File Title
1 Beyond the garnish: Will a new type of produce get the microgreen light?
2 AMP releases preliminary results to nationwide SARS-CoV-2 molecular testing survey
3 Genomic analysis shows long-term genetic mixing in West Asia before world's first cities
4 Cincinnati children's HLH research points to treatment for COVID-19 cytokine storms
5 New technology enables fast protein synthesis
6 Multinational consortium reports COVID-19 impact on cancer patients
7 SSRI antidepressants associated with increase in violent crime in some patients
8 New report discusses coffee's effect on digestion and digestive disorders
9 Wearing face masks at home might help ward off COVID-19 spread among family members
10 4,000 years of contact, conflict & cultural change had little genetic impact in Near East
11 Users of high-potency cannabis four times more likely to report associated problems
12 Adolescent exposure to anesthetics may cause alcohol use disorder, new research shows
13 Climate could cause abrupt British vegetation changes
14 Unique 'home built' device provides fast disease analysis in kidneys affected by diabetes
15 The death marker protein cleans up your muscles after exercise
16 Immunotherapy improves survival in patients with advanced bladder cancer
17 Revealing how flies make decisions on the fly to survive
18 New molecule stops drug cravings in mice, with fewer side effects
19 Public option would lower health premiums, but not greatly expand coverage
20 New research reveals Cannabis and Frankincense at the Judahite Shrine of Biblical Arad
21 Imaging reveals unexpected contractions in the human placenta
22 American Indians and Alaska Natives have disproportionately higher rates of CVD
23 Summer forage capabilities of tepary bean and guar in the southern great plains
24 New 'whirling' state of matter discovered in an element of the periodic table
25 Global environmental changes are leading to shorter, younger trees--new study
26 Modified Parkinson's drug shows potential in treating nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
27 Human mobility and Western Asia's early state-level societies
28 Inequities in access to kidney transplantation exist even with universal healthcare
29 Antarctic ice sheets capable of retreating up to 50 meters per day
30 MRI pregnancy study gives new insights into the all-important placenta
31 Global environmental changes leading to shorter, younger trees
32 Stanford Medicine study details molecular effects of exercise
33 Sea snakes have been adapting to see underwater for 15 million years
34 Who were the Canaanites? New insight from 73 ancient genomes
35 Scientists discover a gene to stay thin
36 Out-of-sync brain waves may underlie learning deficit linked to schizophrenia
37 UTEP study examines COVID-19 stress, coping strategies, and well-being
38 Largest study of its kind of women in labor finds nitrous oxide safe, side effects rare
39 RIT scientists develop method to help epidemiologists map spread of COVID-19
40 Oesophageal surgery: Quality increases with larger case volumes
41 How the coronavirus could be prevented from invading a host cell
42 Evolution of pandemic coronavirus outlines path from animals to humans
43 A rising tide of marine disease? How parasites respond to a warming world
44 Study: Paper-thin gallium oxide transistor handles more than 8,000 volts
45 Bangladeshi eggplant farmers reap rewards via genetics
46 Assessing cancer diagnosis in children with birth defects
47 Study: Public health campaigns can do better on cannabis harm reduction
48 Paid sick leave mandates hold promise in containing COVID-19
49 Trastuzumab combined with trimodality treatment does not improve outcomes for patients
50 Older men worry less than others about COVID-19
51 Using brain imaging to demonstrate weaker neural suppression for those with autism
52 Combined cediranib and olaparib presents similar activity to standard of care treatment
53 New model predicts the peaks of the COVID-19 pandemic
54 Trastuzumab achieves slight reduction in recurrence for women with HER2-positive DCIS
55 Researchers conduct metabolite analysis of ALS patient blood plasma
56 SARS-CoV-2 possibly emerged from shuffling and selection of viral genes across different species
57 Watcher' tracks coronavirus in Cincinnati and beyond
58 Scientists develop sorbent for purifying water from radioactive elements
59 Researchers identify healthcare data defects, create software for easier defect detection
60 Targeted therapy tepotinib for non-small cell lung cancer with MET exon 14 skipping mutation shows durable response
61 COVID-19 patients who undergo surgery are at increased risk of postoperative death
62 Targeted therapy pralsetinib achieves high response rates in advanced cancers with RET gene fusions
63 Researchers examine data to identify optimal vasopressor treatment for rare type of stroke
64 Adoptive T-cell therapy ADP-A2M4 targeting MAGE-A4 shows early activity in patients with advanced solid tumors
65 A hormone--plant style
66 Researchers develop new method to map cholesterol metabolism in brain
67 'Black nitrogen'
68 Better outcomes, lower cost in first-ever oncology hospital at home evaluation
69 First cases of COVID-19 in New York City primarily from European and US sources
70 Please see special handling
71 Study: Integrating satellite and socioeconomic data to improve climate change policy
72 Solution to century-old math problem could predict transmission of infectious diseases
73 Anesthesia's effect on consciousness solved, settling century-old scientific debate
74 Taking a deep look into animals
75 How toxic protein spreads in Alzheimer's disease
76 Better prepared for future crises
77 Fearful Great Danes provide new insights to genetic causes of fear
78 Astronomers predict bombardment from asteroids and comets in another planetary system
79 Limits on evolution revealed by statistical physics
80 Glucocorticoids are harmful in treating viral respiratory infections
81 Research explores the impact of invasive grasses on South Texas landscapes
82 Blood test as a potential new weapon in the fight to eliminate malaria
83 Immunotherapy for bowel cancer could change clinical practice
84 Growing evidence that minority ethnic groups in England may be at higher risk of COVID-19
85 Government's stimulus program to boost consumer spending
86 Contamined soils determined root characteristics
87 Towards a climate neutral Europe: The land sector is key
88 People more likely to accept nudges if they know how they work and how effective they are
89 Dietary and physical activity intervention reduces LDL cholesterol level in children
90 The most common organism in the oceans harbors a virus in its DNA
91 Using riboflavin, UV light reduces SARS-CoV-2 pathogens in plasma, whole blood
92 Researchers develop experimental rapid COVID-19 test using nanoparticle technique
93 Next frontier in bacterial engineering
94 Study charts developmental map of inner ear sound sensor in mice
95 New gut-brain link: How gut mucus could help treat brain disorders
96 When COVID-19 meets flu season
97 Electronic health records fail to detect up to 33% of medication errors
98 Nilotinib appears safe and affects biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease clinical trial
99 A roadmap for effective treatment of COVID-19
100 Study reveals factors influencing outcomes in kidney cancer treated with immunotherapy
101 New streamlined assay can improve prenatal detection of alpha-thalassemia
102 Vision: Observing the world during childhood affects the rest of life
103 New streamlined assay can improve prenatal detection of alpha-thalassemia
104 Vision: Observing the world during childhood affects the rest of life
105 Heightened interaction between neolithic migrants and hunter-gatherers in Western Europe
106 How well do Germans understand weather risks?
107 'Single pixel' vision in fish helps scientists understand how humans can spot tiny details