File Title
1 Implants: Can special coatings reduce complications after implant surgery?
2 Breast cancer drug, olaparib, depletes store of immature eggs in mouse ovaries
3 Amber fossils unlock true color of 99-million-year-old insects
4 Findings weaken notion that size equals strength for neural connections
5 Respiratory droplet motion, evaporation and spread of COVID-19-type pandemics
6 A cosmic mystery: ESO telescope captures the disappearance of a massive star
7 Scientists urge business and government to treat PFAS chemicals as a class
8 Fat check: Yale researchers find explanation for stress' damage in brown fat
9 New strategy emerges for vaccine against methicillin-resistant staphylococcal aureus
10 Spider silk can create lenses useful for biological imaging
11 Face mask construction, materials matter for containing coughing, sneezing droplets
12 Brain iron accumulation linked to cognitive decline in Alzheimer's patients
13 3D ultrasound enables accurate, noninvasive measurements of blood flow
14 Goodbye Northwestern Crow, hello Mexican Duck
15 Understanding the circadian clocks of individual cells
16 Cause of abnormal groundwater rise after large earthquake
17 In the Arctic, spring snowmelt triggers fresh CO2 production
18 Controlled human infection models and SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development
19 Researchers outline adapted health communications principles for the COVID-19 pandemic
20 Charcoal a weapon to fight superoxide-induced disease, injury
21 New Yorkers grow more hesitant about a return to normalcy, poll shows
22 Giant leap in diagnosing liver disease
23 Treatments tested for invasive pest on allium crops
24 NIH ACTIV working group weighs human challenge studies for SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development
25 Radar points to moon being more metallic than researchers thought
26 Financial conflicts of interest are often not disclosed in spinal surgery journals
27 UM Bio Station researchers unlock mystery of subterranean stoneflies
28 Jellyfish-inspired soft robots can outswim their natural counterparts
29 Study confirms ultra music festival likely stressful to fish
30 Consumption of products derived from vulnerable wildlife species pervasive in Laos
31 Long-term culture of human pancreatic slices reveals regeneration of beta cells
32 A simpler way to make sensory hearing cells
33 New system combines smartphone videos to create 4D visualizations
34 Need to check patient's jugular venous pressure? There's an app for that
35 Higher concentration of metal in Moon's craters provides new insights to its origin
36 Feeds of the future
37 Showing pro-diversity feelings are the norm makes individuals more tolerant
38 Study: 35% of excess deaths in pandemic's early months tied to causes other than COVID-19
39 Energy-saving servers: Data storage 2.0
40 Coordinating complex behaviors between hundreds of robots
41 Different tracks, same dinosaurs: Brown researchers dig deeper into dinosaur movements
42 Alarming long-term effects of insecticides weaken ant colonies
43 SUNY Downstate study finds wide variation in trust of health information by Hispanics
44 Why memory-forming neurons are vulnerable to Alzheimer's
45 Clinical-grade wearables offer continuous monitoring for COVID-19
46 Moffitt develops tool to detect patients at high risk for poor lung cancer outcomes
47 Elucidating how asymmetry confers chemical properties
48 Laser takes pictures of electrons in crystals
49 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Individual decisions to reduce movement--even before state-wide stay-at-home policies were introduced--likely helped slow the spread of COVID-19 in the USA
50 New plastic biomaterials could lead to tougher, more versatile medical implants
51 How to bring conservation messaging into wildlife-based tourism
52 Knowledge of severe storm patterns may improve tornado warnings
53 B-cell protectors
54 Women who experience high blood pressure during pregnancy more likely to develop heart disease
55 Study shows asthma drug salbutamol's potential as Alzheimer's treatment
56 CityU's CRISPR-assisted novel method detects RNA-binding proteins in living cells
57 FAST detects neutral hydrogen emission from extragalactic galaxies for the first time
58 The combination of four drugs at low doses is more effective in the treatment of a lung cancer
59 A binary star as a cosmic particle accelerator
60 Identified the genetic landscape of myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative neoplasms
61 High-end microscopy refined
62 Cancer cells make blood vessels drug resistant during chemotherapy
63 The mystery of pollen sterility and its reversion in pigeon pea revealed in a new study
64 Researchers from University of Turku have described over 40 new species in 2020
65 Tabletop quantum experiment could detect gravitational waves
66 Material research: New chemistry for ultra-thin gas sensors
67 Is not helping a bad person good or bad?
68 Building a harder diamond
69 Scientists discover a new mechanism controlling liver cancer development
70 Scientists use a Teflon pipe to make a cheap, simple reactor for silica particle synthesis
71 A shake-up in cell culturing: Flame sterilization may affect the culture
72 Science snapshots July 2020
73 Why do arteries age? Study explores link to gut bacteria, diet
74 Research shows telehealth is an important tool for rural hospitals in treating COVID-19
75 Traffic data show drastic changes in Floridians' behavior at onset of the pandemic
76 Exercise can slow or prevent vision loss, study finds
77 Individuals physically distanced before state mandates, slowing COVID-19 spread
78 Children's National Hospital quality initiative changes culture of antibiotic prescribing in NICU
79 Researchers develop computational model to build better capacitors
80 Quantum fluctuations can jiggle objects on the human scale
81 School absenteeism has surprising consequences for adults
82 Growing numbers of alcohol related hospital admissions linked to local spending cuts
83 Understanding molecular mechanisms of air pollution's impact on ILD critical
84 Leading academics call for statutory levy on gambling firms to reduce harm
85 First exposed planetary core discovered
86 New study finds that menopause increases risk of metabolic syndrome
87 To listen is to survive: Unravelling how plants process information
88 Smart structures: Structural cells of the body control immune function
89 Why are patient and public voices absent in COVID-19 policy-making?
90 Meeting recommended weekly physical activity levels linked to lower risk of death
91 Review finds major weaknesses in evidence base for COVID-19 antibody tests
92 Infant sleep problems can signal mental disorders in adolescents--Study
93 Ultrafast insulin formulation may enable faster management of blood sugar in diabetes
94 Research finds new approach to treating certain neurological diseases
95 Addiction care barriers fell due to COVID-19; experts see challenges in keeping them down
96 Researchers develop a new ultrafast insulin
97 Materials scientists drill down to vulnerabilities involved in human tooth decay
98 New drug reduces stroke damage in mice
99 New study confirms high prevalence of depression during the menopause transition
100 Lifetime discrimination may increase risk of hypertension among African Americans
101 Fussy eating--and parents' stress--remedied by online guide
102 Loss of intestinal goblet cells causes fatal disease after stem cell transplantation
103 Role models have major influence on female university choices
104 First exposed planetary core discovered allows glimpse inside other worlds
105 East and West Germany exhibit health disparities 30 years after reunification
106 Hydrated eutectic electrolytes help improve performance of aqueous zn batteries
107 How does our brain fold? Study reveals new genetic insights
108 Crystal wars
109 Complexity of human tooth enamel revealed at atomic level in NIH-funded study
110 Does deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's increase risk of dementia?
111 Study: Fever-associated seizures after vaccination do not affect development, behavior
112 Spanish language increasingly more relevant to presidential elections
113 GPS isn't just for road trips anymore
114 Aboriginal artifacts reveal first ancient underwater cultural sites in Australia
115 First confirmed underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites found off Australian coast
116 Level of media coverage for scientific research linked to number of citations
117 Common fireworks release toxic metals into the air
118 Indices of health under our feet