File Title
1 Using Light Waves to Accelerate Supercurrents to Access Forbidden Light and the Quantum World
2 Scientists Explore Molecular Connections Between Genetics, Gut Microbiome, and Memory
3 A One-Time Punk Rock Guitarist Is Playing a New Tune at MIT
4 Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Prepares for Restart After Unexpected Shutdown
5 Topological Pump Transports Mechanical Energy, Even Through Damaged Pathways
6 New Rare Disease Uncovered with Own Facial Features, Cardiac Defects and Developmental Delay
7 Astronomers Look Back 11 Billion Years and See Unusual "Cosmic Ring of Fire"
8 Scientists Test Best Fabric Choices for Making a Homemade COVID Mask
9 Galactic Crash with Sagittarius May Have Triggered the Formation of Our Solar System
10 A Child's Unique Brain Activity Reveals Their Memory Ability
11 New Sex Hormone Discovered by Biologists
12 Tracking the Tinderbox: Mapping Dry Wildfire Fuels with AI and New Satellite Data
13 Scientists Eliminate Drug Side Effects by Manipulating Molecular Chirality
14 A Spreadable Interlayer Could Make Solid State Batteries More Stable and Improve Density Tenfold
15 Dementia Gene Doubles the Risk of Developing Severe COVID-19
16 Bioelectric Drugs Can Repair and Prevent Defects in Developing Frog Brains
17 A Ticketmaster for Science Seminars: MIT Mathematicians Build Portal to Online Cutting-Edge Research Talks
18 New World's Record for Fastest Internet Speed from a Single Optical Chip: 44.2 Tbps
19 How Gene Flow Between Species Influenced the Evolution of Darwin's Finches
20 Immunity to Coronaviruses: Here's What We Know So Far
21 How a Widely Used Catalyst Splits Water Finally Explained at an Atomic Level
22 Climate Velocity: The Deep Ocean Is Warming Slowly--But Dramatic Changes Are Ahead
23 Media Corruption? Car Safety Recalls Reported Less When Manufacturers Advertise More
24 Massive, Never-Before-Seen Star System Puzzles Scientists
25 Next-Gen. Laser Beams with Up to 10 Petawatts of Power Will Usher in New Era of Relativistic Plasmas Research
26 Asteroid that Doomed the Dinosaurs Struck Earth at "Deadliest Possible" Angle
27 New MIT Search-and-Rescue Algorithm Identifies Hidden "Traps" in Ocean Waters
28 NASA's Mars Orbiter Maps Electric Currents Around the Red Planet--Fundamental to Atmospheric Loss
29 Evidence Shows Cloth Masks May Help Against COVID-19--Especially Those with Several Layers of Cotton Cloth
30 Physicists Build Hybrid Quantum System by Entangling Molecule with Atom--Could Enable Large-Scale Quantum Computers
31 Toxic Chemicals--Including a Pesticide--Identified in Fracking Wastewater
32 Scientists Find Unique Structure--That Repeats Itself Throughout Nature--In Unexpected Corner of the Universe
33 Landmark NASA SpaceX Commercial Crew Test Flight Coverage Schedule
34 Deep Biosphere Microbes: Life Is Bubbling Up from Sediments Deep Below the Ocean Floor
35 NASA Astronaut Robert Behnken Ready for Today's Historic SpaceX Crew Dragon Liftoff
36 Artificial Intelligence Consumes a Startling Amount of Power--MIT System Reduces the Carbon Footprint
37 SpaceX Reaches for Milestone in Spaceflight--a Private Company Launches Astronauts into Orbit at Low Cost
38 Study Confirms Cats Can Become Infected with COVID-19
39 High-Speed "Electron Camera" Captures the Coordinated Dance Between Electrons and Nuclei in a Light-Excited Molecule
40 Strange New Class of Cosmic Explosions Discovered by Astronomers
41 Dark Matter Search Project--Using a Time Projection Chamber Nearly a Mile Underground--Carefully Ramps Up Science Work
42 Large Hadron Collider ATLAS Finds Evidence of Spectacular Four-Top Quark Production
43 Cosmic Fast Radio Bursts Detect Universe's "Missing Matter"--Solving a Decades-Old Mystery
44 Cyclones Can Damage Distant Coral Reefs 1000 Km Away--10x Further than Conventional Modeling
45 Vaccines Find More Success in Development than Any Other Kind of Drug, but...
46 Jurassic Dinosaurs Turned to Scavenging--Maybe Even Cannibalism--In Stressed Ecosystems
47 New Clues to Deep Earthquakes Could Help Unravel One of the Most Mysterious Geophysical Processes on Earth
48 Orbital Use Fees Proposed as the Most Effective Way to Solve the Space Junk Problem
49 Chimpanzee Lip-Smacks Help Trace the Evolution of Human Speech Back to Ancient Ancestors
50 Silent COVID-19 Infection May Be Far More Common than Thought--High Rate of False Negative Test Results
51 Mass Extinction Event Caused by Erosion of the Ozone Layer
52 Third European Service Module for Artemis Mission to Land Astronauts on the Moon
53 Cosmic Search Continues for Supermassive Black Hole Collisions
54 Tiny Three-Dimensional Chessboards Could Lead to "Paper Electronics"
55 'Bee' Thankful for the Evolution of Pollen--Discovery Made with Highly Detailed Electron Scanning Microscope
56 COVID-19: Domestic Violence Up, Traffic Stops and Burglaries Down
57 Jupiter's Plant-Sized Moons--Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto--Are Fascinating Worlds of Their Own
58 Researchers Create Bionic Jellyfish that Swim Faster and More Efficiently
59 Meet SHERLOC--The Detective Aboard NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover
60 Sea Snakes Have Been Modifying Genetically to See Underwater for 15 Million Years
61 Active Galactic Nuclei Core Ignition Triggered by Galaxy Mergers
62 New 'Whirling' State of Matter Discovered: Self-Induced Spin Glass
63 Chaos Helps Achieve Broadest Microcomb Spectral Span on Record
64 Multinational Consortium Reports "Encouraging News" for Some Cancer Patients with COVID-19
65 Wearing Face Masks at Home 79% Effective at Curbing COVID-19 Transmission to Family Members Before Symptoms Emerge
66 Climate Could Cause Abrupt British Vegetation Changes According to High Resolution Study
67 New Research Reveals Cannabis on Iron Age Altars at the Judahite Shrine of Biblical Arad
68 SSRI Antidepressants Associated with Increase in Violent Crime in Some People
69 Bio-Inspired "Antifreeze" Formula Provides More Durable Concrete
70 New Study Outlines a Roadmap for Effective Treatment of COVID-19
71 New MIT Random Number Algorithm Could Help Analyses of Complex Systems, from Earth's Climate to Financial Markets
72 One Large Stellar Latte to Go--Hubble Captures Galaxy First Spotted by William Herschel in 1790
73 Cats Can Spread COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection to Other Cats
74 New 'Planetary Quarantine' Report Reviews Risks of Alien Contamination
75 Not Sure if You've Already Had Coronavirus? This Test Might Tell You [Video]
76 Greenland--Exploring the World's Largest Island from Space
77 Chinese Pterodactyl Wings Its Way to England
78 3D-Printed Nuclear Reactor Core Promises Faster, More Economical Energy
79 Single Pixel Vision Discovery in Fish Reveals Clues to How Humans Can Spot Tiny Details
80 Each Year Billions of Tons of Ocean Water Falls into the Deep Earth Lower Mantle Where It Has Extraordinary Oxidation Power
81 New Model Predicts the Peaks of the COVID-19 Pandemic Around the World
82 Presence of an Earth-Like Planet Around Our Nearest Star Confirmed--Evidence of a Mysterious Second Signal Discovered
83 Expert Analysis: When COVID-19 Meets the Next Flu Season
84 Two Students Develop Interactive Dashboard to Keep Tabs on Coronavirus Pandemic
85 Breakthrough in Artificial Photosynthetic System that Produces Clean and Renewable Energy from Sunlight and Water
86 Get Your Ticket to the Moon: Europe's First Ever Lunar Lander
87 Solar Activity Heating Up as New Sunspots Sport the Biggest Solar Flare in Years
88 Special Elemental Magic: Japanese Scientists Announce a 'Nuclear' Periodic Table
89 100 Undiscovered Galaxies May Be Out There Orbiting the Milky Way--With Dark Matter Secrets
90 MIT Machine Learning Technique Helps Map Global Ocean Communities
91 Nanodevices Track Cells from the Inside, Show How They Develop with Time
92 NASA Has Selected 8 US Manufacturers to Make New COVID-19 Ventilator
93 First Arctic Ice-Blue Noctilucent Clouds of the Season Spotted by NASA's Aim
94 Controlling Two-Dimensional Superconductors with Terahertz Light
95 Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to Study Lithium-Ion Batteries
96 Bombardment by Asteroids and Comets in Another Planetary System Predicted by Astronomers
97 100-Year-Old Physics Problem Finally Solved--Accurately Predicts Transmission of Infectious Diseases
98 Trees Are Getting Shorter, Younger--Changing Forest Conditions Started Decades Ago
99 Newly Developed Vaccines Protect Against COVID-19 in Macaques Study
100 Discovery of Massive Galaxy Just 1.5 Billion Years After the Big Bang Has Astronomers Questioning Formation Models
101 Paleontologist Finds Cannibalism in Predatory Jurassic Dinosaurs
102 New Space Telescope, CHEOPS, Will Improve the Hunt for Exoplanets
103 Earth from Space: An Incredible View of Abu Dhabi
104 Researchers Use CLOUD Chamber at CERN to Find a Potential Explanation for Urban Smog
105 Terrestrial Species Outpaced by Marine Species in the Race Against Global Warming
106 Rethinking Tsunami Protection: Park-Like Defenses Can Provide a Sustainable Alternative to Towering Seawalls
107 Historic Test Flight of SpaceX Crew Dragon Launches NASA Astronauts
108 SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launches Crew Dragon Spacecraft with NASA Astronauts: "A Great Day for America"
109 $3 Million Kavli Prizes Awarded to Scientists for Discoveries in Astrophysics, Nanoscience, Neuroscience
110 New Research Points to Treatment for COVID-19 Cytokine Storms, Solution to Global Pandemic