File Title
1 Spacecrafts get a boost in 'aerogravity assisted' interactions
2 Simple is best? Simple and universal design for fuel cell electrolyte
3 Two-dimensional carbon networks
4 High cortisol levels associated with greater risk of death from COVID-19
5 AJR: Chest CT can distinguish negative from positive lab results for COVID-19
6 Researchers design a system to reduce the noise of space rockets in the launch phase
7 Less sleep reduces positive feelings
8 No disadvantages to having kids early
9 Cyclosporin study may lead to novel ways of approaching mitochondrial dysfunction
10 Australian scientists reveal a lost 8 billion light years of universe evolution
11 Mutations linked to intellectual disability point to overly active ion channel
12 Quantum rings in the hold of laser light
13 Clear signs of brain injury with severe COVID-19
14 Popular doesn't mean influential among Cambodian farmers
15 Antioxidant agent may prevent chronic kidney disease and Parkinson's disease
16 A deep-learned E-skin decodes complex human motion
17 Fish fossils become buried treasure
18 Measles origin finding could inform COVID-19 research
19 Using LEGO to test children's ability to visualize and rotate 3D shapes in space
20 Off the scales: Fish armor both tough and flexible
21 Predicting side effects
22 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
23 9 in 10 Americans concerned pharma will use COVID-19 pandemic to raise drug prices
24 COVID-19 toll in nursing homes linked to staffing levels and quality
25 Study sheds light on why retinal ganglion cells are vulnerable to glaucoma
26 SARS-CoV-2 transmission to animals: Monitoring needed to mitigate risk
27 COVID-19 toll in nursing homes linked to staffing levels and quality
28 Study sheds light on why retinal ganglion cells are vulnerable to glaucoma
29 SARS-CoV-2 transmission to animals: Monitoring needed to mitigate risk
30 How sexual competition and choice could protect species from extinction
31 How EU safety legislation has affected UK vapers
32 Neandertal genes in the petri dish
33 International study indicates shift to raw/home-made food diet for pets over past decade
34 Researchers study catastrophic disease events in marine mammals
35 Unique metabolic markers detect over 50% of children affected by autism spectrum disorder
36 Artificial intelligence could revolutionize sea ice warnings
37 It's not about money--why academic scientists engage in commercial activities
38 Diabetic ketoacidosis threatens hospitalized patients with COVID-19
39 Achievement isn't why more men are majoring in physics, engineering and computer science
40 Natural fluid injections triggered Cahuilla earthquake swarm
41 Forests can be risky climate investments to offset greenhouse gas emissions
42 Yale scientists solve a thorny problem
43 Researchers take a bloody good look at the medicinal leech genome
44 Forest loss escalates biodiversity change
45 Researchers find a new therapeutic target in pancreatic cancer
46 Study links financial hardship to more ED visits; less preventive care
47 Silicosis: Ominous resurgence of an occupational lung condition reported
48 Suicide rate for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders 170 times higher
49 Know the risks of investing in forests
50 Forest loss escalates biodiversity change
51 Disparities in stroke care at urban vs. rural hospitals impacts quality of care, patient survival
52 Biology in art: Genetic detectives ID microbes suspected of slowly ruining humanity's treasures
53 Veterinary medicine: Risk factors for heatstroke in UK dogs
54 Human brain size gene triggers bigger brain in monkeys
55 Genetic variation may affect bacterial composition and healing of wounds
56 Complications of premature birth decline in California, Stanford-led study finds
57 Scientists decode how the brain senses smell
58 Studying the Neandertal DNA found in modern humans using stem cells and organoids
59 How cancer drugs find their targets could lead to a new toolset for drug development
60 New research says displaying fake reviews increases consumer trust in platforms by 80%
61 New adjuvant successful in extending immunity against HIV
62 Babies with COVID-19 tend to have mild illness, mostly with fever
63 Environmental conditions found to affect stability of virus that causes COVID-19
64 Teaching physics to neural networks removes 'chaos blindness'
65 A new social role for echolocation in bats that hunt together
66 New research hints at the presence of unconventional galaxies containing 2 black holes
67 Simulating wind farm development
68 Old drug standards delay new drug approvals
69 Survey finds US adults largely supported measures to limit spread of COVID-19 in May
70 NASA observes large Saharan dust plume over Atlantic ocean
71 Adolescents from disadvantaged neighborhoods show gene regulation differences
72 Is teleportation possible? Yes, in the quantum world
73 Skyrmion dynamics and traverse mobility
74 Polymers can fine-tune attractions between suspended nanocubes
75 Higher rates of severe COVID-19 in BAME populations remain unexplained
76 Measuring a tiny quasiparticle is a major step forward for semiconductor technology
77 Geologists shed light on the tibetan plateau origin puzzle: an open-and-shut perspective
78 Researchers pioneer new production method for heterostructure devices
79 Heat may kill more people in US than previously reported: BU and UBC study
80 Researchers attempt new treatment approach for blood cancer
81 How a historic drought led to higher power costs and emissions
82 Mortality rates higher following kidney injury, University of Cincinnati research finds
83 New system uses wind turbines to defend the national grid from power cuts
84 Smartphone app uses voice recordings to detect fluid in the lungs
85 Fantastic muscle proteins and where to find them
86 Wind beneath their wings: Albatrosses fine-tuned to wind conditions
87 Extremely low thermal conductivity in 1D soft chain structure BiSeX (X = Br, I)
88 The brain's functional organization slows down following a relationship breakup
89 Coronavirus: A wake-up call to strengthen the global food system
90 Two quantum cheshire cats exchange grins
91 Fungal pathogen disables plant defense mechanism
92 Single-spin electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum with kilohertz spectral resolution
93 An ant-inspired approach to mathematical sampling
94 The relationship between looking/listening and human emotions
95 The exhaust gas from a power plant can be recovered and used as a raw reaction material
96 Proteins expressed by viruses transmitted by Aedes aegypti Mosquito
97 Cell removal as the result of a mechanical instability
98 Why businesses should offer free trials to existing customers
99 Memory impairment in mice reduced by soy derivate that can enter the brain intact
100 MRI test for football players that could detect CTE, developed by Ben-Gurion U. researcher
101 Matching-commitment agreements to incentivize climate action
102 Overconsumption and growth economy key drivers of environmental crises
103 Resounding yes to message on a bottle
104 New light shone on inflammatory cell death regulator
105 A novel radioisotope therapy for children with neuroblastoma
106 The rate we acquire genetic mutations could help predict lifespan, fertility
107 Signs of being prone to adult diabetes are already visible at age 8 years old
108 New therapy reduces chronic low back pain in large international study
109 Patient data can predict life expectancy for older adults with diabetes
110 Human activity on rivers outpaces, compounds effects of climate change
111 Study finds 'dark matter' DNA is vital for rice reproduction
112 MMR vaccine could protect against the worst symptoms of COVID-19
113 Renewed hope for treatment of pain and depression
114 Early clinical trial supports tumor cell-based vaccine for mantle cell lymphoma
115 Ancient societies hold lessons for modern cities
116 Synaptic variability provides adaptability for rhythmic motor pattern
117 Depression and anxiety rise among new moms amidst the COVID-19 pandemic