File Title
1 Dozens of extraterrestrial civilizations likely exist in the universe, scientists say
2 Western half of Antarctica warming faster than eastern half, new study shows why
3 Hummingbirds see 'nonspectral' colors humans can only imagine
4 Cave remains offer new insights into Paleolithic mortuary rituals
5 Challenge of hunting, hiding on land accelerated brain evolution
6 Flushed toilets produce clouds of virus-containing particles, simulations show
7 New diamond frog species found in northern Madagascar
8 Engineers grow optical chips in a Petri dish
9 Whales are disturbed by engine noise from boats
10 Blennies show scientists how fish leave water, adapt to land
11 Survey of Permian-Triassic biodiversity offers vision of the future of climate change
12 First egg ever found in Antarctica may come from extinct sea lizard
13 NASA's new Mars mission will take at least a decade to confirm life
14 Scientists find unique underwater rivers along Australia's continental shelves
15 Astronomers observe rare newborn star
16 Arctic Ocean acidification will be worse than scientists thought
17 Scientists use Neanderthal genes to grow tissue in a Petri dish
18 Yale biologist reveals how plants grow thorns
19 Viruses steal human DNA to forge new human-virus genes
20 Space tourists might rise above Earth with hydrogen balloons
21 Sexual competition, choice helps protect species from extinction
22 Study: Climate change crisis requires less growth-oriented global economy
23 Humans a more immediate threat to large river systems than climate change
24 People living longer, though not healthier, with HIV, analysis finds
25 Mediterranean, plant-based diets reduce heart disease risk up to 21%
26 Breast cancer takes big financial toll on some young patients
27 One in four parents hesitant about flu vaccine, survey finds
28 Underlying conditions put 1.7B people at risk for severe COVID-19, study says
29 Calorie counts on menus may save billions in healthcare costs
30 Researchers test hookworm against MS, study results mixed
31 Risk for asthma doubled in children with developmental disabilities
32 Study: 70% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Detroit are African American
33 Steroid reduces death risk for COVID-19 patients on ventilators, study finds
34 Adult life tougher for teens with overcontrolling parents, study shows
35 FDA approves 'prescription video game' for kids with ADHD
36 Study: Trigger warnings have limited benefit for trauma survivors
37 New blood test may improve liver cancer screening
38 Surgeries for lower back pain have similar outcomes, study shows
39 College students see improved sleep with COVID-19 pandemic
40 Basic interventions reduce risk for repeat suicide attempts by 30%, study says
41 COVID-19 poses challenges to Americans living with disabilities, experts say
42 Study: Azithromycin doubles risk for cardiovascular death versus amoxicillin
43 Being lonely makes it harder to quit smoking
44 Head jolts may change athletes' brains, even without concussion
45 Tick control across U.S. lagging amid rising Lyme disease threat
46 Disparities in stroke care put rural Americans at risk, study shows
47 Increasing physical activity by 30 minutes a day reduces cancer death risk, study says
48 Knowledge of COVID-19 differs along racial, age, gender lines, survey finds
49 Mom's depression can lead to behavior problems in children
50 Arizona, California, Texas account for bulk of heat-related deaths in U.S., CDC says
51 Air pollution, heat linked to increased risk of premature birth
52 Leg amputations among minorities drop under Obamacare
53 Case study shows heart ailment risk of malaria drug used for COVID-19
54 Wearable technology could play key role in COVID-19 diagnosis, contact tracing
55 Health history might predict life expectancy in seniors with diabetes
56 Disruptions in sleep patterns linked to Parkinson's disease
57 Tanezumab safe, effective for chronic lower-back pain treatment, study finds
58 Signs of Type 2 diabetes might begin to appear in childhood
59 Exercise prevents 3.9 million deaths a year, researchers say
60 Asthma isn't a risk factor for hospitalization due to COVID-19, study shows
61 Levels of 'stress hormone' cortisol may indicate COVID-19 severity
62 Telehealth programs help rural Americans improve blood sugar
63 Efficient Generation of Relativistic Near-Single-Cycle Mid-Infrared Pulses in Plasmas
64 Multi-Watt Terahertz Semiconductor "Quantum-Cascade" Laser Breakthrough
65 Silent Carriers: Extraordinary Percentage of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Infections May Be Asymptomatic
66 Jet Fuel on the Evolution of the Brain--Hunting in Savanna-Like "Goldilocks" Landscapes May Have Lead to Higher Intelligence
67 Fossil Discovered in the 1960s Finally Reveals Its Secrets: New Plant Species that Lived About 365 Million Years Ago
68 New Method for Capturing Carbon via Fluids Emitted from Tree Roots in Wild Forests
69 New Method Developed to Study the "Traces" of Coronal Mass Ejections at the Sun
70 Nature-Inspired CRISPR Enzyme Discoveries Vastly Expand Genome Editing
71 How's the Weather on Mars? Electrically Charged Dust Storms Drive Martian Chlorine Cycle
72 Yikes! Flushing Toilets Create Long-Lasting Clouds of Virus-Containing Particles
73 Perfect Storm Approaching: Hurricane Season Combined with COVID-19 Pandemic
74 See Earth and Venus in the Martian Sky as Viewed by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover
75 Intricate Beauty, Quasiperiodic Structures, and the Cascade to Criticality
76 Scientists Baffled by Strange Form of Childhood OCD--Yale Researchers Propose Explanation: PANDAS
77 Solar Power Satellite Hardware that Beams Energy to Earth Tested in Orbit
78 MIT Makes Tissue--Such as Human Brain--Stretchable, Compressible, and Nearly Indestructible
79 Amazing!--Black Hole's Heart Still Beating
80 Kepler Space Telescope Reveals as Many as Six Billion Earth-Like Planets in Our Galaxy
81 CalTech Physicists Propose Innovative New Experiment for Detecting Dark Matter
82 New Research Shows Half of the World's Population Exposed to Increasing Air Pollution
83 MeniFluidics: New Technique for Engineering Living Materials
84 5G Advancing: New Compact 28 GHz Transceiver Supporting Dual-Polarized MIMO
85 Coal-Burning in Siberia 250 Million Years Ago Led to Climate Change & Caused the Earth's Most Severe Extinction Event
86 First Quantum Phase "Supercurrent" Battery Ever Developed
87 New Biomimetic Nanosponges Could Soak Up SARS-CoV-2, Treating COVID-19
88 Supernova in a Lab: Mimicking the Cosmic Blast's Splendid Aftermath
89 Tomato's Hidden DNA Mutations Revealed in Genetic Study of 100 Varieties
90 A Remarkable Cosmic Baby Is Discovered--And It's Brilliant
91 Warning on Avocado Oil Sold in the U.S.: 82% Tested Rancid or Mixed with Other Oils
92 Is Santa Real? Examining Children's Beliefs in Cultural Figures from the Tooth Fairy to SpongeBob
93 Deeper Look at Dynamic Geological Processes Below Earth's Surface with 3D Images
94 Order from Disorder: Harnessing Turbulence in Light to Create a High-Precision Laser
95 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Produces Detailed Mosaic of Nightingale Landing Site on Asteroid Bennu
96 Old Assumption Invalidated: Controlling Fusion Plasma and Plasma Turbulence
97 DNA Shows Plants Are Extraordinary Chemists--Making Love and War
98 Tracking Gigantic Carnivorous Dinosaurs from Australia's Jurassic Park
99 Origins Unknown: Astronomers Detect Regular Rhythm of Radio Waves from Outside Our Galaxy
100 Bloody Good Look by Scientists May Have Profound Effects on the Use of Medicinal Leeches
101 Research Links COVID-19 Death Toll in U.S. Nursing Homes to Staffing Levels and Quality
102 Earth from Space: An Extraordinary Look at Barcelona, Spain [Video]
103 Despite COVID-19 Impacts, Launch Is Fast Approaching for NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover
104 Exotic Dark Matter Detector Deep in an Italian Mountainside Picks Up Unexplained New Signal
105 Ceratopsian Dinosaur Mystery Solved--By Soft-Shelled Eggs?
106 New Record for Carbon Dioxide Capture Set Using Metal Organic Frameworks
107 NASA Mission to Investigate One of the Solar System's Most Unusual Worlds: Neptune's Strange Moon Triton
108 Yale Scientists Solve a Thorny Problem: Where Do Thorns Come From?
109 Method Proposed to Protect Earth from Asteroid Impact: Tethered Diversion
110 Dramatic Fish Evolution in Action: Land Fish Forced to Adapt After Leap Out of Water
111 New Understanding of Ceramic Materials May Reveal Ways to Improve Solar Panels, Superconductors, and Biomedical Implants
112 Chemistry Behind the Bombardier Beetle's Extraordinary Firepower--"Fascinating Story that Nobody Has Been Able to Tell Before"
113 Kohn Anomalies: Exotic Phenomenon Could Lead to New Quantum Devices