File Title
1 One in four UK adults at risk of hunger and potential malnutrition following lockdown
2 Breakthrough discovery to transform prostate cancer treatment
3 Shining light on a malignant lung cancer
4 Profiling of lone terrorists is flawed
5 Not so robust: robusta coffee more sensitive to warming than previously thought
6 Which came first?
7 What does the "love hormone" do? It's complicated
8 Dirac electrons come back to life in magic-angle graphene
9 Get your hands dirty for health
10 Otago research reveals how mating influences females' life history and aging
11 Being 'mind-blind' may make remembering, dreaming and imagining harder, study finds
12 Slow release of two chemicals protects the heart after experimental heart attacks
13 Bioactive factors-imprinted scaffold vehicles for promoting bone healing
14 Genetic study of Arabian horses challenges some common beliefs about the ancient breed
15 Researchers study myxobacteria's ability to distinguish self from non-self
16 Alzheimer's: New gene may drive earliest brain changes
17 UTEP professor collaborates on LGBTQ+ COVID-19 Texas study
18 Climate change and the rise of the Roman Empire and the fall of the Ptolemies
19 Decline in green energy spending might offset COVID-era emissions benefits
20 Proportion of children born into care in England now one in 200
21 Study finds HCV-positive livers safe for transplantation; Patients cured afterward
22 Fluorocarbon bonds are no match for light-powered nanocatalyst
23 Immune cells infiltrating tumors may play bigger cancer role than previously thought
24 Virginia Tech scientists confirm usually harmless virus attacks the heart's electrical system
25 Study finds new mentoring model supports underrepresented minority women faculty in STEM
26 Research in land plants shows nanoplastics accumulating in tissues
27 New design for 'optical ruler' could revolutionize clocks, telescopes, telecommunications
28 'Game changer' for reporters: 2016 US presidential election coverage
29 Mouse model identified to study common form of heart failure linked to age-related obesity
30 Geometry of intricately fabricated glass makes light trap itself
31 SLAC and Stanford scientists home in on pairs of atoms that boost a catalyst's activity
32 Brazilian scientists develop COVID-19 accelerometer
33 Oil forecasting technique adapted for spreadsheets may cut shale operator costs
34 TGen, Ashion and HonorHealth: Organoids can help pinpoint the right therapies for cancer patients
35 New battery electrolyte developed at Stanford may boost the performance of electric vehicles
36 Pioneering research reveals certain human genes relate to gut bacteria
37 COVID-19 lockdown reveals human impact on wildlife
38 Product recommendation systems can help with search of antiviral drugs
39 Hormone involved in obesity is a risk factor for sepsis
40 300-million-year-old fish resembles a sturgeon but took a different evolutionary path
41 Undergraduate student discovers 18 new species of aquatic beetle in South America
42 Urine test reveals quality of your diet--and whether it's the best fit for your body
43 Satellites have drastically changed how we forecast hurricanes
44 Proper location of solid feed can improve nutrient intake and growth of dairy calves prior to weaning
45 Recovery from airline delays works best with future disruptions in mind
46 Helping to protect the most illegally trafficked mammals in the world
47 Black cancer patients better represented in publicly-funded clinical trials
48 Initial COVID-19 infection rate may be 80 times greater than originally reported
49 UMN report shows sexually transmitted infections continue to rise among MN youth
50 Researchers say genetics may determine wound infection and healing
51 Strainoptronics: A new way to control photons
52 Bread mould avoids infection by mutating its own DNA
53 Focused ultrasound shows promise against deadliest brain tumor
54 Southwestern correctional facilities' drinking water puts inmate health at risk
55 Positive YouTube videos of wolves linked to greater tolerance
56 The human brain tracks speech more closely in time than other sounds
57 Super-resolution microscopy reveals a twist inside of cells
58 CHOP study finds remote monitoring effectively detects seizures in at-risk newborns
59 Experimentally identifying effective theories in many-body systems
60 Are protected areas effective at maintaining large carnivore populations?
61 Tsetse flytraps: Biotechnology for Africa's rural population
62 Nuclear softening allows cells to move into dense tissue, encouraging injury repair
63 The injury rate of dominant leg of soccer players is identical with the non-dominant one
64 Protecting natural forest in oil palm plantations crucial for conservation
65 Parallel evolution in three-spined sticklebacks
66 Early pandemic paradox: fewer UK deaths from December 2019 to March 2020 compared to the previous 5 years
67 Mysterious climate change
68 A fresh twist in chiral topology
69 Catalyzing a green future
70 Scientists support the use of ultraviolet light to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission indoors
71 Economic and social consequences of human mobility restrictions under COVID-19
72 A second COVID-19 wave could be avoided if social distancing and the use of face masks are maintained
73 Enhanced secondary haze by emission reduction during COVID-19 lockdown in China
74 Chronobiology: Researchers identify genes that tell plants when to flower
75 World's fastest Bose-Einstein condensate
76 EMBL survey studies effects of COVID-19 pandemic on life scientists
77 Quantifying creativity to expand it? Better art begins with better understanding
78 Washing away stubborn biofilms using fungal cleaning products
79 Diagnosing brain tumors with a blood test
80 Seasonal sea ice changes hold clues to controlling CO2 levels, ancient ice shows
81 Smokers good at math are more likely to want to quit
82 Researchers forecast COVID-19 pandemic could delay clean energy transition
83 Bright spot during COVID-19: Increased power from solar panels thanks to cleaner air
84 Online program improves insomnia in adolescent and young adult cancer survivors
85 This enigmatic protein sculpts DNA to repair harmful damage
86 Better measure of 'good cholesterol' can gauge heart attack and stroke risk in some populations
87 SARS-CoV-2: New insights on antibody testing and RNA testing
88 Fish farming alters microbial communities, and reduces nitrate levels in pond ecosystems
89 Direct reprogramming: Defying the contemporary limitations in cardiac regeneration
90 Scientists produce first open source all-atom models of full-length COVID-19 'S' protein
91 Biologists unravel tangled mystery of plant cell growth
92 Study led by City of Hope, TGen shows new way of ID'ing tumor response to immunotherapy
93 Giving people 'digital literacy' tips can help them spot dubious information online
94 Human-derived mercury shown to pollute the world's deepest ocean trenches
95 New class of precision medicine strips cancer of its DNA defenses
96 New technique may enable all-optical data-center networks
97 Evidence supports 'hot start' scenario and early ocean formation on Pluto
98 Life in the galaxy: maybe this is as good as it gets?
99 A Metal-like Quantum Gas: A pathbreaking platform for quantum simulation
100 Preventing lithium loss for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries
101 New article clarifies details of COVID-19 respiratory transmission
102 Super-strong surgical tape detaches on demand
103 Artificial night sky poses serious threat to coastal species
104 Critically ill COVID-19 patients are 10 times more likely to develop cardiac arrhythmias
105 Study: Planting new forests is part of but not the whole solution to climate change
106 Research sheds new light on the role of sea ice in controlling atmospheric carbon levels
107 Biomarker test highly accurate in detecting early kidney cancer
108 Click...Resistant bacteria caught in the act!
109 Design flaws in Universal Credit for couples revealed as claims soar
110 LJI scientists investigate a powerful protein behind antibody development
111 Sugary drink tax models show health gains, cost reductions, but vary by tax design
112 Simple interventions can help people spot false headlines
113 FSU researchers find resilience, not loneliness in nationwide study of pandemic response
114 Eruption of Alaska's Okmok volcano linked to period of extreme cold in ancient Rome
115 Capital funding of health care in Canada is critical, yet declined in last 20 years
116 UBC study identifies social and behavioral factors most closely associated with dying
117 US beekeepers reported lower winter losses but abnormally high summer losses
118 JHU: A man who can't see numbers provides new insight into awareness
119 Synthetic materials mimic living creatures
120 Vitamin D may help prevent a common side effect of anti-cancer immunotherapy
121 New study reveals use of antibiotics on crops is more widespread than previously thought
122 Scientists provide new explanation for the far side of the Moon's strange asymmetry
123 Adult-born neurons grow more than their infancy-born counterparts
124 New tools will enhance the specificity of imaging in the mouse brain
125 Flu vaccine associated with small increased risk for subdeltoid bursitis [plus additional topics]
126 When planting trees threatens the forest
127 Changing environment at home genetically primes invasive species to take over abroad