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1 Winter starts now, right? Depends where you stand on solstice and the seasons
2 Count the stars in the Southern Cross during winter solstice and map light pollution in your suburb
3 Light pollution is bad for us and for wildlife. So what can we do to solve the problem?
4 Always wanted to be a scientist but don't have the qualifications? That didn't stop Gina
5 My worm farm isn't working properly. What am I doing wrong?
6 Sugarcane regions urged to look at producing bioplastics, but viability a concern
7 This woman's photo was used in a hoax campaign against Black Lives Matter. Then the internet fought back
8 The F1 of the future: Flying cars set to take to the skies in outback Coober Pedy
9 Why does comfort food make us feel good and can it ever be healthy? These experts say 'yes'
10 Georges River oyster farm at centre of global research and disease resistance under threat
11 Leg of Mutton Lake volcanic crater was a booming nursery, fishing spot before the overgrown woodland it is now
12 Rules designed to protect patients from faulty medical devices delayed until next year
13 UK commentator Katie Hopkins banned from Twitter for 'abuse and hateful conduct'
14 Veteran whale counter says numbers of migrating humpbacks look strong this year
15 Parks Victoria will begin shooting brumbies after cattleman loses Supreme Court bid
16 China denies being behind cyber attack on Australia, foreign ministry spokesman calls claims 'baseless'
17 Why China is being blamed for cyber attacks on Australia, and what its hackers might be looking for
18 Tallangatta sky observatory destroyed in summer bushfires resurrected in time for spectacular show
19 Telehealth seen by regional doctors as an essential service beyond COVID-19
20 Humpback whales caught in shark nets off Gold Coast are freed
21 Zombie fires, fire thunderstorms hit Arctic as record heatwave heads into sixth month
22 What we know about the 'sophisticated, state-based' cyber attack on Australia
23 Melbourne researchers seeking 1,700 babies to test whether vitamin D could prevent food allergies
24 Native smokebush plant adapts to allow for ant pollination, researchers find
25 Elon Musk names Hobart boat builder Incat as potential rocket pad supplier
26 Space science doco Star Tracks to shine light on Western Australia as 'astro-tourism hotspot'
27 Growing agave in North Queensland is more than making tequila
28 Dinosaur footprints found near Oakey identified as Australia's largest meat-eating theropod
29 Scores of native creatures, including centipedes and geckos, found inside fox
30 Two dry wet seasons spark early start to NT's grass fires, leaving experts worried
31 Coral Sea's deep-water reef secrets revealed as pandemic sees research ship redeployed
32 Diego the Galapagos giant tortoise returns home after breeding program
33 Baby boy turtle numbers spike in New South Wales this nesting season
34 Binna Burra cliffside road rebuilt after bushfire an 'engineering feat'
35 Critically endangered Kangaroo Island dunnart found amid bushfire-ravaged habitat
36 New strain of deadly cancer found in Far North Queensland frogs
37 Spearfishing siblings film shark 'chasing' them on NSW South Coast
38 How Instagram wellness became a gateway drug for conspiracy theories
39 Fireball that lit up Pilbara sky 'something special,' but scientists not exactly sure what
40 Rising sea levels threaten critically endangered Capricorn yellow chat
41 Precious nightcap oak survives the carnage of bushfire with show of uplifting resilience
42 The controversial forensic test catching killers and rapists through relatives' DNA
43 Green turtle rookery on Raine Island brought back from brink, but scientists' fight not over yet
44 Bondi, Manly: Which of Sydney's beaches is best? It could be determined by the science of sand
45 Mysterious sounds and lights in Lake Weyba bushland have some residents spooked
46 Turning female: The race to save the northern green turtle
47 Researchers uncover fossilised footprints belonging to giant crocodiles that walked on two legs in South Korea
48 Microsoft wants regulation before selling facial recognition tools to police after Black Lives Matter protests
49 Barramundi farmers who gave away free fish during coronavirus lockdown urge consumers to support them
50 Backyard ant hunt proves no small task for this keen entomologist
51 What we're beginning to understand about preschool kids and their digital devices
52 Cloud spotting gains new fans amid coronavirus pandemic as people search for calm
53 Twitter removes 30,000 Chinese, Russian and Turkish accounts linked to government propaganda
54 Brian Cassey's photo of Cairns burns survivor Carol Mayer shortlisted in Portrait of Humanity
55 Dimethyl sulphide (DMS) is the little gas raising big questions for our planet
56 Scientists successfully shift endangered freshwater mussels threatened by bridge build
57 COVIDSafe has been downloaded by millions, but yet to identify contacts (and authorities say that's a good thing)
58 Australia's longest weather record reveals snow in surprising places
59 Citizen science shows creeks hit by bushfires in Upper Murray slowly recovering
60 Migraines strike women three times more than men, and we're finally starting to understand why
61 WHO expert cites 'misunderstanding' after saying asymptomatic transmission 'very rare'
62 Former NASA astronaut Kathy Sullivan becomes first person to travel to space and ocean's deepest point
63 Radar reveals map of ancient Roman city Falerii Novi
64 'They shut down half their brain': Images showing how whales sleep underwater win $172k photography prize
65 South Australian photographer snaps rare black galah with genetic mutation on the Eyre Peninsula
66 A medical mystery was killing women who'd just given birth. Soap solved it
67 Big coastal carpet python 'really good sign' of changing community attitudes, snake catcher says
68 Turtle researcher by chance recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours List
69 How Australia's 'panic and neglect' funding cycle has left us vulnerable to pandemics like coronavirus
70 Victorian fishers say catch has dropped by 80 percent since the start of seismic surveying
71 Safflower oil hailed by scientists as possible recyclable, biodegradable replacement for petroleum
72 More jobs in renewable-led COVID-19 economic recovery, EY report finds
73 Last-ditch bid to secure Aurora Australis for 'floating museum'
74 Black Lives Matter protests are happening at the same time as social distancing. What does this mean for protesters' health?
75 Endangered Ormeau Bottle Tree finds new home at Gold Coast school
76 Eastern Curlew's 10-day flight to China stuns bird enthusiasts calling for greater habitat protections
77 Birds of prey to fly again after feathers melted by bushfires are repaired
78 Citizen science projects you can get involved in right now
79 Animal Crossing and beyond: Why people are falling in love with 'wholesome' video games
80 Eyre Peninsula ancient megafauna revealed through skeletal fossils of giant wombats, short-faced kangaroos, marsupial lions
81 Hands-free, solar-powered robotic dairy changes life for a NSW dairying family
82 As pumice stone rafts float across the ocean, they pick up and drop off life along the way
83 Supernova 1994D: The image that captures the beauty of a powerful moment in time
84 What is a false positive coronavirus test? How is it possible?
85 Eating used coffee grounds may help cut waistlines, researchers say
86 US researchers discover how cassowary got its gloss
87 Virtual fencing aims to reduce roadkill and help protect endangered wildlife
88 Stolen Generations survivor Aunty Lorraine has been healing her mob for 20 years
89 Dogs more vulnerable to snakebite than cats, owing to fast-clotting blood, research finds
90 Native green plums from Arnhem Land found to have significant health benefits, commercial appeal
91 Indigenous people take the lead in healing the trauma of the Stolen Generations
92 Wedge-tailed eagles wear trackers for research into safer flights
93 NASA's Skylab met its demise in Australia more than 40 years ago--but was it really an accident?
94 Huntsman are your friendly neighbourhood spider and cooler weather is bringing them out to feast
95 Unique Australian seaweed factory opens on NSW South Coast, manufacturing food, beauty and medicinal products
96 Allosaurus dinosaurs resorted to cannibalism when food dried up, according to US palaeontologists
97 WA coronavirus restrictions eased further as Western Australia moves to phase four
98 Coronavirus outbreak in Victoria 'part of living with COVID-19,' PM says
99 Victoria's coronavirus hotspots targeted with increased testing as state records 16 new cases
100 World Health Organization reports record daily increase in coronavirus cases
101 Residents of Victoria's coronavirus hotspots should stay home, Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy says
102 Donald Trump's disappointing Tulsa rally could spell trouble for his November re-election bid
103 Victorian coronavirus spike could mean restrictions at border, NSW Deputy Premier says
104 How will regional and suburban media survive in a post-coronavirus world?
105 Yoga with Adriene is a YouTube phenomenon. This is the history of the practice in the West
106 Government debt could reach $1 trillion due to coronavirus, Peter Costello warns
107 Coronavirus fight has entered 'phase 5,' so what have we learnt about healthcare in Australia?
108 Coronavirus update: Brazil's death toll passes 50,000 with fears over growing political instability
109 Donald Trump says he ordered slowdown in coronavirus testing in speech to rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma
110 Restaurants were relying on Victoria's easing restrictions to bring them back from the brink--but now they'll have to wait
111 Picnics, parties or distanced walks: How to socialise safely with your loved ones