File Title
1 Planetary exploration rover avoids sand traps with 'rear rotator pedaling'
2 Mystery of lava-like flows on Mars solved by scientists
3 Salty Liquids on Mars--Present, but not habitable?
4 Surface Hot Springs May Have Existed on Ancient Mars
5 Ancient meteorite site on Earth could reveal new clues about Mars' past
6 Salt water may periodically form on the surface of Mars
7 Mars' water was mineral-rich and salty
8 Sculpted by nature on Mars
9 Moreux Crater on Mars offers evidence of dunes and glacial processes
10 Long March-5B rocket enables China to construct space station
11 Intelsat files for bankruptcy, seeks to restructure
12 Intelsat signs contract with Arianespace for two launches
13 Machine-learning tool could help develop tougher materials
14 Study unveils details of how a widely used catalyst splits water
15 Emissions from road construction could be halved using today's technology
16 New Army 3-D printing study shows promise for predictive maintenance
17 Rocket Crafters concludes tests of 3D-printed hybrid engine
18 German 3D printing buffs pitch in with virus-fighting network
19 China tests 3D printing in space for first time
20 New Army tech may turn low-cost printers into high-tech producers
21 Russian cosmonauts begin 3D bioprinting experiment on ISS
22 Engineers 3D print soft, rubbery brain implants
23 Print sprint: Bosnians 3D print face-shields to combat coroanvirus
24 3D-printed thrust chamber passes first tests for Vega evolutions
25 Astronomers see 'cosmic ring of fire,' 11 billion years ago
26 ALMA discovers massive rotating disk in early universe
27 NASA's TESS enables breakthrough study of perplexing stellar pulsations
28 Bending the bridge between two galaxy clusters
29 Age of NGC 6652 globular cluster specified
30 NASA's Webb will study the 'building blocks' of our solar system
31 NASA telescope named for 'Mother of Hubble' Nancy Grace Roman
32 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope fully stowed
33 South Africa's MeerKAT Solves Mystery of "X-Galaxies"
34 NASA to demonstrate first-of-its-kind in-space manufacturing technique for telescope mirrors
35 NASA's Swift Satellite Celebrates 15 Years of Multiwavelength Science
36 An eclipsing binary millisecond pulsar discovered by FAST
37 Large scale survey telescope to be built in northwest China
38 A tale of two telescopes: WFIRST and Hubble
39 Astronomers stumble upon unexpected features in a distant galaxy using MeerKAT data
40 Solving the space junk problem
41 Russian Meteor-M satellite resumes work after meteoroid strike
42 Russia Probes Explosion of One of Its Used Boosters in Orbit
43 Swinging for the Space Fence
44 L3Harris Technologies to modernize US capabilities to detect orbital objects
45 USSF announces initial operational capability and operational acceptance of Space Fence
46 Outer Space Chicken
47 Astroscale teams with JAXA for Commercial Removal of Debris Demonstration Project
48 'Satellite Collision is a Clear and Present Danger'--Professor
49 Suspected space debris breaks into pieces over Southern California
50 Two defunct satellites narrowly miss collision: officials
51 Space telescope could collide with junked military satellite
52 Russia considers assessing risk of Soviet-made nuclear-powered satellites falling to Earth
53 DirecTV races to de-orbit satellite it fears could explode
54 TV provider shifting satellite to high orbit over explosion fears
55 Astroscale awarded grant from to commercialize active debris removal services
56 Russian spy satellite has broken up in space says harvard astronomer
57 Lasers learn to accurately spot space junk
58 OneWeb to use advanced grappling tech from Altius Space Machines
59 ESA to fund world's first space debris removal mission
60 What About Space Traffic Management?
61 Space collisions a growing concern as Earth orbit gets more crowded
62 Automating collision avoidance
63 Space Traffic Controller Not A Job, but an Adventure
64 Up to 90 percent fewer condensation trails due to reduced air traffic over Europe
65 Gloves and masks litter Middle East amid virus panic
66 China smog returns after pandemic cleared the air
67 Stars and scientists call for world not to 'go back to normal'
68 Pandemic: Less air pollution means thousands fewer die
69 Essential oil diffusers may cause pollution in home says watchdog
70 Air pollution drops in India following lockdown
71 Activists concerned over increase in waste smuggling in Romania
72 Water replaces toxic fluids in production of plastics
73 Senegal bans most single-use plastics
74 Soot may only be half the problem when it comes to cookstoves
75 Research aircraft investigate reduced concentrations of pollutants in the air
76 The lower mantle can be oxidized in the presence of water
77 Caves tell us that Australia's mountains are still growing
78 Earth's inner core--growing mountains or shifting ground
79 Why the 'uplift of the Tibetan plateau' is a myth
80 Does accelerated subduction precede great earthquakes
81 Map of tectonic stresses in North America could help assess tremor risk
82 Tectonic plates started shifting earlier than previously thought
83 Wits researchers unravel the mystery of non-cotectic magmatic rocks
84 Shifts in deep geologic structure may have magnified great 2011 Japan tsunami
85 Quantum mechanical simulations of Earth's lower mantle minerals
86 Climate change could trigger more landslides in high mountain Asia
87 Expedition reveals the violent birth of Earth's hidden continent Zealandia, forged in a ring of fire
88 Viscosity measurements offer new insights into the earth's mantle
89 New insights into the formation of Earth's crust
90 Extra-terrestrial impacts may have triggered 'bursts' of plate tectonics
91 Continuous production agility in action
92 Russia begins building first stealth bomber: report
93 UN says both Koreas broke armistice in DMZ shooting
94 USS Portland's high-powered laser disables drone in weapon's first at-sea test
95 Navy breaks ground on laser weapons test lab in California
96 The power of short range air defense
97 Lockheed nabs $22.4 million for work on LCS-based laser system
98 Navy: Chinese warship fired laser at U.S. aircraft
99 AFRL engineer leaves a legacy called HADES
100 Israel hails 'breakthrough' towards laser air defense system
101 China's air force seeks aircraft-mounted laser weapon
102 Air Force tests ATHENA laser weapon against multiple drones
103 First anti-drone laser delivered to Air Force for year-long test deployment
104 Rheinmetall, MBDA start work on ship-mounted laser for German navy
105 US Air Force seeks wargame simulators for battles with laser weapons
106 United Kingdom enters laser weapons race
107 The Future of Directed Energy: Insights from the U.S. Army and Air Force
108 Directed Energy Outlook: Preparing for Full Deployment
109 US Navy Ships to Deploy Lasers as Anti-Missile Defense in 2021
110 Raytheon shoots down drone with lasers, microwaves in Air Force test
111 The deep ocean is warming slowly--but dramatic changes are ahead
112 There is no escaping from climate change, even in the deep sea