File Title
1 4D electric circuit network with topology
2 2D molecular crystals modulating electronic properties of organic semiconductors
3 Intent defined optical network for intelligent operation and maintenance
4 Molybdenum telluride nanosheets enable selective electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide
5 Hierarchical self-assembly of atomically precise nanoclusters
6 Construction of hollow nanoreactors for enhanced photo-oxidations
7 Molecule-plasmon coupling strength tunes surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectral lineshapes
8 VR and AR devices at 1/100 the cost and 1/10,000 the thickness in the works
9 Less water could sustain more Californians if we make every drop count
10 New technique separates industrial noise from natural seismic signals
11 Determining the quantity and location of lipids in the brain
12 Depression symptoms linked to reduced cognitive control in people with autism
13 COVID-19 tests compared
14 Protein shapes matter in Alzheimer's research
15 Researchers find potential drug treatment targets for alcohol-related liver disease
16 Fishing rod 'selfie stick' and scientific sleuthing turn up clues to extinct sea reptile
17 Researchers urge clinical trial of blood pressure drug to prevent complication of Covid-19
18 Is your job killing you? Stress, lack of autonomy, ability can lead to depression, death
19 Landmark recommendations on development of artificial intelligence and the future of global health
20 MUSC researchers link gene mutation to autism behaviors
21 Scientists use light to accelerate supercurrents, access forbidden light, quantum world
22 NASA's Curiosity rover finds clues to chilly ancient Mars buried in rocks
23 But it's a dry heat: Climate change and the aridification of North America
24 Ribs evolved for movement first, then co-opted for breathing
25 What if we could design powerful drugs without unwanted side effects?
26 Statistical approach to COVID-19 clinical trials aims to accelerate drug approval process
27 Study suggests aggressive carbon taxation could help US meet targets in Paris agreement
28 New artificial intelligence model to bridge biology and chemistry
29 Subcellular chatter regulates longevity
30 Study finds some reductions in community antibiotic resistant infections and dispensing
31 COVID-19 crisis triage--Optimizing health outcomes and disability rights
32 Field courses boost student success, support STEM diversity efforts, study reveals
33 Cooperation can be contagious particularly when people see the benefit for others
34 Observing the freely behaving brain in action
35 Electrons break rotational symmetry in exotic low-temp superconductor
36 RNA molecules in maternal blood may predict pregnancies at risk for preeclampsia
37 Sustainable palm oil? How environmental protection and poverty reduction can be reconciled
38 Advanced X-ray technology tells us more about Meniere's disease
39 Keep away from water: Skoltech scientists show a promising solid electrolyte is 'hydrophobic'
40 Algorithmic autos
41 MIT engineers propose a safer method for sharing ventilators
42 Continuously tracking fear response could improve mental health treatment
43 Children not immune to coronavirus; new study from pandemic epicenter describes severe COVID-19 response in children
44 New study confirms important clues to fight ovarian cancer
45 New analytic tool designed to help guide precision oncology discovery and treatments
46 Emerging viral diseases causing serious issues in west Africa
47 Hunting for the next generation of conservation stewards
48 Novel tool developed to diagnose and monitor autoimmune disorders
49 People with atrial fibrillation live longer with exercise
50 Research shows that the combined production of fish and vegetables can be profitable
51 Why pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is so lethal
52 New biomarker could flag tumors that are sensitive to common diabetes drug
53 Texas A&M lab engineers 3D-functional bone tissues
54 The Lancet: First prospective study of critically ill COVID-19 patients from New York City sheds light on how virus affects adult patients in USA
55 Women in criminal justice system less likely to receive treatment for opioid use
56 Women told more white lies in evaluations than men: Study
57 Exposure to TV alcohol ads linked to drinking behavior
58 Uncovering Alzheimer's disease
59 Immunotherapy, steroids had positive outcomes in children with COVID-related multi-system inflammatory syndrome
60 Rapid screening method targets fatty acids in yeast; Key to sustainable bioproducts
61 UMD researchers tap CRISPR technology to connect biology, electronics
62 Researchers go cuckoo: Antarctic penguins release an extreme amount of laughing gas
63 New rare disease with own facial features, cardiac defects and developmental delay
64 Nationwide survey about the corona pandemic
65 Nature unveiling herself before science
66 Thousands of lives could be lost to delays in cancer surgery during COVID-19 pandemic
67 Self-isolating? Get fit faster with multi-ghost racing
68 Seven at one pulse
69 Ecosystem diversity drives the origin of new shark and ray species
70 Retrofitting of VW Diesel engines was successful
71 School segregation by wealth creating unequal learning outcomes in the Global South
72 Genetic tradeoffs do not stop evolution of antibiotic resistance
73 How does an increase in nitrogen application affect grasslands?
74 Computer model can process disparate sources of clinical data to predict brain age
75 Radio: The medium that is best dealing with the COVID-19 crisis
76 Exposure to ultrafine aerosol particles in homes depends primarily on people themselves
77 Personalized ovarian cancer risk prediction reduces worries
78 Scientists find a high hydrofluorocarbon emissions intensity in the Yangtze River Delta region
79 Rolling 50/30 day cycle of lockdown and relaxation could help manage COVID-19
80 Found: Brain structure that controls our behavior
81 A new electrostatic descriptor--The orbital electrostatic energy
82 Additional genetic cause for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease discovered
83 Madagascar copal: New dating for an Antropocene ancient resin
84 How do birds understand 'foreign' calls?
85 Partial measures compromise effectiveness of efforts to combat COVID-19
86 COVID-19 antibody testing needn't be perfect to guide public health and policy decisions
87 An open-access tool to accelerate drug discovery
88 COVID-19 puts brakes on global emissions
89 Discovery of a new biomarker for Alzheimer's sisease (AD)
90 Faster breeding sea urchins: A comeback animal model for developmental biology
91 How some insects manage to halt their own growth in harsh conditions
92 HKBU scientists eliminate drug side effects by manipulating molecular chirality
93 Artificial pieces of brain use light to communicate with real neurons
94 Three-dimensional chessboards
95 SUTD scientists led development of novel acoustofluidic technology that isolates submicron particles
96 Antibiotic exposure in infants associated with higher risks of childhood obesity
97 X-ray experiments zero in on COVID-19 antibodies
98 Chemicals often found in consumer products could lead to obesity and fatty liver diseases
99 Mount Sinai first in US using artificial intelligence to analyze COVID-19 patients
100 Parent-led discussion about mutual strengths benefits parent-teen communication
101 Modified clinical trial protocol created in response to urgency of COVID-19 pandemic
102 Migratory secrets of recovering whale species
103 A spreadable interlayer could make solid state batteries more stable
104 Animal study shows human brain cells repair damage in multiple sclerosis
105 Walking or cycling to work associated with reduced risk of early death and illness
106 African-American and white women share genes that increase breast cancer risk
107 Childhood obesity raises bladder cancer risk, study looking at 315,000 children suggests
108 Ancient giant armored fish fed in a similar way to basking sharks
109 Scientists dissect the complex choices of animals
110 COVID-19 crisis causes 17% drop in global carbon emissions
111 Food system innovation--and how to get there
112 Cervical precancer identified by fluorescence, in a step toward bedside detection
113 Stanford researcher envisions energy and environment landscape after COVID-19
114 Daily Internet use is linked to social isolation
115 Game-changing technologies can transform our food systems
116 Pretty as a peacock: The gemstone for the next generation of smart sensors
117 How to improve the pneumococcus vaccine
118 Cord blood study provides insights on benefits, limitations for autism treatment
119 Galactic cosmic rays now available for study on Earth, thanks to NASA
120 Six feet not far enough to stop virus transmission in light winds
121 Study reveals mental health of medical personnel working with COVID-19 patients
122 Feisty squid and fish fight back by dazzling attacking elephant seals
123 Six-month follow-up appropriate for BI-RADS 3 findings on mammography
124 Modeling COVID-19 data must be done with extreme care
125 Image analysis technique provides better understanding of heart cell defects