File Title
1 A clinical decision support system to help predict individual trauma patient outcome
2 New technology can detect anti-virus antibody in 20 minutes
3 ATLAS telescope discovers first-of-its-kind asteroid
4 Peculiar behavior of the beetle Toramus larvae
5 Visualization of functional components to characterize optimal composite electrodes
6 Preserving fertility in female cancer patients and aging populations
7 Google search data reveals American's concerns about abortion
8 Discovery about the edge of fusion plasma could help realize fusion power
9 Researchers demonstrate transport of mechanical energy, even through damaged pathways
10 A sole mate to prevent diabetic foot ulcers
11 Women quotas in politics have unintended consequences
12 Indigenous collaboration and leadership key to managing sea otter population recovery
13 UVA, Peking Univ. and Cal Tech team achieves broadest microcomb spectral span on record
14 Newspapers report on car safety recalls less when manufacturers advertise more with them
15 Preventing 'cytokine storm' may ease severe COVID-19 symptoms
16 Study unveils many ways carcinogens trigger development of breast cancer
17 Lungs of deceased COVID-19 patients show distinctive features
18 Survey shows parents' lack understanding of teens' with cancer preferred time to talk about end-of-life issues
19 CRISPR a tool for conservation, not just gene editing
20 Low-severity fires enhance long-term carbon retention of peatlands
21 COVID-19 evidence and strategies for orthopaedic surgeons
22 Towable sensor free-falls to measure vertical slices of ocean conditions
23 Scientists identify chemicals in noxious weed that 'disarm' deadly bacteria
24 Teleradiology enables social distancing during coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic
25 Capturing the coordinated dance between electrons and nuclei in a light-excited molecule
26 Tracking the tinderbox: Stanford scientists map wildfire fuel moisture across western US
27 New Army 3-D printing study shows promise for predictive maintenance
28 High stress related to coronavirus is the new normal for many parents, says new APA survey
29 Just a little physical activity pays big dividends to high risk breast cancer patients
30 The European viper uses cloak-and-dazzle to escape predators
31 Scientists finally crack nature's most common chemical bond
32 Emerging evidence on genetics of schizophrenia raises hopes for new treatment targets
33 MIPT biophysicists found a way to take a peek at how membrane receptors work
34 Study identifies the mechanism by which eating fish reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
35 Promoting temporary contracts fails to have the desired effect of increasing employment
36 Mechanism behind upper motor degeneration revealed
37 Some patients with bladder cancer 'can't wait' for treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic
38 Measuring blood damage
39 A replaceable, more efficient filter for N95 masks
40 Stroke rates among COVID-19 patients are low, but cases are more severe
41 Tick-borne encephalitis spread across Eurasia with settlers and their pets and prey
42 Sex bias in pain research
43 Genetic barcodes can ensure authentic DNA fingerprints
44 Multi-drug regimen for heart failure could meaningfully extend patients' lives
45 Adding a blend of spices to a meal may help lower inflammation
46 'One-way' electronic devices enter the mainstream
47 Russian scientists improved the way of treatment of phenylketonuria
48 Environmental contaminants alter gut microbiome, health
49 A 'switch' that turns autoimmunity drugs into powerful anti-cancer treatments
50 Journal of Dental Research special issue explores a new era for the oral microbiome
52 Domestic coastal and marine tourism could contribute to rebooting activity in the sect
53 NUI Galway research show blood pressure lowering reduces risk of developing dementia
54 NUI Galway study compares the health of Irish children to those across Europe and Canada
55 Lighting the way for a new fluorination methodology
56 Surrey reveals its implantable biosensor that operates without batteries
57 Deep learning: A new engine for ecological resource research
58 The genome of chimpanzees and gorillas could help to better understand human tumors
59 Immunity to coronaviruses: What do we know so far?
60 Scientists discover more than 200 genetic factors causing heart arrhythmias
61 First ancient cultivated rice discovered in Central Asia
62 High doses of vitamin D supplementation has no current benefit in preventing or treating COVID-19
63 Surging numbers of first-generation learners being left behind in global education
64 Selfie stick and fishing rod shed first light on ancient reptile
65 The self-synthesizing ribosome
66 Weizmann Institute scientists develop 'sniff test' that predicts recovery of consciousness in brain
67 Cell-culture based test systems for anticancer drug screening
68 Ultrasonic technique discloses the identity of graphite
69 New model shows how cells that cause liver cancer are created
70 Cancer researchers gain valuable insights through a comprehensive review of Clioquinol
71 First month of data shows children at low risk of COVID-19 infection, no hospitalizations
72 The ins and outs of sex change in medaka fish
73 Study quantifies China's chronic health burden for the first time
74 Trust in medical scientists has grown in the US, but mainly among Democrats
75 UBC scientist identifies a gene that controls thinness
76 Sex as stress management in microbes
77 Before COVID-19 100+ experts identified top threats & opportunities for global health
78 A clue as to why it's so hard to wake up on a cold winter's morning
79 Healthcare rationing could see 'unlawful deaths' from COVID-19, researchers claim
80 We can't (and shouldn't) expect clinicians without PPE to treat COVID-19 patients
81 World can likely capture and store enough carbon dioxide to meet climate targets
82 New gravitational-wave model can bring neutron stars into even sharper focus
83 Changes needed to prevent controversial pharmaceutical deals
84 Social isolation linked to more severe COVID-19 outbreaks
85 Earliest evidence of Italians' genetic diversity dates back to end of last glacial period
86 Patients with COVID-19 may develop thyroid infection
87 Half of moms-to-be at risk of preeclampsia are missing out on preventive aspirin
88 Scientists identify a temperature tipping point for tropical forests
89 Large-scale analysis of protein arginine methylation by mass spectrometry
90 A clue as to why it's so hard to wake up on a cold winter's morning
91 Mississippi Delta marshes in a state of irreversible collapse, Tulane study shows
92 MSU scientists solve half-century-old magnesium dimer mystery
93 Preclinical study offers hope for Hirschsprung's
94 'Time is vision' after a stroke
95 No improvement in death rate for COVID-19 patients who received hydroxychloroquine
96 Migration patterns reveal an Eden for ancient humans and animals
97 Insight into mechanism of treatment-resistant gonorrhea sets stage for new antibiotics
98 Pain doesn't take a holiday: Dental opioids study points to need for better prescribing
99 The Lancet: First human trial of COVID-19 vaccine finds it is safe and induces rapid immune response
100 Why toothpaste and cement harden over time
101 The Lancet: No evidence of benefit for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients
102 Placentas from COVID-19-positive pregnant women show injury
103 Parasitic wasp discovery offers chemical-free pest control for growers
104 Algal genome provides insights into first land plants
105 No evidence blanket 'do-not-resuscitate' orders for COVID-19 patients are necessary
106 Glucose levels linked to maternal mortality even in non-diabetic women
107 Blood test could predict diabetes years before it strikes
108 Skoltech team reports an important step to making optical simulators real-world devices
109 Can oilfield water safely be reused for irrigation in California?
110 Kidney transplants: Better results can be inferred from a larger number of cases