Analysis of Mysterious Giant Egg, the First Ever Found in Antarctica
96 Human Impact on Wildlife Revealed by COVID-19 Lockdown
97 Teleportation Is Indeed Possible--At Least in the Quantum World
98 Existence of Two Giant Newborn Planets in PDS 70 System Confirmed by Astronomers
99 Virtually Captured: Biomechanical Snapping Mechanisms of the Venus Flytrap Revealed
100 Meteorologists Shocked as Heat and Fire Scorches Siberia
101 Mouse Trap for Magnetic Waves: Researchers Build Sensor Consisting of Only 11 Atoms
102 MIT Engineers Develop Super-Strong Surgical Tape that Painlessly Detaches on Demand
103 NASA's Mars Helicopter Will Be the First Aircraft on Another Planet--Here's How It Will Reach the Red Planet's Surface
104 Rice Genetically Altered to Contain Anti-Hypertensive Peptides--Eating a Spoonful Lowers Blood Pressure
105 Enigmatic and Strange--300-Million-Year-Old Fish Resembles a Sturgeon, but with Key Differences
106 Experts Say There's a "Very Low" Risk of Unknown Health Hazards from Exposure to 5G Wireless Networks
107 Xenophyophores: Four Freaky New Species of Giant Single-Celled Organisms Discovered on Pacific Seafloor
108 Parkinson's Disease Eliminated in Mice by One-Time Genetic Treatment that Generates New Neurons
109 Incredible 10-Year Time Lapse of Sun from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory [Video]
110 The Surprisingly Simple Way Researchers Say a Second COVID-19 Wave Could Be Avoided