File Title
1 NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Scientists Train in Nevada Desert
2 New Bioelectronic Chemical Sensor Uses Protein Nanowires for Superior Sensitivity
3 New Spectrograph on Subaru Telescope Shows "Earth-Like" TRAPPIST-1 Planetary Orbits Not Misaligned
4 Making Quantum 'Waves' in Ultrathin Materials--Plasmons Could Power a New Class of Technologies
5 Army Researchers Advance Toward Quantum Computing at Room Temperature
6 Archaeologists Uncover a Lost World and Extinct Ecosystem
7 Results from Randomized Clinical Trial Do Not Support Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19
8 Intriguing Genetics that Flipped the Food Chain to Allow Carnivorous Plants to Hunt Animals
9 Morpheus: Powerful New AI Technique Detects and Classifies Astronomical Objects
10 Satellite Captures Incredible Detailed View of San Francisco Bay from Space
11 Einstein Wrong, Nature Does "Play Dice"--Unknown Mechanism Leads to Quantum Interference in Simple Reaction
12 Increased Threat of Fierce Fires and Accelerated Global Warming from Water Loss in Northern Peatlands
13 Expert Says Swimming Pool Water Unlikely to Spread Coronavirus
14 2D Nano Sandwich Is Deliciously Useful for Detecting Biomolecules
15 New Tool Developed to Sequence Circular DNA
16 The Math Behind COVID-19 Modeling
17 Scientists Concerned as Denman Glacier Retreats Both Above and Below the Water Line
18 Quantum Brakes to Learn About the Forces Within Molecules
19 Drunkorexia Is Damaging and Dangerous, Yet Very Common with Female College Students
20 Important Missing Piece of Human History Uncovered from Ancient DNA
21 Extinction of Threatened Marine Megafauna Would Lead to Devastating Loss in Functional Diversity
22 MIT Literature Professor Takes a New Look at Ancient Books
23 New Detectability Index Aids Search for Extraterrestrial Life on Exoplanets
24 Tiny RNA that Should Attack COVID-19 Coronavirus Diminish with Age, Disease
25 Meet the Scientists and Engineers Behind NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover
26 Improved Tracking of Salmonella Food-Poisoning Outbreaks with New DNA Test
27 NIH Begins Clinical Trial of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin to Treat COVID-19
28 The Weight of the Universe--Physicists Challenge the Standard Model of Cosmology
29 Do Opposites Really Attract? Not According to Science
30 Unraveling the "Magic" Magnetism of a Triangular Graphene Flake
31 Warning: "Dr. Google" Is Almost Always Wrong
32 Laser-Powered Rover Will Explore the Moon's Dark Shadows
33 Fast-Charging Super-Capacitor Technology Unveiled for Clean Energy Storage
34 Physics Process Yielding Nanolasers in 2D Semiconductors Could Be Game-Changer for High Speed Communications
35 New Evolutionary Algorithm Predicts Optimal Materials Among All Possible Compounds
36 Common Origin of Colossal Fermi Bubbles and Galactic Center X-Ray Outflows Revealed
37 Crickets Eavesdrop on Bat Echolocation Calls and Drop from the Sky to Evade Capture
38 Revealed: How Bird Wings Adapted to Their Environment and Behavior
39 Researchers Discover the Secret of Italian Renaissance Domes: Double Helix of Masonry
40 Single Dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccine Protects Monkeys Against COVID-19 Pneumonia
41 NASA Artemis Accords: Principles for a Safe, Peaceful, and Prosperous Future
42 Severe Drought in the Czech Republic Visible from Space
43 New Stem Cell-Based Topical Solution Helps Bald People Regrow Hair
44 Hidden Murray River Rockshelter Reveals Aboriginal Art, Frontier Conflict and a Swastika
45 How Climate Killed Corals, Devastating the Great Barrier Reef
46 Mystery of Lava-Like Flows on Mars Solved--Scientists Say It Wasn't Lava
47 New Research Shows Adolescence Is Ruff for Dogs Too
48 Unlocking the Neuroscience of How Experiencing Traumatic Stress Leads to Aggression
49 Low-Cost, High-Accuracy GPS-Like System Developed for Flexible Medical Robots
50 Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger According to Analysis of Long-Term Satellite Imagery
51 Juno Spacecraft Captures Astonishing High-Altitude Hazes on Jupiter
52 New Research Shows Yoga Can Significantly Improve Mental Health--Ideal for COVID-19 Self-Isolation
53 New Comet SWAN Discovered by Solar Observatory Is Visible from Earth Without a Telescope
54 Ocean Circulation May Hold the Key to Finding Alien Life on Exoplanets
55 Cats Have More Lives than Dogs When It Comes to Venomous Snake Bites--Here's Why
56 Incredible Innovation: How NASA-JPL Engineers Persevered to Develop a Ventilator in Just 37 Days
57 MIT Developed Sensors Woven into Fabrics So a Shirt Can Monitor Vital Signs
58 Mysterious Delta Scuti Stars Start to Surrender Astrophysical Secrets
59 Ants Harness Their "Collective Brainpower" to Navigate Obstacles
60 NASA Selects SpaceX and Two Other Companies to Develop Human Landers for Artemis Moon Missions
61 U.S. Navy Researchers Create Electronic Diodes Beyond 5G Performance
62 Artificial Intelligence Equipped Supercomputer Mining for COVID-19 Connections in 18 Million Research Documents
63 Search for Extraterrestrial Life Boosted by New Exoplanet Climate 'Decoder'
64 Yikes! Saliva Droplets from Mild Cough Travel Up to 18 Feet
65 ESA/NASA SOHO Spacecraft Has Discovered Thousands of Comets--What Makes It So Good at It?
66 New Material Acts as an Efficient Frequency Multiplier--May Lead to Faster Data Transfer and More Powerful Processors
67 NASA Brings Galactic Cosmic Rays to Earth to Study Biological Effects and Health Risks
68 Researchers Probe Materials at Extreme Deep-Earth Conditions to Decipher Earth's Evolutionary Tale
69 Columbia Astronomer Estimates the Odds of Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence Emerging in Alien Worlds
70 Bioluminescent Squid and Fish Fight Back by Dazzling Attacking Elephant Seals
71 Giant Armored Fish Fed Similar to Basking Sharks 380-Million-Years Ago
72 Scientists "Escape the Confines of the Natural World" to Dissect the Complex Choices of Animals
73 Advanced Light Source X-Ray Experiments Zero in on COVID-19 Antibodies
74 Clues to Chilly Ancient Mars Buried in Rocks Discovered by NASA's Curiosity Rover
75 One Atom Thick Graphene Light Sail Could Speed Journey to Other Star Systems
76 Heat Now More Lethal than Cold for People with Respiratory Diseases in Spanish Study
77 Why Mysterious Cosmic Clouds Form Near Black Holes
78 ESO Telescope Sees Telltale Signs of a Baby Planet Coming into Existence
79 Climate Models Challenged: Ancient Rocks Show Earth Had High Oxygen Levels 2 Billion Years Ago
80 Swarm Probes Strange Weakening of Earth's Magnetic Field that Has Geophysicists Puzzled
81 Searching with Sasquatch: Recovering NASA's Orion Spacecraft
82 Solar Cell Testing Sped Up Dramatically with New 3D-Printed System
83 Massive Rotating Disk in Early Universe Discovered by Largest Radio Telescope in the World
84 Superpower Discovered in Squids: They Can Massively Edit Their Own Genetics
85 Brain Stimulation from Ultrasonic Waves Used to Control Monkeys' Behavior
86 Antibody Neutralizes SARS and COVID-19 Coronaviruses--On Accelerated Path Toward Clinical Trials
87 Antarctic Coast Predicted to Be Covered in "Green Snow" Due to Climate Change
88 Faster, More Efficient Way of Recycling Bioplastics Developed
89 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Officially Ready for Touchdown on Asteroid Bennu
90 The Chiral Puzzle of Life: Cosmic Rays May Have Left Indelible Imprint on Early Life
91 Next-Generation NASA Space Telescope Named for 'Mother of Hubble' Nancy Grace Roman
92 New Analysis Shows World Can Capture and Store Enough Carbon Dioxide to Meet Climate Targets
93 New Gravitational-Wave Model Helps Reveal the True Nature of Neutron Stars
94 Possible Virus Achilles Heel Discovered--Could Lead to Treatments for Herpes, Flu and Coronavirus
95 Tube Worm Slime Displays Self-Powered, Long-Lasting Bioluminescent Glow
96 New Clues Discovered About the Cosmic Missing Link: Intermediate-Mass Black Holes
97 Accelerating Data-Driven Discoveries in Pharmaceuticals and Biotech
98 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Fully Stowed in Launch Configuration
99 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Will Investigate the Dawn of Our Solar System
100 Scientists Identify Gene Linked to Thinness--Unique to People that Can Eat Anything and Not Gain Weight
101 Researchers Develop a Replaceable, More Efficient Filter for N95 Masks
102 Cheap Renewable Energy a Step Closer as Next-Generation Solar Cells Pass Strict International Tests
103 DNA May Not Be the Blueprint for Life--Just a Scrambled List of Ingredients
104 Changes Needed to Prevent Controversial Pharmaceutical Deals Blocking Cheaper Generic Alternatives
105 42% of COVID-19 Pandemic-Related Layoffs Could Be Permanent
106 Supercomputer Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae Reveal Complicated Physics of Exploding Massive Stars
107 New Spatial Plasma-Fueled Engine for More Efficient, Longer Space Missions
108 Arks of Genetic Diversity in Terrestrial Mammals Uncovered by Scientists
109 Startup Deploying AI Chatbots with "Conversational Memory" for More Natural Exchanges