File Title
1 Scientists unveil new concept for single-atom transistor
2 Northrop Grumman's cargo capsule departs space station
3 Pioneering Homo sapiens produced earliest modern artifacts in Europe
4 Violent meteorite impacts forged parts of the lunar crust
5 Hunter-gatherers in Africa were dairying as early as first millennium AD
6 Male, female dinosaur fossils too similar to distinguish, researchers say
7 Rising temperatures to accelerate growth of damaging plant pathogen
8 'Steering wheel' brain neurons control if mouse turns left, right, researchers find
9 Brain power in numbers: Ants use collective cognition to navigate obstacles
10 Use of 'pingers' in fishing nets reduces accidental catch of porpoises
11 Citizen scientist discovers a new comet
12 Scientists make sense of pulsating stars using NASA's TESS satellite
13 Rocket Crafters concludes tests of 3D-printed hybrid engine
14 Oyster farming has a limited impact on vulnerable shorebirds
15 Cats can catch COVID-19, no evidence they pass it to humans
16 Physicists observe quantum entanglement of 15 trillion atoms
17 Pine martens prefer neighbors, but only if they keep their distance
18 Scientists name four new Elvis worm species
19 DNA in fish feces reveals which species eat crown-of-thorns starfish
20 Self-repairing rubber made from waste ideal for variety of uses, researchers say
21 Hurricanes are increasing in intensity, long-term data indicate
22 NASA on track to launch new Mars rover in July
23 Scientist finds dozens of unknown submarine landslides in Gulf of Mexico
24 Statistical analysis reveals odds of life evolving on alien worlds
25 NASA simulates realistic galactic cosmic rays to study effects on astronaut health
26 Astronauts land in Florida ahead of historic launch to space station
27 Climate change, algae to turn Antarctica's coast green
28 NASA chief of human spaceflight resigns ahead of launch
29 Scientists discover oldest link between Native Americans, ancient Siberians
30 Squid and fish use flashes of light to disorient hungry elephant seals
31 Scientists use ultrasonic mind control on monkeys
32 SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft faces its biggest test
33 Gravitational waves can help scientists study neutron stars
34 Hunting threatens one of the world's largest bird migrations
35 Tropical forests can continue to store carbon, even as the planet gets warmer
36 Bumblebees nibble the leaves of flowers to trick them into flowering early
37 Australian scientists set Internet speed record using single optical chip
38 Artificial intelligence can predict a person's personality using only a selfie
39 Spiny lobsters make raspy noises that can be heard nearly 2 miles away
40 NASA, SpaceX review clears historic mission for launch next week
41 Italy's genetic diversity goes back at least 19,000 years, study says
42 NASA astronauts will test new SpaceX capsule, execute spacewalks
43 Virgin Orbit terminates rocket launch after releasing it over the Pacific
44 America gets ready to again see astronauts head into space from U.S. soil
45 New sampling method allows scientists to observe cellular changes over time
46 Pesticides harm honeybee nursing behavior, larval development, video shows
47 Territorial aggression between bird species more common than thought
48 Ancient genomes reveal 7,000 years of demographic history in France
49 Dinosaur-killing asteroid struck at deadliest possible angle
50 Archaeologists find Roman mosaic floor beneath a row of vines in Italy
51 Ozone layer collapse preceded mass extinction 360 million years ago
52 Wind can carry PFAS pollution miles away from manufacturing facilities
53 ESPRESSO instrument confirms presence of Earth-like star in closest star system
54 Antarctic ice sheets can retreat as fast 165 feet per day
55 Gold mining with mercury threatens health of communities miles downstream
56 Zombie fires erupt in Arctic
57 Chemical signatures of cannabis, frankincense found on Iron Age altars in Israel
58 Astronomers share video of black hole outburst
59 Solution to century-old math problem may predict disease transmission
60 Trees in forests all over the world are getting younger, shorter
61 Mammograms reduce odds for advanced, deadly breast cancer
62 FDA approves first quick antigen test for COVID-19
63 One in four children with severe COVID-19 develops organ failure, study finds
64 Baby's sleep problems could signal autism, study suggests
65 Smoking, COPD as much as double risk for severe COVID-19
66 Breaks in health insurance hurt cancer care, survival
67 Engaging children's tastes in eating decisions leads to healthier habits
68 Zika virus linked to significant developmental delays
69 Experimental HIV vaccine shows promise in monkeys
70 Baby boom unlikely after pandemic lockdowns, study says
71 Most Americans stayed home before government COVID-19 mandates
72 Heart health screening for young athletes is cost-effective
73 Gap between urban, rural heart disease death rates doubles
74 COVID-19 reaches rural America as number of cases rises
75 Special footwear might reduce pain from knee osteoarthritis, study finds
76 Behavioral condition in kids linked to inflammation in brain
77 Study: More men get COVID-19 because of blood enzyme concentration
78 Soda, sugary drinks increase heart disease risk in women by 20%, study finds
79 More than half of cancer research on hold due to COVID-19
80 Zinc might boost effectiveness of malaria drug against COVID-19, experts say
81 COPD, liver disease, hypertension, diabetes linked to unhealthy drinking
82 Most people go to work with flu-like symptoms, survey shows
83 New MRI approach might speed diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's
84 Vaccine misinformation more persuasive than experts, study finds
85 Fruits, tea, red wine may help fend off Alzheimer's disease
86 Kawasaki disease-like symptoms identified in Italian children with COVID-19
87 Trials test benefits of blood plasma from COVID-19 survivors
88 Vigorous exercise safe for people at risk for knee arthritis
89 Parkinson's patient shows improvement after stem cell therapy
90 COVID-19 at least 10 times deadlier than typical flu, analysis finds
91 Millions of older Americans face food insecurity
92 Just talking could spread COVID-19, study suggests
93 'Good bacteria' might help fight a common gynecologic infection
94 Losing weight before bariatric surgery reduces risk of death by 40%
95 Hepatitis drug interferon-alpha-2b might treat COVID-19 effectively
96 Compression stockings may not be needed after surgeries
97 Drug combo may be effective against metastatic bladder cancer
98 Teen traffic deaths decline as states enact distracted driving laws
99 'Stay-at-home' orders reduce COVID-19 cases in some areas, study finds
100 Medicaid expansion under Obamacare may have cut U.S. cancer deaths
101 Poor Americans likely to miss preventive heart screenings, study shows
102 Poorer, racially diverse neighborhoods more likely to lose health facilities
103 COVID-19 is more severe in smokers
104 COVID-19 discriminates along racial, socioeconomic lines, study finds
105 Studies show no benefit of malaria drug against COVID-19
106 Aerobic exercise can improve thinking, memory in seniors
107 COVID-19 could delay more than 28 million surgeries worldwide
108 Asthma, ADHD common among teens with vaping lung injury
109 Few COPD patients get pulmonary rehab
110 Even one high-fat meal can slow mental performance
111 Global trial to assess chloroquine against COVID-19 in health workers
112 Primary care spending lags behind growth of other healthcare expenditures
113 Autism may spur eating disorder in adolescence, study finds