File Title
1 Global warming will cause ecosystems to produce more methane than first predicted
2 Ecosystem degradation could raise risk of pandemics
3 First measurement of spin-orbit alignment on planet Beta Pictoris b
4 Asteroid impact, not volcanoes, made the Earth uninhabitable for dinosaurs
5 Beavers gnawing away at the permafrost
6 Closer threats inspire a more primitive kind of fear
7 Deforestation and land-clearing are taking a toll on Brazil's corn yield
8 Producing a gaseous messenger molecule inside the body, on demand
9 Stanford researchers reveal air pollution's connection to infant mortality
10 WFIRM scientists prove bioengineered uteri support pregnancy
11 Gold mining restricts Amazon rainforest recovery
12 Preterm delivery increases long-term risks of ischemic heart disease in women throughout their life
13 Soft coral garden discovered in Greenland's deep sea
14 New extinct family of giant wombat relatives discovered in Australian desert
15 Ohio State study finds exercise increases benefits of breast milk for babies
16 Blood pressure connected to eye health in young children
17 Stanford-led team shows how to store data using 2D materials instead of silicon chips
18 Metformin-based therapy should be first-line treatment for patients with T2D at low CV risk [plus additional topics]
19 Lifting weights makes your nervous system stronger, too
20 Ancient disease may increase resilience to bubonic plague
21 Quantum physics provides a way to hide ignorance
22 Human-Artificial intelligence collaborations best for skin cancer diagnosis
23 Food taxes and subsidies would bring major health gains, study shows
24 How stress affects bone marrow
25 The "eyes" say more than the "mouth" and can distinguish English sounds
26 Toward principles of gene regulation in multicellular systems?
27 New Curtin research uncovers the two 'faces' of the Earth
28 More than medicine: Pain-relief drug delivers choices for mothers in labor
29 Excess neutrinos and missing gamma rays?
30 UTEP research reveals more about path bacterial pathogen travels to cause tuberculosis
31 Mathematical noodling leads to new insights into an old fusion problem
32 Scientists shed new light on how seabirds cruise through air and water
33 Traditional strength training vs. jump training for physically inactive young adults
34 Time trends in pregnancy-related outcomes among American women with type 1 diabetes
35 Hints at jaw evolution found in marsupials and monotremes
36 As wildfires flare up across West, research highlights risk of ecological change
37 New materials of perovskite challenge the chemical intuition
38 Microscope allows gentle, continuous imaging of light-sensitive corals
39 Study reveals magnetic process that can lead to more energy-efficient memory in computers
40 A new view of microscopic interactions
41 COVID-19: Study shows virus can infect heart cells in lab dish
42 Novel potassium channel activator which acts as a potential anticonvulsant discovered
43 Geologists identify deep-earth structures that may signal hidden metal lodes
44 New treatment strategy may benefit patients with brain cancer
45 Oncotarget: IQGAP1 control of centrosome function defines variants of breast cancer
46 RDA publishes final version of COVID-19 recommendations and guidelines on data sharing
47 New winter squash decline research paves the way for understanding the disease
48 Breaking the silence: scientists investigate epigenetic impact across whole genome
49 Sneaky salmonella finds a backdoor into plants
50 MIPT bioinformaticians find way to personalize drug prescription against stomach cancer
51 Just add sugar: How a protein's small change leads to big trouble for cells
52 Next-generation sequencing to provide precision medicine for rare metabolic disorders
53 Universal gut microbiome-derived signature predicts cirrhosis
54 Glowing dye may aid in eliminating cancer
55 About half of people use health technology to communicate with their health providers
56 COVID-19 causes 'hyperactivity' in blood-clotting cells
57 New genomic atlas of the developing human brain
58 Many antibiotic substitutions for self-reported penicillin allergies likely unnecessary
59 Brain receptor pulls open electrical gate like a puppet master
60 Light drinking may protect brain function
61 For cardiac rehab patients, in-home portable air cleaners lower fine-particle pollutant exposure
62 Study asks who's playing 'hard-to-get' and who's attracted by the ploy
63 Plant tissue engineering improves drought and salinity tolerance
64 Research shows quality of prostate MRI is highly variable among institutions
65 NASA's TESS delivers new insights into an ultrahot world
66 Nearly half of Americans lack knowledge of burn injuries and treatment
67 Malaria's secret to surviving in the blood uncovered
68 Study gauges how Kansans get information on COVID-19, which sources they trust
69 A data treasure for gait analysis
70 Kessler survey shows education paves the way to employment for youth with disabilities
71 Light from inside the tunnel
72 Electrochemical reaction powers new drug discoveries
73 Ohio University professor, alum publish paper on record warming of the South Pole
74 Life-hack: Rituals spell anxiety relief
75 Chanterelle mushrooms as a taste enhancer
76 Ethics and AI: An unethical optimization principle
77 Wild bees depend on the landscape structure
78 Researchers identify multiple molecules that shut down SARS-Cov-2 polymerase reaction
79 Microplastic pollution accumulates heavily in coastal areas such as fjords and estuaries
80 Buzzing to rebuild broken bone
81 'Morning sickness' is misleading and inaccurate, new study argues
82 World's widest graphene nanoribbon promises the next generation of miniaturized electronics
83 Scientists develop N-doped self-cleaning membranes that use visible light irradiation
84 Auditory hallucinations rooted in aberrant brain connectivity
85 Discovery of new step in how brain cells work could lead to new therapies for epilepsy
86 Novel pathology could improve diagnosis and treatment of Huntington's and other diseases
87 Whole-town study reveals more than 40% of COVID-19 infections had no symptoms
88 Decoding material wear with supercomputers
89 No touching: Skoltech researchers find contactless way to measure thickness of carbon nanotube films
90 A vaccine targeting aged cells mitigates metabolic disorders in obese mice
91 Study finds that plastic recycling from Europe being dumped in Asian waters
92 Functional in silico dissection of the brain during the natural wake-sleep cycle
93 Researchers have found a promising therapy for cardiac regeneration
94 Discovery of key protein behind cancer relapse and progression can lead to new therapies
95 Scientists develop novel predictable multi-nucleotide deletion systems in plants
96 Roadside hedges protect human health at the cost of plant health
97 Revisiting energy flow in photosynthetic plant cells
98 From age 8 we spontaneously link vocal to facial emotion
99 Rutgers co-leads first nationwide study of COVID-19 related multiple inflammatory syndrome
100 To support lactating emergency physicians, consider these strategies
101 Research reveals fishing pressures affect tropical and temperate reefs differently
102 Pandemic resource allocation needs to address health inequity
103 Novel software reveals molecular barcodes that distinguish different cell types
104 A revolutionary new treatment alternative to corneal transplantation
105 Countries group into clusters as COVID-19 outbreak spreads
106 To find giant black holes, start with Jupiter
107 Lab-grown 'mini-brains' suggest COVID-19 virus can infect human brain cells
108 Major new paleoclimatology study shows global warming has upended 6,500 years of cooling
109 Could your computer please be more polite? Thank you
110 Seeing is believing: Effectiveness of facemasks